Wednesday, December 21, 2005

They aren't concerned about the cost of fuel, either.

In this post I covered the fact that the Senate isn't concerned for your safety.

They're also uninterested in relieving our dependence on foreign oil.

Only a pampered group of preening poseurs could seriously be swayed by the environmental lobby and the "displacing" of caribou and migratory birds.

The footprint for exploring the billions of barrels of crude oil would cover 2,000 square miles of the 19 MILLION Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. To put this in perspective, the Senate voted against exploring a space the size of a postage stamp on a football field.

I'm quite sure that God's creatures could find a comfy place on the other 99.98948% of ANWR.

Illegal immigrant rapist escapes from Florida jail.

An "Undocumented Migrant Worker Only Coming to the United States to Work Hard for a Better Life" has escaped from a Florida jail where he was serving time for raping over a half-dozen women between the ages of 11 and 79 and is tied to 4 more assaults by his illegally-imported DNA.
Rapalo escaped from an opening in his sixth-floor cell at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center at about 9 p.m. on Tuesday, The Miami Herald reported, citing a Miami-Dade corrections spokeswoman. It is unclear what tools he used to burst out.

Besides the seven rapes, Rapalo has been charged with attacking at least four more women. The charges were brought based on DNA evidence. Rapalo is an illegal immigrant who lives in a Florida neighborhood full of illegal immigrants, so police are worried that more crimes may have been committed that went unreported.
And just today the Strib accidentally printed an op/ed from State Representative Steve Sviggum that had facts regarding illegal immigration's deleterious impact on Minnesota:
For example, after successfully curbing the production of methamphetamine in Minnesota this year, we're now battling the importation of meth from Mexico. Fifteen people were arrested recently in central Minnesota in one of the largest meth investigations in the state. Law enforcement described the suspects as a mix of legal and illegal immigrants.

Our local communities need an immigration system that is both legal and orderly, and we simply can't wait for the federal government to act.

The report released last week by the Pawlenty administration shows that Minnesota's approximately 80,000 illegal immigrants cost state taxpayers $180 million a year. Both numbers need more background in order to understand the impact of illegal immigration on our state.

The growth of illegal immigrants has skyrocketed in Minnesota in recent years, which is why the governor and legislators are bringing the issue forward. The number of illegal immigrants in Minnesota increased from 13,000 in 1990 to at least 80,000 in 2004, a jump of 515 percent. This includes a 33.3 percent increase since 2000.
Maybe if enough illegals escape from jail after raping 80 year-old great-grandmas, other states will get serious, too.

Saddam beaten while detained?

Sounds like a Christmas wish come true, but unfortunately not. The Butcher of Baghdad claims:
"Yes, I have been beaten, everywhere on my body. The marks are still there," Saddam told the court after sitting quietly listening to testimony.
I don't see any marks.

All you need to know about the Patriot Act

Although they're hesitant to speak its name, the Democrats are busy wrapping terrorists' Christmas present by filibustering the Patriot Act renewal. It's debatable whether the Democrats know anyone who could loosely be considered 'civil,' but they're sure worried about their 'liberties.'

The new and improved Patriot Act still allows the same kind of intelligence gathering methods that have (nearly) always been afforded when investigating drug dealers and organized crime, but now adds provisions designed to ensure the 'civil liberties' of people who aren't interested in mass murder. In a nutshell, we can use the same methods to track terrorists as we have already been able to use on crime, while not sacrificing our freedom. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Not when you have one party so clueless on national security.

From the Wall Street Jounal on the importance of the Patriot Act and the reality of the original, unabridged Patriot Act has never stepped on the civil liberties of any American who wasn't a suspected terrorist:
The Justice Department says that without the Patriot Act it could not have broken up terrorist cells in Buffalo, Portland (Oregon), Seattle, Detroit and Virginia. Critics say that claim is impossible to verify, but we do know for sure that no court has verified a single example of the Patriot Act being used to curtail anyone's civil liberties. Rest assured the Act's critics would have found one by now if it existed.
The beauty of being on the Left is that you can argue your point in earnest and not need a single of example of how the government has violated anyone's civil liberties.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Americans vs. Americant's

Have you noticed an outbreak of people with PHD's in pessimism and Doctorates in paranoia? Me too. I've termed them Americant's. They look like normal Americans, until they open their mouths. Here are some examples of the contrast:
An American says: I live in the Land of opportunity, I'm gonna make it happen.

