Thursday, January 19, 2006

Losing the war he started, Usama yells "uncle!"

After a few years of taking the beating he invited on 9/11, Usama bin Hidin in a cave has announced that he's been foolishly holding out hope he can win. A new video from the Islamist Camel in Chief has offered a "truce". It's kind of like yelling "uncle" when you're getting a beat-down after picking a fight.

To his offer, George Bush said the following:
Dear Osama:

Happy New Year! I hope your kidneys are doing well. It must be a bear to drag that dialysis machine from hole to hole. About that "truce," thing... On a September morning in 2001, you undertook another act of war against the United States. No doubt you thought it would go unchallenged, as your escapades did in previous administrations. Under my leadership, a paper tiger the US isn't. While I'm sorry you misunderestimated me, allow me to make a counter-offer for the truce you seek:

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