Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ready, aim, fire

It's sadistically fun to watch the left construct stories of conservative malfeasance where none exists. They sight the intended target, take aim and gleefully pull the trigger, only to find out the barrel was pointing the wrong direction.

Think Dan Rather's reporting and the reality.
Think the Valerie Plame non-affair.
Think the 9/11 Commission report and the reality.
And the real blame for Katrina failures.

Now add Tom DeLay. Wonderfully vague and stupendously desperate, his indictment will likely become a story that accomplished attorneys will log in to their "how not to write an indictment" file.

With their propensity for parades, the left is already constructing their floats and projecting a guilty verdict before proceedings even begin.

My prediction is that by the time the next Supreme Court justice is confirmed, the charges against DeLay will be dropped. Add Tom DeLay to the left's growing portfolio of 'gotcha's' that got nothing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another year older.

29. I survived.

September 28th, 1976 at 2.16pm CST, I hatched. The great thing about having a birthday in the middle of the week is that you get to milk it from the actual day, right on through the weekend. You can be sure I will.

I have 364 days left until I step into my next decade. While this doesn't have any mental significance right now, I'm told that in about 6 months it will.

If you have any suggestions or wise words for me, do tell. Otherwise, I'll be back tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Making the case for mandatory sterilization.

You have to have a license to put the worm on the end of a hook and drop it in a lake. You have to have a license to set up a lemonade stand on a downtown Minneapolis corner. You have to have a license to demonstrate for your pet cause. You also have to have a license to pilot a roadworthy vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine. But, you can be the world's biggest idiot and still have the necessary qualifications to pop out little genetic heirs.

Making the case for my proposal of mandatory sterilization at birth and reversal upon passing a basic skills requirement is the 'fun mom':
(9/27/05 - GOLDEN, CO) - A woman who authorities said had sex with high school boys so she could be a "cool mom" was injured while riding in an SUV that veered off an interstate a day before she was to be sentenced. The driver was a 14-year-old girl.

Sentencing for 41-year-old Silvia Johnson, who pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor sexual assault and nine felony counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, was postponed. A review hearing was set for Oct. 6. She could be sentenced to 58 years in prison.

The Arvada woman held parties for teen-age boys almost weekly between October 2003 and October 2004, according to investigators. They said she gave drugs and alcohol to eight boys and had sex with five. Johnson told police she wanted to be known as a "cool mom," authorities said.

On Sunday, Johnson was in an 2000 Jeep Liberty that rolled over after the teen drove off Interstate 25 and down an embankment, Colorado State Patrol Trooper Eric Wynn said.

Johnson and three other passengers -- her 14-year-old daughter, 11-year-old son and a 12-year-old boy -- were hospitalized with serious injuries, authorities said. Only the driver was wearing a seat belt and escaped serious injury, authorities said.

The crash was under investigation; no charges have been filed, Wynn said.

Prosecutor Lori Toll said Johnson could be charged with allowing an underage driver to take the wheel. She also said Johnson was violating a restraining order barring her from having contact with her children.

Johnson's attorney, Phil Cherner, said: "My client has gone through a great tragedy ... It's a sad day for everyone on both sides of the case."

Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey said he was "very surprised and shocked" that a 14-year-old may have been driving while Johnson was in the vehicle. "That's very upsetting to me, especially considering what her history has been in this case," he said.
Veeeery impressive, Mom. Nothing says, "I've learned my lesson" more than handing a loaded weapon to a 14 year old the day before you're sentenced for having whored out for your kid's buddies after getting them drunk.

Where oh where is the father in this story? Single motherhood isn't in itself a bad thing, but when you have a 41 year-old child for a mother it is.

Louisiana puts the 'fun' in dysfunctional

From Fox News:
WASHINGTON — Michael Brown, the embattled former FEMA chief, on Tuesday told a House committee that his organization did that best it could in the face of Hurricane Katrina, but wished local and state governments in Louisiana had been more cooperative and media reports had been fairer.

At one point, questioned by committee chairman Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., Brown said: "My biggest mistake was not recognizing by Saturday [Aug. 27] that Louisiana was dysfunctional."

Brown told the committee members that two of his biggest faults in the response were not being able to convince Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to act faster and not dealing with the media better.

He said he felt "personal regret that I was unable to persuade Gov. Blanco and Mayor Nagin to sit down, get over their differences and work together. I just couldn't pull that off."
How fantastically inept a politician do you have to be to allow trivial bickering precedent over the safety of the people who elected you to 'lead'? Now we know.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Surrogate conscience.

Good thing the best decision maker in New Orleans is President Bush.

Because the water is coming again.

Does New Orleans have a "Three Strikes" rule?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Would you rather have your house or your head?

In the imagination of CNN's Soledad O'Brien, hurricane survivors would rather lose their head:
CNN's "American Morning" host Soledad O'Brien said Tuesday that Hurricane Katrina evacuees housed at the Superdome were worse off than beheading victims in Baghdad.

The normally mild-mannered newswoman offered the overwrought observation while speaking at Redbook Magazine's "Movers and Shakers" awards luncheon in New York.

According to the New York Daily News, O'Brien blurted out:

"It is a sad thing to watch military veterans cry as they tell you the beheadings in Baghdad were less horrific than what they saw as 30,000 people marched from the Superdome through a shopping mall and onto buses to who knows where."

Ms. O'Brien didn't identify the veterans who told her that Katrina victims would have been better off being beheaded.
Are we sure that New York's "Movers and Shakers" club isn't an affiliate of the Stripper Hall of Fame? A comment like her's could only come from a person who hangs upside-dow 5 nights a week from a brass pole.

The company she keeps.

Earlier I posted on the "massive" protest Cindy Sheehan has been organizing in D.C.

Captain's Quarters points out this story highlighting her strange bedpeoples:
The groups gathering in Washington this weekend to protest President Bush and the war in Iraq have ties to radical left-wing groups and communist organizations and have enjoyed the support of the left's biggest financial supporter, George Soros.