The American't says: You're too 'disadvantaged' and 'disenfranchised' to make it on your own.

An American says: We're can win.

The American't says: For the sake equality, let's call it a draw.

An American says: Looks like a tough work. Fortunately, I'm the right person for it.

The American't says: It's not in my job description.

An American says: If someone needs help, I want to be the first one there.

The American't says: If there's someone in need, let's increase awareness.

An American says: While my mistakes will prove I'm not perfect, there is a perfect model for me to follow.

The American't says: You hypocrite, you should practice what you preach!

An American says: We welcome anyone to the United States, get in line.

The American't says: You racist! They have a right to a better life!

An American says: Of course listening in on conversations of possible terrorists is OK, especially if one end of the line is a US citizen.

The American't says: Terrorists have rights, too.

An American says: It wouldn't be a bad idea to teach the alternative to evolution, too.

The American't says: That's a 'separation of Church and state' violation!
For the sake of the country, if you've recognized any other species of Americant's, please leave your evidence in the comments section. It's only when we identify this sinister disease in all its forms that we can defeat it.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Gonna start this weekend.

Before I say a bunch of things in anger that my spell check doesn't recognize, I'm going to wish you a great weekend.

Tomorrow I'll be attending the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers event. It'll be fun and I hope to take lots of pictures.

Have a great weekend!

Your government isn't concerned about your safety...

...but they are concerned about the feelings of the "civil liberty" window lickers and the potential killers they 'defend'. Recall what happens when even the world's toughest people become senators.

In case you thought that the US Senate finally voting after nearly 230 years of American sovereignty to install a back door on America after 12 million illegal aliens have taken over schools, hospitals, jobs and jails was a step in the right direction, let me remind you that the US government doesn't care about your safety.

How do I know? Here's how:
WASHINGTON - The U.S. Senate on Friday rejected attempts to reauthorize several provisions of the nation's top anti-terror law as infringing too much on Americans' privacy, dealing a major defeat to President Bush and Republican leaders.

In a crucial vote early Friday, the bills Senate supporters were not able to get the 60 votes needed to overcome a threatened filibuster by Sens. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., and Larry Craig, R-Idaho, and their allies. The final vote was 52-47.

Bush, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and GOP congressional leaders had lobbied fiercely to make most of the 16 expiring Patriot Act provisions permanent, and add new safeguards and expiration dates to the two most controversial parts: roving wiretaps and secret warrants for books, records and other items from businesses, hospitals and organizations such as libraries.
It's the perfect win for the ACLU. They claim victory now and still get to point fingers when more Americans get to decide whether to burn or jump by accusing the government of "not doing enough" when we find out after a few thousand deaths that the terrorists discussed their plans in detail over their pre-paid cell phones for the 3 month preceding a big attack - something Patriot Act provisions would have allowed us to monitor.

How many of you have felt the pressing eyes of the US government in your affairs. Unless you're a terrorist, drug dealer or mobster? None. If you're a pedofile who can't afford a computer and need to use a public library PC, since the federal government can no longer monitor your habits, I might. If someone follows you out of the library and pounds their fist through your teeth, past your esophagus and out the back of your head, it was me. You don't think it can happen? Ha, I know where you live.

As of today, the blame for a future terrorist attack will rest exclusively on the shoulders of the 40 Senate Democrats who filibustered a vote on the Patriot Act.

While our soldiers are doing the best to win the war, the Democrats are doing their best to lose it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Article: The Truth On the Ground

Read what I think is the most compelling article that accidentally makes the point that the Democrats are becoming synonymous with "anti-military."

PNS: Persistent Negativity Syndrome

The Democrats have unilaterally invaded an idea based on the faulty intelligence of the media: the Iraq war is unwinnable and we must retreat.

The point of no return for the Democrats has been reached and re-reached each time they deny the success of the last two Iraqi elections. One could almost be excused for incessant ridiculousness that comes from believing all war is always bad - right up to the point that 20 millions Iraqis brave bombs and bullets to shove a piece of paper in a plastic bin. Any poo-pooing after such a democratic display where none existed before makes a politician increasingly irrelevant.

But so it has been with the Democrats. While their metronomic cynicism against colossal progress leaves them lonely on the rocky beach of the "main stream" they think they know so much about, they've piddled on the Iraqi's parade for so long they'd look even more foolish suddenly admitting what they have to have been feeling for months - "Geeze, maybe 35 million free people can't be wrong."

