Friday, December 16, 2005

Your government isn't concerned about your safety...

...but they are concerned about the feelings of the "civil liberty" window lickers and the potential killers they 'defend'. Recall what happens when even the world's toughest people become senators.

In case you thought that the US Senate finally voting after nearly 230 years of American sovereignty to install a back door on America after 12 million illegal aliens have taken over schools, hospitals, jobs and jails was a step in the right direction, let me remind you that the US government doesn't care about your safety.

How do I know? Here's how:
WASHINGTON - The U.S. Senate on Friday rejected attempts to reauthorize several provisions of the nation's top anti-terror law as infringing too much on Americans' privacy, dealing a major defeat to President Bush and Republican leaders.

In a crucial vote early Friday, the bills Senate supporters were not able to get the 60 votes needed to overcome a threatened filibuster by Sens. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., and Larry Craig, R-Idaho, and their allies. The final vote was 52-47.

Bush, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and GOP congressional leaders had lobbied fiercely to make most of the 16 expiring Patriot Act provisions permanent, and add new safeguards and expiration dates to the two most controversial parts: roving wiretaps and secret warrants for books, records and other items from businesses, hospitals and organizations such as libraries.
It's the perfect win for the ACLU. They claim victory now and still get to point fingers when more Americans get to decide whether to burn or jump by accusing the government of "not doing enough" when we find out after a few thousand deaths that the terrorists discussed their plans in detail over their pre-paid cell phones for the 3 month preceding a big attack - something Patriot Act provisions would have allowed us to monitor.

How many of you have felt the pressing eyes of the US government in your affairs. Unless you're a terrorist, drug dealer or mobster? None. If you're a pedofile who can't afford a computer and need to use a public library PC, since the federal government can no longer monitor your habits, I might. If someone follows you out of the library and pounds their fist through your teeth, past your esophagus and out the back of your head, it was me. You don't think it can happen? Ha, I know where you live.

As of today, the blame for a future terrorist attack will rest exclusively on the shoulders of the 40 Senate Democrats who filibustered a vote on the Patriot Act.

While our soldiers are doing the best to win the war, the Democrats are doing their best to lose it.

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