United for Peace and Justice (UPJ) and International Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) are the two main organizers of the weekend of events -- the first major public protest allowed to surround the White House in more than 10 years -- and expect 100,000 people from dozens of smaller left-wing and liberal organizations.

A highlight of Saturday, the first day of protests, is an appearance and speech by anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq.

"That will be a marvelous moment," said Bill Dobbs, spokesman for UPJ. "I'm sure a lot of people want to hear her."

The leaders of ANSWER, founded three days after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, are connected to the Workers World Party, a Marxist group that has expressed support for such dictators as North Korea's Kim Jong-il, Yugoslavia's Slobodan Milosevic and Iraq's Saddam Hussein. The latter two have been ousted from power and jailed.

Other groups associated with ANSWER are the Free Palestine Alliance, U.S.-Mexico Solidarity Foundation and the Muslim Student Association of the U.S. and Canada.

UPJ, founded by liberals who say they were concerned about the radical tactics and smorgasbord of issues trumpeted by ANSWER, says it organized the "S24," or Saturday (Sept. 24) protest first, but Mr. Dobbs said there's "a big overlap" between the protests and "the major point is that we're in D.C. to stop the war in Iraq."
Sounds like an impressive group of people. Many of them are also trying to hi-jack the NYC' 9/11 memorial by blaming the world's most evil empire - the United States.

P.S. Morgan, you're right.

Just borrowing it?

What is it about Democrats and stealing? A Minnesota mayor has a problem with it. Sandy Berger has a serious problem with it.

Now it seems that a Democrat US Senator's staff has stolen the identity of a political opponent and then destroyed the evidence. Did they consult Sandy Berger?
BALTIMORE -- Federal prosecutors have opened an inquiry into allegations that two Democratic National Committee employees illegally tapped into Lt. Gov. Michael Steele's credit history.

WBAL-TV 11 News reporter David Collins reported the workers obtained the report in July while executing opposition research on the lieutenant governor.

Paul D. Ellington, Steele's chief of staff, issued a statement late Wednesday afternoon in reaction to the allegations.

"Lt. Gov. Steele was extremely disturbed to learn about the alleged criminal identity theft of his personal finance records by (a staff member of U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.,) at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

"He was notified by the FBI that a federal criminal investigation is under way and has been asked not to comment on the specifics of the case.

"He intends to honor this request and expects that those responsible for these actions will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

According to the FBI, two Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee employees illegally obtained Steele's credit report.

According to the committee, Katie Barge and Lauren Weiner, working on opposition research in July, found Steele's Social Security number in a court document and used it to obtain his credit report.

"It's extremely unethical," said Evan Hendricks, the author of "Credit Scores Credit Reports." "This is a case of a couple very bright researchers, so smart, ending up doing the stupidest thing they could have done."

Hendricks, a privacy expert who has written books on the subject, said that without authorization, those snooping would have had to misrepresent themselves.

"There's lies involved one way or the other. The law is very clear on this," Hendricks said.
I don't believe it. With all the restraint shown by family members of Democratic politicians in Milwaukee who slash the tires of their opponent's transportation and Democrats who break into the Bush volunteer headquarters they aren't shooting at, I can't believe Democrats would illegally access a political opponent's credit report for anything other than to give him suggestions on how he might be able to raise his score.

Max capacity.

Capitalizing on the month of undeserved media hysteria over President Bush's official stalker, Cindy Sheehan, she and her army swarmed on Washington, D.C. to urge withdrawl from Iraq. After a month of free 23/6 advertising provided by every newpaper and TV news channel, you'd think you could get at few hundred wack-jobs from across the country together for a march on the White House, even if your pet cause involved an idea to pump water back in to New Orleans.

How many of Sheehan's fellow anti-American protesters did it take to reach critical mass? 30. Could the length of their bus have something to do with it?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

One of these plans is not like the other.

New Orleans hurricane evacuation plan in action:

Galveston, Texas hurricane evacution plan in action:

Will it have more hurricanes?

The casual relationship George Bush has with environmental sensitivity is having disastrous effects 35 million miles away:
[F]or three Mars summers in a row, deposits of frozen carbon dioxide near Mars' south pole have shrunk from the previous year's size, suggesting a climate change in progress.
Because Al Gore says it's so, it's now accepted as common knowledge that the warming of the Red Planet will realized increased hurricanes. Granted, they won't be as strong as hurricanes have been in the past, but hurricanes, spilled coffee and headaches are all caused by global warming.

After the next hurricane hits Mars, Marvin will blame President Bush for not sending a few hundred nicely equipped inter-galactic personnel transports that are fuelled with organic power pellets derived from soy, when his own shuttles sit pruning in 5 feet of water within yards of the meeting point he broke from the evacuation plan to send the Martians to. President Bush will then be criticized for photo-opping by arriving to the battered Martian land too soon and he'll receive a stinging lecture from Marvin about the galactic consequence of not having signed the Kyoto Protocol.

Paul at Wizbang wonders too.

Exactly the wrong thing at the perfect time.

For someone who enjoys brisk competition and thrives on conflict, I'm disappointed in the Democrats. It has now become clear that as it applies to playing the political game, they will do exactly the wrong thing at the perfect time. It's much like watching a nervous adolescent folly his pimpled way through a courtship. Just when he should be going in for a kiss, he steps on her toes and pokes her in the eye with his nose.

While Harry Reid is trying to court the remainder of the country who isn't insane, he made clear with whom he's already in bed:
In announcing his decision in a lengthy speech on the Senate floor, Mr. Reid questioned Judge Roberts's commitment to civil rights and said he was "very swayed" by the civil rights and women's rights leaders who testified Thursday in opposition to the nomination - and with whom Mr. Reid met privately that same day. Liberal advocacy groups, who raise millions of dollars to support Democratic candidates and who have been putting intense pressure on Democrats to oppose the nomination, were elated.

