Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Get your hands off my gas tank!

I set a new record last night. I figured out a way to stuff $65 in my gas tank, which really sucks because I had to earn $120 to drive the 325 miles the 27 gallons will take me.

Aren't we fighting a war over oil right now? Why aren't we getting any? I'm close to e-mailing a couple buddies in Iraq to see if they can Fed Ex me a barrel or two.

Didn't we just pass an energy bill? Is there a great reason, other than the sliver of the population with questionable personal hygiene who oppose drilling a few holes in BFE because it may displace some caribou to one of the other millions of acres in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge?

Exactly why is my gas tank being held hostage by a few dozen people who bike to their job at the coffee shop or tattoo parlor, who happen to have some willing accomplices in the law and lobbying profession?

Hey liberals, get your hands off my gas tank!

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