Friday, October 21, 2005

Final plan for Vikings stadium

Anoka County fields the only serious bid to build a new Vikings stadium. It looked for a while that the Vikings were going to get a brand-spanking new stadium where they could start a brand new legacy of losing.

Governor Pawlenty had hopes of arranging a special legislative session for politicians to vote on the taxpayer-subsidized playground for billionaire owners and millionaire boners. These sessions are considered "special" because they have a tendency of raising taxes on constituents without a vote from the constituents. Special, the short-bus kind.

However, after the Vikings were observed in public wearing girls as belts and littering boats with rubberized contraptions that would make Ron Jeremy blush, the chances of the Vikings getting a stadium are about as good as Daunte Culpepper being named head of Minnesota's chapter of MENSA.

Unlike the Vikings roster, the list of potential designs for a Vikings stadium is long and distinguished, while one in particular has proven itself as least-worst.

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