With the White House considering how to fill a second Supreme Court vacancy, Mr. Reid could be using his vote on Judge Roberts to send a message to President Bush to fill that position with a moderate, in the mold of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, a critical swing vote, who is retiring. Along with three other senior senators, Mr. Reid is expected to meet Mr. Bush for breakfast Wednesday to discuss the vacancy.
These obviously compelling and highly credible "civil rights" and "women's rights" leaders should get into the intelligence business. When a dozen countries' intelligence agencies and the UN have intel that indicates that a mass murderer may be hiding and producing chemical weapons isn't compelling, but a couple partisan interest groups' lack of evidence is compelling, we need to get NARAL and NOW to present future intelligence we need the Democrats to take seriously.

How entirely patriotic of Harry Reid to expect the best of a mass murderer and expect the worst of a model American.

The Washington Post is even blushing:
IN ANNOUNCING his opposition yesterday to the nomination of Judge John G. Roberts Jr. to be chief justice of the United States, Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) made a remarkable statement: "The president is not entitled to very much deference in staffing the third branch of government, the judiciary." Leave aside the merits of the Roberts nomination, which we support; if Mr. Reid regards Judge Roberts as unworthy, he is duty-bound to vote against him. But these are dangerous words that Democrats will come to regret.

This country has only one president at a time. That president, right now President Bush, is tasked with naming judges. The Senate has the role of providing advice and consent on the president's choices, which is a significant constitutional task. But if the presidential election means anything in this arena, it must mean that the president's choice has a heavy presumption of confirmation. That is the way the system works. Why else would Justices Sandra Day O'Connor, Antonin Scalia, Stephen G. Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg have received only a handful of no-votes among them? During the Clinton administration, we deplored the way that the Senate treated the president's judicial nominees during six years of Republican control over the Senate. Yet during those six years, the Senate confirmed 245 of President Bill Clinton's judges. If Republicans had been applying Mr. Reid's standard, they would have been within their rights to reject them all.
Republicans understand that elections have consequences, and so won't lower their standards of civil behavior to do to future Democrat-appointed judges what the Dems are doing to Bush's nominee.

However, my theory will never be proven in my lifetime. At this rate, the next Democratic President won't be until 2128.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

That's unfortunate.

What's black and white and read all over and is laying off 4% of it's employees? The New York Times.
NEW YORK — The New York Times Co. said Tuesday it would cut about 500 jobs, or about 4 percent of its work force, as part of an ongoing effort to reduce costs. The reductions come atop another 200 jobs that were cut earlier this year.

The Times said it expected 250 jobs at its main newspaper group to be affected, which includes the Times, the International Herald Tribune and the online operation of the Times. Of those job cuts, about 45 will come from the Times’ newsroom, the company said in a statement.

Another 160 jobs will be cut from the Times’ New England operation, which includes The Boston Globe and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette and The company did not provide a breakdown of those job cuts other than to say that 35 newsroom jobs would be cut at The Boston Globe.

The announcement came on the same day that The Philadelphia Inquirer and its sister newspaper said they would eliminate a combined 100 newsroom jobs because of lower circulation and revenue. The Inquirer plans to cut its editorial staff by 15 percent from 500 to 425, while the Philadelphia Daily News will cut its editorial staff 19 percent, from 130 to 105.
Both newspapers are published by Philadelphia Newspapers Inc., which is owned by Knight Ridder Inc., the nation’s second-largest newspaper company.

Newspaper companies have been struggling with slow-growing advertising and a long-term decline in circulation amid changing media habits as more people go to the Internet for news.
With a little training and personality development, these displaced Times Co. employees could work at a place like this. Afterall, the Times' product has been one of the best accessories for the bottom of one.

Man shoots burglar coming through window

Guns are bad. Guns hurt people. A gun has never done anything for someone that the police can't do for them. Unless you're home is "allegedly" being robbed:
A Minneapolis man shot and wounded a suspected would-be burglar Monday morning after he climbed through a broken window.

Police said the suspect broke into a home in the 3000 block of 16th Avenue S. about 9 a.m. The man, who was living in the lower-level duplex, confronted the burglar and fired several shots, said Capt. Rich Stanek.

The alleged burglar was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center in critical condition and was later stabilized, said Capt. Mike Martin. Police would not say how many times he was shot. He was expected to recover.

Any relationship between the burglar and resident is unknown, police said, adding that nothing was taken from the home.

Stanek said police have been called to the address several times recently because of drugs, but authorities said it was too early to say what role that may have played in Monday's incident.

He said police don't recommend that homeowners confront intruders.

"But we understand that homeowners have a right to protect their person and property," Stanek said, adding that homeowners have the right to use reasonable force to protect themselves.
"Suspected," "alleged?"

Is he only 'suspected' of burglary because he might be a Pizza Hut delivery driver who was given the wrong address and was shot because new operating hours include 9 in the morning and a delivery procedure that requires the driver to enter through a window without a pizza in his hand?

If something is always 'alleged' until it's proven in a court of law, then was Lincoln 'allegedly' shot by John Wilkes Booth? Was Kennedy 'allegedly' shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. Did I 'allegedly' go golfing yesterday. Am I 'allegedly' at the office right now? Did you just 'allegedly' read this post?

Re-educating North Korea

The Clinton Administration taught North Korea a very valuable lesson: "You sign paper, we give nuclear reactor." This approach would work again if Democrats were still in power, but only if the North Koreans agreed to the extra-super-duper-pinky-swear, just so we know that this time they're really serious about keeping their promises.

Which makes it very interesting that the North Koreans can't tell the difference between a man who's serious about the position of President of the United States and a man who is serious about being President of the United States to get in better position. One will drop bombs if you're violating cease-fires and torturing opponents, the other will drop trou and violate obese new-hires and torture opponents with IRS audits.

President Bush isn't President Clinton, Mr. Kim Jong Il, especially when it comes to foreign policy. If you hadn't already noticed, were willing to remove dictators from power for violations we have much less evidence of than what we know about the gulag you call a country. Making demands of a country you should thank for each of your days above ground isn't the most likely successful strategy.

By the way, nice hair. Vegas already has enough Asian Elvis impersonators, you fraud.

