Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Not excessive enough.

6 motorists have been killed this year in Minnesota by felons running from police. My thoughts on a Draconian solution are here. While nothing about criminals killing innocent motorists has been deemed "excessive," police use of a stun gun apparently is:
St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington has called for an internal investigation to determine whether officers used excessive force while arresting a juvenile early Monday after chasing a stolen car.

About 12:30 a.m. Monday, an officer on patrol saw two cars driving in tandem on the East Side. A license-plate check revealed both vehicles had been stolen. One car pulled over, but the second car headed east on Interstate Hwy. 94 at high speed. After exiting at McKnight Road, the car crashed on the shoulder.

Police spokesman Chris Nelson said an officer used a Taser stun gun to help apprehend the suspect, who had dropped to his knees but then stood up as if to run. A traffic-management camera recorded the arrest and appears to show an officer kicking the suspect after the Taser was used.

Harrington reviewed the videotapes and ordered an investigation into possible procedural and policy issues and use of excessive force after the Taser was deployed.

The names of the suspect and the officers involved were not released, and no disciplinary action has been taken so far.
Everyone responds to physical pain. Statistics show that most people don't respond to suspended jail sentences or probation. I'd submit that a chance of getting kicked in the teeth is much more likely to deter a car thief than 3 hot taxpayer-funded meals and cable TV could ever be.

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