If you offered a free Lexus to every voter in the US, you'd have a tough time snagging 90% turnout. But that's what they're expecting today in Iraq. Fortunately for the Democrats pained by the signs of progress they swear aren't there, the monumental story will be stuffed into page Q64 by Saturday.

I believe I'm done trying to point out any further "look, liberal media!" examples. By now, we all know the lengths that agendized 'objectives' will go to craft a story for their script. What they haven't counted on is the American's intolerance for continuous silliness. With the LA Times' decision to cease national circulation, the intolerance for Persistent Negativity Syndrome has already begun.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Only God can spare him now.

Governor Schwarzenegger has denied clemency for Tookie Williams.

There are only two types of people who gloat over death.

1. Radical Islamists when 'infidels' are killed.
2. The anti-war crowd when US soldiers are killed.

I'm neither.

What I am is a guy who believes capital punishment has its place in a modern, democratic society.

The Governor should be applauded for allowing the consequences of a murderer's actions to take its course in spite of the interference of half of Hollywood.

Friday, December 09, 2005

For their survival, the Democrats need us to lose in Iraq

The Captain nails it again.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

No clemency for Tookie.

In 2004, there were more murders in California than there were US soldiers killed in Iraq. As of yet, Rep. Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Howard Dean haven't called for immediate withdrawal from such an obviously unwinnable position. There's no question that continued police occupation is causing more violence throughout the Golden State.

I'd venture that of California's 2,394 murders in '04, many of them could be traced back to the genesis of the modern street gang, Tookie Williams, founder of the Crips, who's scheduled to be injected with death on Tuesday for a murder conviction times 4.

Because of the high efficiency of the justice system, Tookie has had 24 hears since his conviction to hone his magnetism for sympathy. He's recorded speeches denouncing gang violence, which has obviously been working wonders and has even written children's books. His anti-gang work has been so outstanding, he's been nominated for an award that Yassir Arafat and Jimmy Carter have both won - the Nobel Peace Prize.

All manner of celebrities have taken (face) time to campaign for Tookie's clemency, which is much more likely now that California won't be executing a 27 year old punk, but a mild middle-aged graying man.

Arnold is torn whether to pardon him or let the state plant him 72 inches beneath the earth.

What's a governor to do? The idea behind capital punishment isn't to convert a thug into an upstanding citizen, it's to deter other thugs from not committing capital crimes. In my mind, there's no more effective way to send the message that you can "get away with murder" than if Arnold pardons Tookie. If Tookie is pardoned, he becomes a rockstar in the gang world, something to look up to. He'll be a lesson that if you can get your crime adopted by a bunch of local celebrities who aren't distracted by freeing Tibet, you can pressure the governor to soften your punishment.

The best thing the governor can do for California, specifically gangs and black Californians, is to let Tookie face his prescribed punishment. While this may not be get an already troubled governor re-elected, it would tell gang members that no matter how many multi-millionaires come to visit you in prison, you won't avoid the consequences of your actions.

Froggy Ruminations has more on Tookie's greatest hits.

In case you needed any more reasons... hate lawyers, lay your eyeballs on this:
Trial lawyers who made a fortune from lawsuits against tobacco companies are moving on to a new potential payday: Suing soft drink companies over the sale of sugary beverages in schools.

Stephen Gardner, staff lawyer for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, and half a dozen other lawyers – several of them veterans of successful tobacco litigation – plan to file a lawsuit in the next few months seeking to ban sales of sugary beverages in schools.

Gardner argues that soda and other sugary beverages are harmful to students' health and that selling those drinks in schools "sends a message that their regular consumption is perfectly fine," according to the New York Times.
I'm not sure I'm familiar with the kitchy Coke jingle that goes, "Have a 8 per day, it's perfectly Okay!"

Apparently the soda industry has been sending out agents to commandeer unwilling consumers, steering them towards soda machines and telepathically controlling them to wrench change out of their pockets or purse and thrust the money into these evil electric libation dispensers against their will, all in an effort to make money. The humanity! As punishment for being in business, soda companies will have to spend millions to protect themselves from paying billions.

I'm a little confused that lawyers will sue the soda company when I make the conscious decision to shove sugary syrup down my throat, but they won't sue Captain Morgan for my lack of sobriety if the two mixed together in enough quantities makes my hit someone head-on.

