Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My letter to the Christian Peacemakers Team.

After a report that the Christian Peacemakers Team is blaming the abduction by terrorists on the coalition forces, I sent the following letter:

Dear "Peacemakers":

I'm sorry to hear about the abduction of some of your workers dispatched to the front line of the Global War on Islamic Terror, otherwise known as Iraq. As a Christian group, you'll no doubt accept that your members' safe return is in my prayers.

In order to increase my understanding of CPT's positions, please reply to the following:

Do you feel your proven solidarity with the captors' brothers-in-arms helps or hurts the prospects of your workers' safe return? At what level of discomfort are your people trained to "break" and proclaim their alliance with their captors?

Your website proclaims Christian Peacemakers Team doesn't "advocate the use of violent force to save lives of its workers should they be kidnapped, held hostage, or caught in the middle of a conflict situation". If they aren't safely returned, does that mean you'll refrain from kicking yourself if force could have saved them? If "violent force" is an unacceptable strategy to securing your friends and co-workers, do you possess sufficient "understanding" of your workers' captors in order to successfully negotiate their release by telepathic means or do you have a chunk of cash you can use to pay them off?

Does your standing as an "infidel" in the eyes of the detainees you champion help or hurt the prospect of their safe return?

Do you have any knowledge that any former detainees, specifically any involved your discontinued Adopt-a-Detainee program, are involved in the kidnapping of the CPT's members? When your workers' captors are caught, as opposed to scrubbed off the wall, would those detainees be eligible for the Adopt-a-Detainee program? Why have you aborted the Adopt-a-Detainee program, anyway?

Do you find it at all ironic that the biggest danger to your workers are the people you're committed to "protecting" and that your strongest ally in their safe return are the people you suspect of mistreating the detainees? Would you prefer your workers receive the kind of treatment provided at Guantanamo Bay, such as culturally-appropriate meals, or the kind of treatment offered by their captors, like a steady diet of dust, RPG's and machine guns?

Is your future opposition to freeing 35 million Iraqi people contingent on the safe return of your workers?

While I wait for your reply, I'm praying for the safe return of your workers.

Best Regards,


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