Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A strange analogy to their political future.

I was going to refrain from commenting on Coretta Scott King's funeral. But now that liberals have turned another funeral into something other than a funeral, I can't resist.

Coretta Scott King is the woman who bore Martin Luther King's legitimate children. Her 13 month-long funeral ended today when, after an apparent political rally, they plugged a hole in the ground with the box she was embalmed in.

I'm trying to figure out why liberals use funerals for political rallies or forums for their misguided anger outlets. There has to be some psychoanalytic reason they use a day of death to advertise the distorted imagination that's gotten their causes exactly nowhere over the last 40 years.

Dear Liberals: Your chances of being taken seriously would multiply exponentially if you'd use funerals for something other than booster meetings and bitch sessions. Fortunately for you, tact isn't something you're in risk of losing. It abandoned you decades ago.

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