Do the world a favor - kick a lawyer.

"president" of Iran: Can we be next?!

Confusing a podium with a stage, Iranian 'president' Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was trying a new delivery of some old material:
Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that if Germany and Austria feel responsible for massacring Jews during World War II, a state of Israel should be established on their soil. Ahmadinejad, who sparked an international outcry in October when he said Israel "must be wiped off the map", also repeated his view Thursday that the Jewish state was a "tumour".

"Now that you believe the Jews were oppressed, why should the Palestinian Muslims have to pay the price?" the hardline president asked in an interview with Iran's Arabic-language satellite channel, Al-Alam.

"Why did you come to give a piece of Islamic land and the territory of the Palestinian people to them?

"You oppressed them, so give a part of Europe to the Zionist regime so they can establish any government they want. We would support it," he said, according to a transcript of his original Farsi-language comments given to AFP.
What I think is really funny about this is that Israel kept the land fare and square with the proper beating they delivered the multi-national axis that surrounded them in 1967.

For Ahmadinejad to suggest that Europe fork over some land to the Jews is quite entertaining, considering the Arab world has never offered the red-headed stepchildren of the Middle-east - the 'Palestinians' - a chunk of land to call their own. In the meantime, 'Palestinians' have had to endure the 'oppression' that being given full human rights in the only functioning democracy in the backwards part of the tyrannical part of the world.

Oh, except for Iraq, they're a democracy now too.

If it were up to Murtha...

...he'd leave Iraq to these kind of people:
BAGHDAD, Iraq — A homicide bomber who jumped on a bus after security checks had been completed detonated an explosives belt among passengers heading to a Shiite city Thursday, killing up to 30 people and wounding nearly 40, officials said.

Most of those killed were on the bus, which was gutted by flames, but several people gathered around a nearby food stall were also killed, police said. A hospital official said at least 37 people were injured.
When I ran home yesterday for lunch, I flipped on the tele and they broke into normal FOX programming for a FOX non-News Alert. There was Murtha's flapping cranium, trying to reconcile his statements about "not having enough troops" in at the start means we have to pull them out now.

He even made a "prediction" that a large number of US troops would come home next year. That's like predicting that firefighters are going to return to the station after fighting a fire for a couple more hours. Of course they're coming home, after they finish the job.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Not so overstated after all

I posted on the letter I sent to the Christian Peacemakers Team, whose members were kidnapped recently in Iraq. I ventured that the CPT members may politically err on the side of the terrorists and I endured a mild temperature increase because of it.

From the mouth of one of the abductee's daughter, I wasn't wrong:
Katherine Fox's father, Tom Fox of Clearbrook, Virginia, is one of four Western aid workers that a group calling itself "Swords of Truth" has threatened to kill unless Iraqi detainees are released by Thursday.

In a transcript of an interview with ABC's "Nightline" programme, Fox said her father was in Iraq working on behalf of Iraqi detainees and their families.

She said she wanted to remind her father's captors that he opposed the U.S. occupation of Iraq and had campaigned against it.

"And that the work that he is there to do is the same work that they would like to see done. And that I do not think a loss of his life benefits their cause," Fox said.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Revisiting last year's class

I put the following fictional story together last year, so some of the story's timing related to last year's calendar, but the point is the same.

As the "Christmas" debate is heating up, I thought it would be worth another read.

Monday, December 05, 2005

MOB Mentality

Minnesota boasts some of the web's most influential blogs, which happen to be conservative. A few of the heavies:

Power Line - Time Magazine's Blog of the Year

Captain's Quarters - another of the web's most influential blogs

Fraters Libertas - one of the web's most under-the-influence blogs

Lileks - the guy who's family food pyramid includes Chuck E Cheese's

SCSU Scholars - yes, King is his real name

Shot In The Dark - he's such a rockstar that he introduced President Bush when he visited Blaine
These and a number of other blogs are members of the Minnesota Organization of Blogs.

So that they won't be drinking alone for at least one night in December, the MOB is having a Sobriety Anonymous party at Keegan's Irish Pub in Minneapolis starting at 5pm, apparently because a 2am bar close is much too early.

I've decided to RSVP. I say "decided" because me showing up to this party is like a weekend golfer showing up for open enrollment at a PGA Tour meet and greet - what I "do" is a barely recognizable form of what they do.

