Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Americans vs. Americant's

Have you noticed an outbreak of people with PHD's in pessimism and Doctorates in paranoia? Me too. I've termed them Americant's. They look like normal Americans, until they open their mouths. Here are some examples of the contrast:
An American says: I live in the Land of opportunity, I'm gonna make it happen.

The American't says: You're too 'disadvantaged' and 'disenfranchised' to make it on your own.

An American says: We're can win.

The American't says: For the sake equality, let's call it a draw.

An American says: Looks like a tough work. Fortunately, I'm the right person for it.

The American't says: It's not in my job description.

An American says: If someone needs help, I want to be the first one there.

The American't says: If there's someone in need, let's increase awareness.

An American says: While my mistakes will prove I'm not perfect, there is a perfect model for me to follow.

The American't says: You hypocrite, you should practice what you preach!

An American says: We welcome anyone to the United States, get in line.

The American't says: You racist! They have a right to a better life!

An American says: Of course listening in on conversations of possible terrorists is OK, especially if one end of the line is a US citizen.

The American't says: Terrorists have rights, too.

An American says: It wouldn't be a bad idea to teach the alternative to evolution, too.

The American't says: That's a 'separation of Church and state' violation!
For the sake of the country, if you've recognized any other species of Americant's, please leave your evidence in the comments section. It's only when we identify this sinister disease in all its forms that we can defeat it.

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