Wednesday, December 14, 2005

PNS: Persistent Negativity Syndrome

The Democrats have unilaterally invaded an idea based on the faulty intelligence of the media: the Iraq war is unwinnable and we must retreat.

The point of no return for the Democrats has been reached and re-reached each time they deny the success of the last two Iraqi elections. One could almost be excused for incessant ridiculousness that comes from believing all war is always bad - right up to the point that 20 millions Iraqis brave bombs and bullets to shove a piece of paper in a plastic bin. Any poo-pooing after such a democratic display where none existed before makes a politician increasingly irrelevant.

But so it has been with the Democrats. While their metronomic cynicism against colossal progress leaves them lonely on the rocky beach of the "main stream" they think they know so much about, they've piddled on the Iraqi's parade for so long they'd look even more foolish suddenly admitting what they have to have been feeling for months - "Geeze, maybe 35 million free people can't be wrong."

If you offered a free Lexus to every voter in the US, you'd have a tough time snagging 90% turnout. But that's what they're expecting today in Iraq. Fortunately for the Democrats pained by the signs of progress they swear aren't there, the monumental story will be stuffed into page Q64 by Saturday.

I believe I'm done trying to point out any further "look, liberal media!" examples. By now, we all know the lengths that agendized 'objectives' will go to craft a story for their script. What they haven't counted on is the American's intolerance for continuous silliness. With the LA Times' decision to cease national circulation, the intolerance for Persistent Negativity Syndrome has already begun.

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