Fortunately, the night will be less about blogging and more about having a couple drinks, and I'm pretty good at that.

When is a Marine no longer a Marine?

Regarding Rep. Murtha's call for America's "immediate redeployment" from Iraq, Ann Coulter, John Podhoretz and Froggy got me wondering: Is a former Marine always a Marine?

While his actions as a Congressman tell us why he didn't go further in the military, they tell us nothing about how Mr. Murtha has become the face of the WITHDRAW! crowd after having been in the Marine Corp.

Before subjecting Murtha to the figurative flogging that a floor vote on his idea of immediate withdrawal deserved, Republicans planted their snot lockers up his sitter with praises of his "bravery," being a "great American" and a "fine man." While all this is true about his service, what's changed now that he's a Senator?

In an apparent effort to stay on his good side in case Murtha becomes their Secret Santa, Senate Republicans continued stroking his service as a Marine before rightly pointing out that somewhere between 1967 and late November 2005, the old fella had replaced the invaluable bravado that wants to win at all costs with a penchant for retreating from the face of victory.

So I wondered: Why would a man, having been bathed in a culture of projecting unmatched strength, with victory as the solitary goal, defect to a position that finds the prospect of winning, um, uncomfortable?

Then I figured it out.

Only the US Marine Corp has the incomparable ability to give you stones.
Only the US Senate has the incomparable ability to remove them.

It seems that once you enter the doors of the “world’s greatest deliberative body,” one is overcome with the artificial geniality that comes from addressing one another as the “gentleman for such and such,” and one’s desire to avoid dis-invitation to the latest cocktail party and the impossibly small finger foods that go with them, ambushes your oath to "always be faithful."

You’re then left having to do this, because you’ve lost these.

A Marine's battle-hardened skills to kill at will, ability to sleep while standing, willingness to anonymously eat packaged sludge and still continue crushing an irregular enemy is replaced by a Congressman's craving for the soft glow of camera lights that gleefully thrust you to the front lines in the Global War on Bush, if you've proven your only remaining immutable quality is a stratospheric threshold for embarrassment that comes with a willingness to vote against your own proposal for withdrawal.

Maybe I'd get a bit heady, too, if the media made me feel like a genius by shoving a camera and mic in my face any time I had a dumb idea, as long as it fits the "Iraq is Vietnam" script.

I seriously wonder to any Marines out there: Once you're a Marine (or any other service member), will Marines always consider you a fellow Marine? Can your efforts as a Senator, intentional or not, disqualify you from the continued "thanks" that each member of the armed forces deserves? Has Mr. Murtha reached that level?

Please let me know.

Friday, December 02, 2005

How's the war really going?

Here's how.

Caribou Coffee terrorizing local business.

The $50/month I spend on morning mood enhancement, otherwise known as coffee, is at Starbucks. Ever since I learned that Caribou Coffee is 87.8% owned by the First Islamic Investment Bank, I'd rather go without than spend money there.

It's ridiculous to think that Caribou is owned by terrorists, but with al-Qaida's advertised desire to poison food stocks, profiting off spiking a few million morning coffees has the same murderous cunning of using air transportation to kill 3,000 on 9/11.

I know I'm way off. Enjoy your Caribou. (At your own risk.)

But in today's Star Tribune, we find out that Caribou is in fact terrorizing, a local business:
Ever since she moved from Ethiopia to Minnesota in 1989, Gedam Azeze has believed in the American dream. Then a lawyer's letter changed all that.

"I thought if you work hard, day in and day out, you can make it in this country," said Azeze, 40, who works seven days a week at Limu Coffee, her five-year-old shop on Silver Lake Road in St. Anthony.

"Now, I have found out that is not true."

Azeze said she has been told that her lease will not be extended and that her shop has to close by the end of the month. Caribou Coffee, which opened a new outlet in May in the nearby Silver Lake Village Shopping Center, negotiated a lease that prohibits other coffee shops at the development, according to the shopping center's attorney.

She has started looking for a new location, but she's worried about the $60,000 she borrowed from a friend to purchase the store. Her $2,000 monthly rent will be doubled if she is not out by Dec. 31.
This is less a function of Caribou kicking out a local business and more with a leasing company who sees bigger profits by making room for a higher-paying tenant in a growing part of town, but it was a fun headline.

Now I know what it's like to be Reuters or the AP.

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