Monday, December 05, 2005

MOB Mentality

Minnesota boasts some of the web's most influential blogs, which happen to be conservative. A few of the heavies:

Power Line - Time Magazine's Blog of the Year

Captain's Quarters - another of the web's most influential blogs

Fraters Libertas - one of the web's most under-the-influence blogs

Lileks - the guy who's family food pyramid includes Chuck E Cheese's

SCSU Scholars - yes, King is his real name

Shot In The Dark - he's such a rockstar that he introduced President Bush when he visited Blaine
These and a number of other blogs are members of the Minnesota Organization of Blogs.

So that they won't be drinking alone for at least one night in December, the MOB is having a Sobriety Anonymous party at Keegan's Irish Pub in Minneapolis starting at 5pm, apparently because a 2am bar close is much too early.

I've decided to RSVP. I say "decided" because me showing up to this party is like a weekend golfer showing up for open enrollment at a PGA Tour meet and greet - what I "do" is a barely recognizable form of what they do.

Fortunately, the night will be less about blogging and more about having a couple drinks, and I'm pretty good at that.

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