Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Breaking re-enlistment records.

I posted here on what the liberal canard, "We support the troops, we want to bring them home" would mean if applied to other professions.

What does it say about the left's agument when soldiers in Iraq would rather agree to keep getting shot at in record numbers, instead of hopping a plane bound for home? Thanks Blackfive.
The 116th BCT set out to beat that record [re-enlistment] with a goal of 500, and did on 14 September 2005, with BG Alan Gayheart, Commander of the 116th BCT, ceremonially swearing in SGT Seckel in front of a representative formation of other soldiers re-affirming their commitment to continue to stand ready to protect freedom.

You will notice the photo is labeled "500th Re-Enlistment". As of right now, the 116th BCT has had 733 soldiers sign new 3 or 6 year contracts.

I venture to say that this is a huge testament to the will of the army. Not the Army, the organization, but the army, the men and women who wear the uniform, no matter what branch. Knowing the adversity faced in combat, and the need for the constant defense of our nation, and having already experienced hardship, loss, and separation, a momentus number are willing to continue to be counted among the willing.

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