Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Talk about getting in the way.

MSN reports a "wave of abductions" in Iraq, notably members of the Christian Peacemaker Team, who website proclaims they are "committed to reducing violence by getting in the way." One senseless comment on their site advertises why they were easy terrorist prey:
Christian Peacemaker Teams places teams of trained peacemakers in crisis situations and militarized areas around the world. These teams host regular delegations of committed peace and human rights activists to conflict zones, who join teams in working with civilians to document abuses and develop nonviolent alternatives to armed conflict.
To announce solidarity with the terrorists, the CPT's "trained peacemakers" arranged the Adopt-a-Detainee program, in order to monitor the necessary detention habits of the people who wouldn't abduct them, otherwise know as the coalition forces.

While this may tell the world that CPT is aligned with the terrorists, it may not keep their necks from "getting in the way" of a dull machete.

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