Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"Equal Opportunity" gets another good person killed.

If you were a hard-up woman looking for some lovin', where's the best place to get a job? Sounds like it's at a maximum security prison. On the heels of the death of a half-dozen when an Atlanta rape defendant over-powered a 50 year-old grandma in the courtroom, we get the following argument against equal-opportunity employment.

Thanks to the efforts of people who don't think we have enough women employed in areas that require them to work in the midst of violent felons, another corrections officer has been killed because a max security prison just HAD to be infused with some estrogen.
KINGSTON, Tenn. — Authorities continued their search Wednesday for a convicted robber George Hyatte (search) and his wife, who officials say shot and killed a corrections officer outside a Tennessee courthouse the day before.

Hyatte, a maximum security prisoner, was headed back to prison from a court appearance Tuesday in handcuffs and shackles when his wife, Jennifer Hyatte (search), drove up and fired at the two corrections officers escorting her husband, Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam told FOX News.

His wife is a 31-year-old nurse who had been fired from her job at a prison in Tiptonville after it was suspected she was having a relationship with Hyatte, Corrections Department spokeswoman Amanda Sluss said.
Exactly how many skanks are employed in US maximum security prisons? What, exactly, is draw to become a female corrections officer unless you're a flaming lesbian who's life obsession is to finally reign over a man, unless you're on the receiving end of the occasional cavity search?

Thank you feminist lobby for making life more dangerous for all of us.

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