The Hokey-Pokey Mayor of New Orleans

New Orleans Mayor Ray "Leave 'em There When A Hurricane is Coming, Tell 'em They Can Go Back When Another One is Coming" Nagin embarrassed himself again today. He's like a black Howard Dean.

On the suggestion of some guy from Texas, he's addressing his middle-aged issue with pre-maturity:
NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on Monday suspended a plan to bring residents back to New Orleans and told all those now in the stricken city to leave because of fears a new storm headed into the Gulf of Mexico could swamp damaged levees and wreak new havoc.

Tropical Storm Rita was moving west from the Atlantic Ocean and expected to enter the Gulf this week, where forecasters said it could grow into a major hurricane.

Current predictions point to a Texas landfall for Rita at week's end, but Nagin said there was a chance it could hit a New Orleans, still reeling from Hurricane Katrina three weeks ago.

"We are suspending all re-entry into the city of New Orleans," Nagin said in a news conference.

"Our levee systems are still in a very weak condition, our pumping stations are still not at full capacity and any type of storm that heads this way and hits us will put the east bank of Orleans Parish in very significant harm's way, so I'm encouraging everyone to leave," Nagin said.

"If we have anything over nine inches of rain and a three-foot surge in any storm we will once again have significant flooding on the east bank," he said.

"Prepare yourself to evacuate Wednesday or even earlier."
Mayor Nagin has a catchy little jingle he's going to use for his 2006(?) losing Mayoral Campaign: "You leave constituents in, you order constituents out, you add a little water and you shake them all about, I'm a Hokey Pokey elect someone else to turn NO around, and that's what it's all about!"

Friday, September 16, 2005

While I pout.

When life is treating me like a baby treats a diaper, I like to think about other people who's suck-quotient is even higher. While I ponder how long it'll take to finish the date I have with a Beefeater bottle at 3pm, rejoice over your celestial blessing that you aren't a frogman dangling from a Blackhawk around lunch time.

Froggy says it's bunk. I think he's right. I knew the Golden Gate bridge wasn't in South Africa.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Damn that President Bush!

This post got me thinking.

Can we expect Senator Never met a Question I Won't Dodge Landreiu to make her latest criticism of President Bush in the following way?
"The response by President Bush was so timely and thorough that we now have a surplus of body bags. Estimates were 25,000 dead and all we can come up with so far is 496 bodies. That leaves 24,504 extra body bags. By now, everyone knows that the "Louisiana Way" is to voluntarily put ourselves in the least prepared position and blame the federal government for not being universally known as first-responders. Remember those buses? Perfect example of the disadvantages of thinking ahead. When you think ahead, you're required to take pre-emptive action and the world knows what we think about that!

This surplus of body bags proves that President Bush is racist. He so badly wanted more black people to die, that the ordering of 25,000 body bags was just wishful thinking. While I'm sure the body bags were provided by one of his cronies in a no-bid contract, I bet he didn't even keep the receipt."


Just in case you woke up today thinking that September 14th would be the day you'd start overlooking the arrests of some the founding members of the Council on American Islamic Relations founders and instead begin cutting them a little slack, don't.

By now you know about the Flight 93 Memorial's "winning" design, titled "Crescent of Disgrace", pardon me, I meant "Embrace." Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo called them out:
Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., says the design, called "Crescent of Embrace," could invite "controversy and criticism." In a letter sent Tuesday to National Park Service Director Fran Mainella, Tancredo said many have questioned the shape "because of the crescent's prominent use as a symbol in Islam - and the fact that the hijackers were radical Islamists."
See it here and decide for yourself.

To which the CAIR said the following:
WASHINGTON, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today dismissed Rep. Tom Tancredo's (R-CO) comments on the design of a memorial to those aboard a plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11 as a cynical political ploy designed to gain national attention.

CAIR also called on state and national leaders of the Republican Party, including President Bush, to repudiate Tancredo's Islamophobic stance on the memorial issue.

"Representative Tancredo once again demonstrates his anti-Muslim bias and his thirst for publicity," said CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad. "He apparently believes he can only gain attention on the national political stage by fabricating a false controversy based on bizarre Internet conspiracy theories."
Please allow me to translate.
"Damn it! Because you're on to us again, let us be quick to implicitly acknowledge the Flight 93 Memorial design is explicitly designed to please the 1 billion Muslims worldwide, god willing, by fixing the international symbol of their faith to some dirt in Pennsylvania where some Americans died. Why the big bru-haha, how do we know that field wasn't the militant's intended target? Although we're sure you see through it, now is when we must call you a bigot and Islamophobe for pointing out the dubious intentions of the design and call on President Bush to give us undeserved legitimacy by publicly stoning, figuratively of course, Rep. Tancredo. Allu Akbar!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mark Steyn on the FLight 93 Memorial

I wrote here about how the Flight 93 families were being duped.

Mark Steyn has more. Read Flight 93, Re Hi-Jacked

Two gay churches just all MN congregations less safe.

Any church that advertises gay friendliness on their website must be a serious one. Like this and this. It must be their authority on tolerance and understanding and their quest for special status that allows them to justify making the other few thousand Minnesota churches a little less safe:
A church may ban guns from its entire property despite the law passed earlier this year that allows Minnesotans to carry a weapon in public, a Hennepin County District Court judge has ruled.

The state law, which allows most law-abiding adults who have had gun training to carry a weapon, required churches to post a government-authored sign at their doors in order to ban weapons from their sanctuaries. The law also made it difficult for churches to ban guns from their parking lots and rental spaces.

Churches in Edina and St. Paul challenged the law.
I'm sure they'll have a celebration parade.

Recall this recently from Texas:
HONEY GROVE, Texas (AP) A gunman killed four people near a small-town church, then killed himself early Monday after a nine-hour standoff with police, authorities said.

Police said witnesses told them that A.P. Crenshaw, who lived across the street from the Sash Assembly of God church, exchanged words in the church parking lot Sunday night with church member Wes Brown, who asked Crenshaw to leave.

Crenshaw returned a short time later and shot Brown, 61, at close range, and then shot the pastor, James Armstrong, 42, the witnesses said. Deputies found both men dead in a grassy area next to the church parking lot, Fannin County Sheriff Kenneth Moore said. He said it didn’t appear that they were shot inside the church, as initially reported.

