Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Re-educating North Korea

The Clinton Administration taught North Korea a very valuable lesson: "You sign paper, we give nuclear reactor." This approach would work again if Democrats were still in power, but only if the North Koreans agreed to the extra-super-duper-pinky-swear, just so we know that this time they're really serious about keeping their promises.

Which makes it very interesting that the North Koreans can't tell the difference between a man who's serious about the position of President of the United States and a man who is serious about being President of the United States to get in better position. One will drop bombs if you're violating cease-fires and torturing opponents, the other will drop trou and violate obese new-hires and torture opponents with IRS audits.

President Bush isn't President Clinton, Mr. Kim Jong Il, especially when it comes to foreign policy. If you hadn't already noticed, were willing to remove dictators from power for violations we have much less evidence of than what we know about the gulag you call a country. Making demands of a country you should thank for each of your days above ground isn't the most likely successful strategy.

By the way, nice hair. Vegas already has enough Asian Elvis impersonators, you fraud.

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