Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Damn that President Bush!

This post got me thinking.

Can we expect Senator Never met a Question I Won't Dodge Landreiu to make her latest criticism of President Bush in the following way?
"The response by President Bush was so timely and thorough that we now have a surplus of body bags. Estimates were 25,000 dead and all we can come up with so far is 496 bodies. That leaves 24,504 extra body bags. By now, everyone knows that the "Louisiana Way" is to voluntarily put ourselves in the least prepared position and blame the federal government for not being universally known as first-responders. Remember those buses? Perfect example of the disadvantages of thinking ahead. When you think ahead, you're required to take pre-emptive action and the world knows what we think about that!

This surplus of body bags proves that President Bush is racist. He so badly wanted more black people to die, that the ordering of 25,000 body bags was just wishful thinking. While I'm sure the body bags were provided by one of his cronies in a no-bid contract, I bet he didn't even keep the receipt."

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