Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The UK isn't the only non-Arab country to produce their own terrorists.

We can do it, too. But DO NOT JUMP TO ANY CONCLUSIONS on what he looked like.
ALEXANDRIA, Va. — An Arab-American [oops-ed] college student was convicted Tuesday of joining Al Qaeda and plotting to assassinate President Bush.

Abu Ali toldauthoritiess shortly after his arrest at a Medina, Saudi Arabia, university in June 2003 that he joined Al Qaeda and discussed various terrorist plots, including a plan to personally assassinate Bush and to establish himself as a leader of an Al Qaeda cell in the United States.
Insert rhetorical question about how this would be a big story if an American-born Islomojob who lived within walking distance of the White House was convicted of a plot to kill a United States President other than President Bush.

We all know that if this had been a plot to kill the President most closely associated with perjury for trying to cover his escapades that risked the first known case of cervical cancer from improperly administering a tobacco product, the left would already have Ali hung by the toenails in a black site somewhere in eastern Europe and hire a few illegal aliens to apply blowtorches and pliers to him in ways that make water-boarding look like day at the spa.

Instead, we get a media concerned about a "leak" what was never a crime in the first place (because Valerie Plame hadn't been a "covert agent" within 5 years of her "outing"), but complicit in the leaking of classified info on necessary international detention facilities and questioning a practice used in US military training, which has been found to have a magical effect on terrorist's memories.

I love America!

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