Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Hokey-Pokey Mayor of New Orleans

New Orleans Mayor Ray "Leave 'em There When A Hurricane is Coming, Tell 'em They Can Go Back When Another One is Coming" Nagin embarrassed himself again today. He's like a black Howard Dean.

On the suggestion of some guy from Texas, he's addressing his middle-aged issue with pre-maturity:
NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on Monday suspended a plan to bring residents back to New Orleans and told all those now in the stricken city to leave because of fears a new storm headed into the Gulf of Mexico could swamp damaged levees and wreak new havoc.

Tropical Storm Rita was moving west from the Atlantic Ocean and expected to enter the Gulf this week, where forecasters said it could grow into a major hurricane.

Current predictions point to a Texas landfall for Rita at week's end, but Nagin said there was a chance it could hit a New Orleans, still reeling from Hurricane Katrina three weeks ago.

"We are suspending all re-entry into the city of New Orleans," Nagin said in a news conference.

"Our levee systems are still in a very weak condition, our pumping stations are still not at full capacity and any type of storm that heads this way and hits us will put the east bank of Orleans Parish in very significant harm's way, so I'm encouraging everyone to leave," Nagin said.

"If we have anything over nine inches of rain and a three-foot surge in any storm we will once again have significant flooding on the east bank," he said.

"Prepare yourself to evacuate Wednesday or even earlier."
Mayor Nagin has a catchy little jingle he's going to use for his 2006(?) losing Mayoral Campaign: "You leave constituents in, you order constituents out, you add a little water and you shake them all about, I'm a Hokey Pokey elect someone else to turn NO around, and that's what it's all about!"

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