Thursday, August 11, 2005

Liberal Utopia.

The Washington Times reports that Detroit is the most liberal US city.

As the most liberal city in the US, we can use Detroit as a realistic, long-term case-study on the success of liberal values. One could imagine that liberalism having dominion over Detroit for decades, it can serve as an example of what a national liberal "utopia" would look like, white liberals governing with condescension over a mainly minority population.

Let's examine some of Detroit's finer amenities, versus that national average:
- You're seven times more likely to find yourself murdered in Detroit.

- A your mother or sister has more than twice the chance of getting raped.

- Your home or business is more than twice as likely to get burglarized.

- If you've ever wanted to get assaulted, visit Detroit. You've got a better chance in a city with four times the national average.

- Should you ever decide to donate your car to a thief, park it in Detroit. You're five times as likely to return to an empty parking spot.

- General thievery is about twice as common in Detroit.

- Detroit really likes to burn things.
Sound like a place you'd want to retire to? Vacation there?

I think Detroit needs regime change. You're more likely to get killed there than you are in Iraq. A certain TV personality would look at the astonishing failure of liberalism's best shot at utopia and ask, "How's that working for ya?"

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