Thursday, December 08, 2005

If it were up to Murtha...

...he'd leave Iraq to these kind of people:
BAGHDAD, Iraq — A homicide bomber who jumped on a bus after security checks had been completed detonated an explosives belt among passengers heading to a Shiite city Thursday, killing up to 30 people and wounding nearly 40, officials said.

Most of those killed were on the bus, which was gutted by flames, but several people gathered around a nearby food stall were also killed, police said. A hospital official said at least 37 people were injured.
When I ran home yesterday for lunch, I flipped on the tele and they broke into normal FOX programming for a FOX non-News Alert. There was Murtha's flapping cranium, trying to reconcile his statements about "not having enough troops" in at the start means we have to pull them out now.

He even made a "prediction" that a large number of US troops would come home next year. That's like predicting that firefighters are going to return to the station after fighting a fire for a couple more hours. Of course they're coming home, after they finish the job.

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