Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fill any quotas lately?

Some of New Orlean's finest have been protecting and serving themselves at the local Wal-Mart:
A handful of police in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans joined with looters yesterday in cleaning out store shelves and pilfering merchandise that had nothing to do with survival.

While the overwhelming majority of Big Easy cops were performing admirably under staggeringly difficult circumstances, an NBC camera crew filming looters at a local Walmart captured two policewomen filling a shopping cart to the brim with shoes.

Asked what she was doing, one of the unidentified officers told reporter Martin Savidge: "I'm just doing my job" - before abandoning her shopping cart to resume her patrol. Her partner apparently continued looting unfazed by NBC's presence.
See the photographic proof. Filling any quotas New Orleans?

I have a tough time believing that the first time someone decides to loot a Wal-Mart is when they've become a cop. What I believe more is that in an effort to make the police force "more diverse" in two categories, maybe there was a little less background checking? I'm probably wrong.

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