Monday, May 15, 2006

The "tough on immigration" speech that wasn't.

My impression? The Republicans are going to take a prize beating in November. I ran out of things to throw at the TV.

Not one single element of Bush's "solutions" will stop illegal oozing.

He's willing to spend money on motion sensors, predator drones (unarmed, unfortunately), more beds for illegal OTM's (other than mexican), stretch the National Guard and pave the way to rewarding illegals who've gotten away with breaking the law but have "roots", but he's not quite to the point where he can say, "You know, after a couple hundred years, I think it'd be a good idea to put a back door on the house that is the US."

I had a chunk of change I told a Republican National Committe caller who asked for a donation last week. I told them they'd get some jing when I was assured of getting a border fence.

I'm really going to enjoy my new set of golf clubs.

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