Crenshaw then drove to a nearby intersection, where he shot at a truck towing a horse trailer and then killed two women after they tried vainly to flee from the truck and hide, witnesses told police.

“The witnesses said they could hear the women screaming,” Moore said.

“We believe it was just random,” Moore said of the women’s slayings. “They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
When will someone be "in the right place at the right time", able to defend themselves with something more than a scream? What happened in Texas can more easily happen in Minnesota, now that churches can advertise that their congregation doesn't have a gun on their person or in their car.

It's a great day to be a criminal in Minnesota. If I were a certified low-life, I'd drive the car I stole through all church parking lots around my area, making a list of "This Church Bans Guns on These Premises" signs, making note of the service times, especially any after dark. You could be quite sure I'd visit the church during those services, but only make it as far as the parking lot, sniffing around for whatever booty can justify spending 4 seconds with a wire hanger or slim jim. While thick with poetic injustice, the strongest means in which I could be legally confronted by anyone on church premises would be with someone swinging a hard-cover Bible, while they scream, "I rebuke you!"

If I were scared enough, I could flee in my stolen car and not have to worry about getting caught, because those same liberal churches would read stories like this and determine it's the fault of the police that criminals fail to yield.

Liberals are great. Especially with some asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes.

Monday, September 12, 2005

My 9/11.

I've been holding my thoughts on remembering 9/11 until I saw the Discovery Channel's The Flight That Fought Back. I watched it twice last night. Cried both. Harder the second.

What did I take from it? American civilians accepted Islamic terrorism's declaration of war and fought the first battle at 500 mph, with only a courageous spontaneity committed to interrupting years of murderous terrorist preparations.

Brave Americans of every stripe: young and old, man and woman, Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal, straight and gay, came together and confronted the dim reality that they were passengers on a missile. In thwarting a crash into the Capitol, deaths were prevented on the ground. Barbarians were denied success, their life in hell earned in vain. Good was the victor on that flight.

Those who fought back were the same kind of friends you wish you had if you found yourself surrounded in a dark alley. While one's inclination for inaction isn't 'wrong', it's more useful to have friends who are willing to plant a coffee pot in a terrorist's ear before you jump on his back to snap his neck. While the images of this may be uncomfortable to some, it's this spirit that will make the difference in this battle of wills. People want to kill you. How will you respond?

While our chances of having to personally confront terror is luxuriously low, the spirit of how we support those who do will determine our victory or defeat.

I learned something on Sunday.

On Sunday's Meet the Press and later on FOX News Sunday, Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu taught me something very important: There are at least 19 different ways to dodge a simple question.

Example (paraphrased):
Chris Wallace: Senator, why weren't the hundreds of school buses used to evacuate the city.

Senator Landrieu: They were under water.

CW: But they weren't under water until a day after the hurricane passed.

SL: They were under water.

CW: But Senator, they were only under water after the hurricane passed.

SL: The Bush administration was slow to respond.
She could never quite get herself to hold local Louisiana government accountable. Even for this:
Nagin did not tell everyone to leave immediately, because the regional plan called for the suburbs to empty out first, but he did urge residents in particularly low-lying areas to "start moving -- right now, as a matter of fact." He said the Superdome would be open as a shelter of last resort, but essentially he told tourists stranded in the Big Easy that they were out of luck.

"The only thing I can say to them is I hope they have a hotel room, and it's a least on the third floor and up," Nagin said. "Unfortunately, unless they can rent a car to get out of town, which I doubt they can at this point, they're probably in the position of riding the storm out."

Hurricane Katrina brought unprecedented destruction to the Gulf Coast. View the Post's multimedia coverage of the disaster. (Robert A. Reeder - The Washington Post)

In fact, while the last regularly scheduled train out of town had left a few hours earlier, Amtrak had decided to run a "dead-head" train that evening to move equipment out of the city. It was headed for high ground in Macomb, Miss., and it had room for several hundred passengers. "We offered the city the opportunity to take evacuees out of harm's way," said Amtrak spokesman Cliff Black. "The city declined."

So the ghost train left New Orleans at 8:30 p.m., with no passengers on board.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Class reunion.

With the same punctuality and seriousness I paid it when I was there, I found out last night that my 10 year class reunion is tonight. You know you're getting old when you have vivid memories of happenings more than 10 years ago that aren't attributed to flashbacks. When you're 18 you don't remember many things about being 8, but when you're 28, eighteen seems like a movie playing on the back of your eyelids.

My prediction for 84.5% of my classmates: They'll think I'm gay.

Why? First. The only reason I'm not a metrosexual is that I refuse to be considered one. The word just sounds like a gooey softness that offends my transparent attempt at hyper-masculinity. They'll wonder about my hair and whether I prefer humectant shampoos.

They'll wonder where I shop and whether frequency and duration is limited to Saturdays from Noon to 1, the threshold for male heterosexual shopping, unless you've visited Home Depot for something other than "pretty" paint.

Second. I'm not bringing a date, not even a token hair-twirler with a pair of heavily-lifted aftermarket flotation devices. I didn't invite her. It's not that I don't want to "bring sand to the beach" as much as it is my lack of desire to misplace her, only to find her outside carrying on a brisk conversation with a street sign. Bad form.

Besides, if I have to tell another date who accidentally wanders into the men's bathroom because the "illustrations are reeeeaaaaaly confusing" that the white discs in the urinals aren't breath mints, I'm going beat myself over the head with her 4" heel.

Third. They'll want to believe it. What do you say to yourself when you see a attractive woman with a painfully mediocre guy? "Oh, he must have money." What you secretly don't want to believe is that he's got a stellar personality and a Pringles can in his trousers. It's easier for your ego to believe that "stinking" precedes his richness than it is to believe that for the other 12 hours of the day that he isn't making her laugh, he's making her forget her name.

