Friday, September 09, 2005

Flight 93 families duped.

What is this?

Yes, it's the international symbol for Islam.

Now, what's this?

If you said the Iran's new al-Arena Mohammed Torture, you'd be wrong. It's it's the design proposed to "memorialize" Americans who died bravely trying to overtake Muslim terrorists, Flight 93, which disintegrated in a Pennsylvania field.

What says "Honoring the memory of Americans" more than, at the very least, an implicit nod to the sham religion that encouraged their killers?

The memorial should be completely suspect, because of the major donations from the John S. and James L. Knight foundations. Why? Because of this press release from their website:
MIAMI - As war broke out in Iraq this week, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has approved several new grants to help the American and Arab worlds better understand each other.

The recipients of grants from Knight's journalism program promote both the free flow of news and journalism training.

"This effort to expand domestic understanding of and an appreciation for Arab culture and the Muslim faith in the United States is important," said Hodding Carter III, president and CEO of Knight Foundation. "At the same time, we act in the interest of ensuring that the same principles are finding their way to the Middle East so that people in these historic lands have access to facts and opinions relevant to understanding American culture and values."

Several previously funded Knight programs address issues of tolerance and understanding.
Anytime you see the phrase "tolerance and undertanding" contained in a passage that has the terms "Muslim" or "Islam" in it, know that on some intentional level, the story is about some person or organization who believes that some American behavior somehow provoked an otherwise peacful people into violence.

Did the families and the councils involved in the funding and design of this disgrace do any homework whatsoever? Of the 1,000 design possibilitiess, this happened to be "the one"? With the Knight foundation's proven affection Islam, exactly what kind of influence did they exert in order to secure a final design that reminds us more of the source of the world's terror problems than it does about the people who tried to solve it?

CQ and Michelle Malkin with more.

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