Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The case for beating chase suspects.

After over a dozen innocent people died in Minnesota when criminals were fleeing from police by car, I began to ask, "When can police start shooting?" Threat of a relaxed jail sentence isn't a sufficient deterrent to keep criminals from wielding a 2 ton weapon, but the beating they should receive for all the near misses and dead people they leave in their wake might be. I say let the police beat away.

In the attached clip, the Today show conveniently left out the actual chase. Leading the viewer to believe that it wasn't the dangerous death parade it could have been.
ST. LOUIS - Police were videotaped punching and kicking a suspect after a car chase Monday, and officials are investigating to determine whether the four officers involved acted illegally.

Live television showed much of the chase, as well as officers apparently beating the man for several seconds. What could not be clearly seen on the video was how much the suspect was resisting.

The chase began in the St. Louis suburb of Maplewood, after officers said they noticed a man in a van acting suspiciously. It ended in St. Louis.

KTVI-TV video showed the suspect, Edmond Burns, 33, bloodied. He was hospitalized, but his condition was unknown. He had not been charged Monday, and he was not available for comment.

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