You won't hear from me until Monday. Tonight, reunion. For tomorrow, I'm going to have to figure out how to apologize to a certain hair-twirling someone, especially because it's her birthday. Wait a second, I just thought of something. Should I feel dirty that when I was graduated high school, she was in 6th grade?? Honey, you know I heart you, see you tomorrow. Besides, it's all head trauma.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Jimmy Carter to head New Orleans re-build?

From Drudge:
Roemer called on President Bush to name former President Jimmy Carter to the head of efforts to rebuild New Orleans.

Roemer told the stunned hosts: "The second thing we should do is put somebody like former President Jimmy Carter in charge of rebuilding New Orleans."
We can only hope there are no hostages involved.

Flight 93 families duped.

What is this?

Yes, it's the international symbol for Islam.

Now, what's this?

If you said the Iran's new al-Arena Mohammed Torture, you'd be wrong. It's it's the design proposed to "memorialize" Americans who died bravely trying to overtake Muslim terrorists, Flight 93, which disintegrated in a Pennsylvania field.

What says "Honoring the memory of Americans" more than, at the very least, an implicit nod to the sham religion that encouraged their killers?

The memorial should be completely suspect, because of the major donations from the John S. and James L. Knight foundations. Why? Because of this press release from their website:
MIAMI - As war broke out in Iraq this week, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has approved several new grants to help the American and Arab worlds better understand each other.

The recipients of grants from Knight's journalism program promote both the free flow of news and journalism training.

"This effort to expand domestic understanding of and an appreciation for Arab culture and the Muslim faith in the United States is important," said Hodding Carter III, president and CEO of Knight Foundation. "At the same time, we act in the interest of ensuring that the same principles are finding their way to the Middle East so that people in these historic lands have access to facts and opinions relevant to understanding American culture and values."

Several previously funded Knight programs address issues of tolerance and understanding.
Anytime you see the phrase "tolerance and undertanding" contained in a passage that has the terms "Muslim" or "Islam" in it, know that on some intentional level, the story is about some person or organization who believes that some American behavior somehow provoked an otherwise peacful people into violence.

Did the families and the councils involved in the funding and design of this disgrace do any homework whatsoever? Of the 1,000 design possibilitiess, this happened to be "the one"? With the Knight foundation's proven affection Islam, exactly what kind of influence did they exert in order to secure a final design that reminds us more of the source of the world's terror problems than it does about the people who tried to solve it?

CQ and Michelle Malkin with more.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

So what you're really trying to say is?

The man who should be every conservative's favorite Democrat made his latest Republican campaign contribution at a Baptist Church convention, somehow avoiding the scorn from Democrats for mixing politics with religion:
Race was a factor in the death toll from Hurricane Katrina, Howard Dean told members of the National Baptist Convention of America on Wednesday at the group's annual meeting.

Dean, chairman of the democratic party, made the comments to the Baptists' Political and Social Justice Commission. The Baptist Convention, with an estimated 3.5 million members, is one of the largest black religious groups in the country.

"We must ... come to terms with the ugly truth that skin color, age and economics played a deadly role in who survived and who did not," Dean said.
What are you trying to say, Dr. Dean? That black people can't swim? Did you mean to infer that only 77 year-olds can die in hurricanes? Are you saying that only rich people are impervious to drowning?

The wipers on the bus go...


Question: Where are these buses located? Answer: New Orleans.
Question: What were they supposed to be used for? Answer: Disaster evacuation.
Question: Were they? Answer: No.
Question: At who's sole direction were they to be used? Answer: Local government.
Question: Was the Superdome part of the official hurricane evacutation plan? Answer: No.
Question: Who's decision was it to use the Superdome? Answer: Mayor Nagin.
Question: How close were these buses to the Superdome? Answer: Less than a mile.
Question: How many trips would it have taken the fleet of buses to evacuate the Superdome ? Answer: 3.
Question? What was Mayor Nagin waiting for? Answer: A more comfortable ride:
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin garnered a ton of publicity with a profanity-laced interview he gave to WWL radio last Thursday, where he blasted President Bush and Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco for not coming to rescue his city in time.

However, Nagin's most newsworthy comments - where he explained why he didn't use hundreds of city school buses to evacuate his city's flood victims - went almost unnoticed.

Turns out, Nagin turned his nose up at the yellow buses, demanding more comfortable Greyhound coaches instead.

"I need 500 buses, man," he told WWL. "One of the briefings we had they were talking about getting, you know, public school bus drivers to come down here and bus people out of here."

Nagin described his response:

"I'm like - you've got to be kidding me. This is a natural disaster. Get every doggone Greyhound bus line in the country and get their asses moving to New Orleans."

While Nagin was waiting for his Greyhound fleet, Katrina's floodwaters swamped his school buses, rendering them unusable.

Froggy has more on the state of dependence in Louisiana.

My, my! Is this a pattern I see developing?

A Department of Defense press release from November, 2004. Via LGF.
Shreveport, Louisiana . . . A federal grand jury has returned two separate indictments charging three members of the State Military Department with offenses related to the obstruction of an audit of the use of federal funds for flood mitigation activities throughout Louisiana, United States Attorney Donald W. Washington announced today.

Two of the individuals charged, MICHAEL C. APPE, 51, of Mandeville, Louisiana, and MICHAEL L. BROWN, 61, of St. Francisville, Louisiana, are senior employees of the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. Both APPE and BROWN are charged with conspiracy to obstruct a federal audit; BROWN is additionally charged with making a false statement.

The Hazardous Mitigation Grant Program is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and is designed to fund mitigation projects to prevent future flood losses or flood claims made upon the National Flood Insurance Program. BROWN was responsible for overall management the program in Louisiana; APPE was responsible for managing employees who perform fiscal transactions regarding these funds.

The indictment alleges that during an audit of the program being conducted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security-Office of Inspector General, a State Military Department employee realized that $175,000 in expenditures of federal monies was improper in that the money was not used for purposes authorized by the federal program and would therefore have to be re-paid to the federal government. This employee notified APPE, who in turn directed the employee to provide false documents to the federal auditors.

