Saturday, October 15, 2005

Not bright.

As the 6 of you who've returned may have noticed, I took down "the" post.

I thought this post and this post, regarding my girlfriend, would have made it clear that "the" post was a joke, long enough for me to put pictures and video of my awesome skydiving experience to confirm that I'm A-ok. Considering the e-mails I was replying to, many got the joke.

Some didn't - and rightfully so.

Frequent readers know of my immovable support for the troops. That is not debatable.

Someone that I respect very much pointed something out that I hadn't considered: the reality of men and women in the military who have to write serious letters like that. I'm disappointed in myself that it didn't even cross my mind. I'm sorry.

While I was hoping that the infrequent blogging association I had with this person and their life experience would have made "the" post's misguided attempt at humor more clear, but it actually made them feel responsible, only because I took some liberty on how well we knew each other. I unintentionally took advantage of this person's concern. I was wrong for assuming it would be taken as anything but seriously and it's not his fault for doing so.

I took the post down because I'm embarrassed by it and the deserved comments.

I'd appreciate your forgiveness.

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