Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Look who isn't killing now.

While Muslim savages across the globe continue showing their true selves by calling for violence over some swirls of paint, look who isn't out for blood:
(CNN) -- Investigators are trying to determine if a string of fires at churches in central Alabama were started by an arsonist, a state official said Friday.

Three of the churches in Bibb County were destroyed, but no one was injured in the blazes, which broke out between about midnight and 3 a.m. Friday.

"We're clearly investigating these as arson," said Ragan Ingram, assistant state commissioner of the Alabama Department of Insurance, which includes the state fire marshal's office.
What are the chances that Baptists will take to the streets, calling for the heads of the arsonists? Zero. What are the chances that Baptists will call for the kidnapping of those involved in setting the fires? Ditto.

Do we get it yet? Islam is uniquely violent. What could be more "insensitive" than Muslims destroying centuries-old Buddas in Afghanistan? Nothing. How did Buddist's respond? They probably just prayed.

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