Specifically, the indictment alleges that APPE directed an employee to contact an assistant to BROWN and have them prepare a false, backdated memo to make it appear that the expenditures were proper. The false document was created and was subsequently signed by BROWN. APPE and BROWN then sent the false, backdated memo to federal auditors. The indictment alleges that BROWN told federal auditors that he signed the document in May 2000, when in fact he knew he had signed the document in January 2004.
In addition, one would think that having 13% of what is supposed to be a professional police force walk off the job in the face of a crisis may also make Louisiana leadership a little suspect.

Louisiana governor, New Orleans mayor lost their respective re-elections yesterday.

Transcript from Hugh Hewitt's interview with Major Garrett from FOX News, via Radio Blogger:
HH: Joined now by Major Garrett, correspondent for the Fox News Channel, as well as author of The Enduring Revolution, a best seller earlier this year. We talked about that. Major Garrett, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show.

MG: Hugh, always a pleasure. Thanks for having me.

HH: You just broke a pretty big story. I was watching up on the corner television in my studio, and it's headlined that the Red Cross was blocked from delivering supplies to the Superdome, Major Garrett. Tell us what you found out.

MG: Well, the Red Cross, Hugh, had pre-positioned a literal vanguard of trucks with water, food, blankets and hygiene items. They're not really big into medical response items, but those are the three biggies that we saw people at the New Orleans Superdome, and the convention center, needing most accutely. And all of us in America, I think, reasonably asked ourselves, geez. You know, I watch hurricanes all the time. And I see correspondents standing among rubble and refugees and evacuees. But I always either see that Red Cross or Salvation Army truck nearby. Why don't I see that?

HH: And the answer is?

MG: The answer is the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security, that is the state agency responsible for that state's homeland security, told the Red Cross explicitly, you cannot come.

HH: Now Major Garrett, on what day did they block the delivery? Do you know specifically?

MG: I am told by the Red Cross, immediately after the storm passed.

HH: Okay, so that would be on Monday afternoon.

MG: That would have been Monday or Tuesday. The exact time, the hour, I don't have. But clearly, they had an evacuee situation at the Superdome, and of course, people gravitated to the convention center on an ad hoc basis. They sort of invented that as another place to go, because they couldn't stand the conditions at the Superdome.

HH: Any doubt in the Red Cross' mind that they were ready to go, but they were blocked?

MG: No. Absolutely none. They are absolutely unequivocal on that point.
Owie, owie, owie. As Governor Blanco or Mayor Nagin, if I had re-defined the term "failure" in front of a few billion people, I'd be embarrassed. I might even start blaming other people, too.

Why not exploit black people for political purposes?

"We're MoveOn.Org and it's critical you believe we like black people, even though we use them only for our selfish, deviant purposes in order to score what all of us in the office think are political points."

I love liberals. Just when you think they can't possibly be any more of a turn off, they figure out a way to become the political equivalent of Rosie O'Donnell. A new ad attacking judicial nominee John Roberts will be infecting TV's in the near future, in order to speak directly to the 1,571 people in the country (mainly Berkley coffee house patrons) who see the following connection:
The televised images of poverty-stricken evacuees from Hurricane Katrina are part of a provocative, last-minute effort by a liberal interest group to divert federal Judge John Roberts' path to confirmation as chief justice. Political Action plans to unveil a TV ad on Monday that questions whether Roberts is sensitive enough to civil rights concerns to lead the Supreme Court. The ad suggests that the plight of the mostly African-American evacuees in New Orleans showed that poverty remains a serious problem among minorities, said Ben Brandzel, the group's advocacy director. In a mix of judicial and racial politics, the ad then suggests that minorities could suffer if the Senate confirms Roberts.

"The connection is obvious," Brandzel said. "The images after Hurricane Katrina show we still live in a society where significant racial inequities exist. We believe John Roberts' record on civil rights ... is clearly not the direction our country needs to head now."
Whoever is donating the rope to, keep it up. They still put it to good use despite the carcasses of their last failed ideas still hanging from the marketing department's rafters.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

National Review nails it.

Jim Geraghty gets it exactly right.

Way too obvious for Louisiana to notice.

Body identification. Not easy:
BANGKOK - U.S. police face a “hell of a task” to identify thousands of Hurricane Katrina victims left rotting in heat and humidity similar to the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami, a top forensic expert said on Wednesday.

“I don’t envy them at all,” said Detective Superintendent Derek Forest, a Briton who has been running the largest forensic operation in history to try to identify the nearly 5,500 victims of the Dec. 26 disaster in Thailand.

Precise DNA analysis difficult
Even though Thailand sent DNA to laboratories in the United States and China after the tsunami, much of the data that came back was insufficiently precise to allow for a positive identification.

The two other main methods of post-mortem analysis — fingerprinting and dental records — might also prove ineffective in some cases, Forest said.

With fingerprints, the longer a body lies in water the more difficult it is to obtain reliable prints, while dental records can prove useless if children have had no fillings.

His comments raise the prospect that many victims of Katrina — children in particular — might never be identified.

“Children don’t tend to have a lot of dental history and as oral hygiene improves, they’re having fillings later and later in life,” Forest said.
So what you're saying is that if there were some method of marking bodies in a way that was much easier to identify them than DNA, fingerprints or dental records, lives could have been saved? How about this:
We can learn more by listening to men like Jim Judkins, particularly when he explains the Magic Marker method of disaster preparedness.

Judkins is one of the officials in charge of evacuating the Hampton Roads region around Newport News, Va. These coastal communities, unlike New Orleans, are not below sea level, but they're much better prepared for a hurricane. Officials have plans to run school buses and borrow other buses to evacuate those without cars, and they keep registries of the people who need special help.

Instead of relying on a "Good Samaritan" policy -- the fantasy in New Orleans that everyone would take care of the neighbors -- the Virginia rescue workers go door to door. If people resist the plea to leave, Judkins told the Daily Press in Newport News, rescue workers give them Magic Markers and ask them to write their Social Security numbers on their body parts so they can be identified.

"It's cold, but it's effective," Judkins explained.
No doubt. Sure, blame Bush, but read this if you too have wondered why the mayor of New Orleans didn't us even one of the 560 school busses parked within a mile of the Super Dome when he had broken protocol to send anyone there in the first place.

What about other misdemeanors?

The Strib reports today on an illegal immigrant who's taking full advantage of the court system designed to send him home:
A young Mexican [illegal - ed, chachi] immigrant who was discovered squatting at Apple Valley High School last winter has been ordered to leave the country.

An immigration judge this morning ordered Francisco Javier Serrano to depart within 120 days, but Serrano's attorney said he plans to pursue several routes of appeal.

"There are still a lot of maneuvers we can make here to make this young man's dream come true," said Herbert Igbanugo, his attorney. "We have not given up the fight."

He said he plans to appeal the local immigration district director's Tuesday's refusal to grant his client "non-immigrant student status," which would allow Serrano to legally stay in the United States.

Igbanugo also will move to reopen Serrano's case if he can determine if his father has legal immigration status, which also would open the door for him to legally stay here.

If Serrano has to leave on Jan. 5, it will be less than three weeks shy of a year since he was discovered at the school, setting off a news media frenzy.
Entering the United States illegally is a misdemeanor. So is driving drunk. Let's imagine instead this were a case of drunken driving, substituting it for 'immigration' in the above story and modifying some of the details for clarity, in order to highlight the silliness of the lengths at which people will go to make sure criminal behavior has an out.
A young drunk driver who was discovered sitting in his car in an Apple Valley High School last winter has been ordered to jail.

A traffic judge this morning ordered a Very White Straight Male to jail within 120 days, but Whitey's attorney said he plans to pursue several routes of appeal.

"There are still a lot of maneuvers we can make here to make this young man's dream of staying out of jail a reality," said Herbert Igbanugo, his attorney. "We have not given up the fight. Whitey didn't mean any harm, he just wanted to get home, get to bed, so he could get up and work really, really hard."

He said he plans to appeal the local law enforcement district director's Tuesday's refusal to grant his client "non-sobriety status," which would allow Whitey to legally stay out of jail.

Igbanugo also will move to reopen Whitey's case if he can determine if his father has gotten away with driving under the influence, which also would open the door for him to legally stay out of jail.

If Whitey has to leave on Jan. 5, it will be less than three weeks shy of a year since he was discovered at the school, setting off a inexplicable news media frenzy that makes one question why lawyers are willing to work pro bono in order to get their guilty clients acquitted.
Wow, that does sound ridiculous now that I re-read it. Such is our legal system. You'd better take a side because you're paying for it Minnesota.

British inclusiveness.

From the BBC:
Families of the 7 July suicide bombers should be allowed to attend the national memorial service for the victims, according to London's mayor.

Ken Livingstone said they should not be turned away from the 1 November mass at St Paul's Cathedral for the 52 victims.
That's cool with me. Just make them check their backbacks at the door.

Can we shoot them now?

After the sixth Minnesotan died this year as a victim of a car chase, I had a dumb idea about shooting at drivers who flee, which received some encouraging feedback from a police officer.

Speaking of police officers, here's one who will never return home because a fleeing driver pointed his 4,000 motorized weapon at him and fired:

A Lino Lakes police officer was killed late Tuesday afternoon when a suspect driving a stolen vehicle and fleeing police crashed into him beside Interstate Hwy. 35W in Lino Lakes.

Officer Shawn Silvera, 32, was placing stop sticks -- tire deflators -- on the freeway's southbound lanes, north of the Anoka County Road 23 exit, when a vehicle driven by Steven Stenke, 26, swerved and hit him, said County Sheriff Bruce Andersohn.

Silvera was standing near his squad in the median and was thrown "quite a distance" into the ditch of the northbound lanes, the sheriff said.

The suspect, Stenke, then swerved into the northbound lanes and hit a van driven by a Wisconsin man, who was injured but is expected to survive, Andersohn said.

Investigators said they didn't know whether Stenke deliberately swerved to hit Silvera while trying to avoid the stop sticks.

Andersohn said the car driven by Stenke crashed in the ditch, and he tried to escape on foot but was caught and arrested. He was taken to a hospital.
If I were a Lino Lake police officer, I would have been sure to shoot the asshole three times in the chest and claim he looked like he was going for a gun.

Naturally, there will be a review. I'll bet $1,000 right when they re-write pursuit policy, it'll benefit the criminal and not the police.
The Anoka County Sheriff's Office will conduct a criminal investigation coordinated with the State Patrol.

Andersohn said he wasn't in a position to say whether the pursuit was justified or not.

"Any time an agency is involved in a pursuit, it's time to sit down and review chase policies," he said.

"There's a fine balance to be had when it comes to pursuit. You have the public interest. You have the interest of law enforcement. You have the interest of public safety. You try to balance these interests against the severity of what you're pursuing someone for," he said.

"When you have circumstances like this, it's never easy to justify a pursuit. And thankfully, very few end this way. But when they do, the tragedy is something we all have to pause with and take a hard look at whether we're doing the right thing for the right reasons."
Right thing: apprehending criminals. Right reason: they're a danger to society. Period.

To penalize the police for the criminals who flee is exactly the wrong thing to do. If a city council has to vote on new policies, I have $1,000 that says they don't side with giving police more powers to end chases.

Any takers?

The emergency plan that wasn't.

New Orleans' mayor Ray "Better Late Than Never" Nagin is ordering everyone out of New Orleans.
As floodwaters began to slowly recede with the first of the city's pumps returning to operation, Mayor C. Ray Nagin authorized law enforcement officers and the U.S. military late Tuesday to evacuate all holdouts for their own safety.
Lovely timing, mayor. Maybe mandatory evacuation would have made a little more sense when you received Katrina's RSVP postcard 3-4 days before she reached shore.

While the Democrat NO mayor and Louisiana governor take jabs at the Bush administration for their incompetence, even more evident when contrasted by the decisive, swift decisions by a Republican governor next door saved thousands, it seems ABC has uncovered a New Orleans hurricane evacuation plan they didn't use.

CQ has has more.

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