Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Canadian philanthropy.

Our neighbors to the north appear pretty proud of the Search and Rescue program. And why shouldn't they? They don't have anything else to be proud of, unless you consider it an accomplishment that a majority of the country doesn't speak French.

The world knows that Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana have people waiting on their roofs, counting on a helicopter to save them from hypothermia, hunger, disease and poisonous snakes.

Quebec can spare one helicopter to help their French-speaking compatriots in Louisiana? Is the Canadian Search and Rescue on a socialist-government mandated summer holiday?

Fill any quotas lately?

Some of New Orlean's finest have been protecting and serving themselves at the local Wal-Mart:
A handful of police in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans joined with looters yesterday in cleaning out store shelves and pilfering merchandise that had nothing to do with survival.

While the overwhelming majority of Big Easy cops were performing admirably under staggeringly difficult circumstances, an NBC camera crew filming looters at a local Walmart captured two policewomen filling a shopping cart to the brim with shoes.

Asked what she was doing, one of the unidentified officers told reporter Martin Savidge: "I'm just doing my job" - before abandoning her shopping cart to resume her patrol. Her partner apparently continued looting unfazed by NBC's presence.
See the photographic proof. Filling any quotas New Orleans?

I have a tough time believing that the first time someone decides to loot a Wal-Mart is when they've become a cop. What I believe more is that in an effort to make the police force "more diverse" in two categories, maybe there was a little less background checking? I'm probably wrong.


Number of days without an international offer for hurricane relief.

Where's this guy when you need him?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Liberals must have a weaker immune system.

This is horrific. Warn your liberal friends!

West Nile virus kills four loons near Zimmerman:
A family of four loons has died after being infected with the West Nile virus, the first such deaths recorded in Minnesota, state Department of Natural Resource officials said Tuesday.
It appears that in addition to Bush, the war, low taxes and a surging economy, Minnesota liberals now need to worry about about West Nile.

RIP loons.


Number of days without an international offer for hurricane relief.

Poverty never looked so good.

Found panhandling in the Strib today was this article:
WASHINGTON —The nation's poverty rate rose to 12.7 percent of the population last year, the fourth consecutive annual increase, the Census Bureau said Tuesday.

The percentage of people without health insurance did not change.

Overall, there were 37 million people living in poverty, up 1.1 million people from 2003.

Asians were the only ethnic group to show a decline in poverty — from 11.8 percent in 2003 to 9.8 percent last year. The poverty rate among the elderly declined as well, from 10.2 percent in 2003 to 9.8 percent last year.

The last decline in overall poverty was in 2000, when 31.1 million people lived under the threshold — 11.3 percent of the population.
Sounds pretty bad, huh? Let's take a look at what the Census Bureau defines as "poor" and the unimaginable squalor in which the underprivileged live:
- Forty-six percent of all poor households actually own their own homes. The average home owned by persons classified as poor by the Census Bureau is a three-bedroom house with one-and-a-half baths, a garage, and a porch or patio.

- Seventy-six percent of poor households have air conditioning. By contrast, 30 years ago, only 36 percent of the entire U.S. population enjoyed air conditioning.

- Only 6 percent of poor households are overcrowded. More than two-thirds have more than two rooms per person.

- The average poor American has more living space than the average individual living in Paris, London, Vienna, Athens, and other cities throughout Europe. (These comparisons are to the average citizens in foreign countries, not to those classified as poor.)

- Nearly three-quarters of poor households own a car; 30 percent own two or more cars.

- Ninety-seven percent of poor households have a color television; over half own two or more color televisions.

- Seventy-eight percent have a VCR or DVD player; 62 percent have cable or satellite TV reception.

- Seventy-three percent own microwave ovens, more than half have a stereo, and a third have an automatic dishwasher.
Basically, the average European wishes they had as much living space as a poverty-stricken American.

What this says to me isn't that America's poor is perpetually relegated to chronic unemployment, it's that they are living the example of the difference between the rish and the poor. The rich buy luxury items last, while the poor buy luxury items first. Don't believe me? Take a drive through some of the poorest neighborhoods in your town. Chances are that you'll notice the same thing I've noticed in Minneapolis. There are more satellite dishes on homes is sketchy neighborhoods than there are on the homes of people living on golf courses.

When 98% of people in "poverty" have a color television and MTV piped in day after excruciating day, their next $500 dollar paycheck isn't going towards savings, they're buying a few new CD's and a couple snappy outfits.

The next time someone tells you we have to do more to help the poor, point them to your financial advisor.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Cindy Sheehan a casualty of Katrina.

I'm sorry to report that Cindy Sheehans Barnum & Bailey Circus, where the media is the story, has been the latest casualty of Hurricane Katrina.

Any other has-been's, wanna-be's or hanger's-on, will have to wait-out the hurricane nearby until some rain, wind and water are no longer more interesting than they are.

When liberals make laws, more people die.

Mitch at Shot in the Dark has a bunch of background on the special treatment requested by two gay churches in Minneapolis who are campaigning for special treatment in the democratically passed bill allowing permit holders to carry a gun.

They would like to guarantee their congregation that no law-abiding citizen is carrying a gun on their person or in the car in the parking lot. If they're successful, the law would have to apply to all churches, apparently in the name of exclusive inclusiveness, much like the law in Texas. Speaking of Texas, here's what happened there yesterday:
A gunman killed four people at a rural church in a small north Texas town, then held off police in an nine-hour standoff before apparently killing himself, officials said Monday.

At least one other person was wounded.

The gunman reportedly knocked on the door of the Sash Assembly of God church Sunday night, then started firing when the door was opened. Three people were shot, including the pastor, according to WFAA-TV in Dallas. It was not immediately clear if the pastor was the wounded person or one of the two dead.

Two women in a car outside the church were then shot and killed, police said.

"These two ladies, from what it appeared, happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," Fannin County Sheriff Kenneth Moore said.

The man fled and was later tracked to his home near the church in Sash, an unincorporated community about 80 miles north of Dallas near the Oklahoma border.

Sheriff's deputies and a SWAT team surrounded the house, and after the long standoff police initially said the man surrendered just before 6 a.m.

However, when officers entered the home they found the man dead, Moore said.

"We have good reason to believe, based at what we see at the scene, that it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound," Moore said.

Moore said the motive for the shootings had not been determined.

The identities of the gunman and the people killed at the church were not released.
Lawful citizens carrying guns to church may make some softies uncomfortable, but advertising to any wacko that a church is THE place to find easy prey makes me even more uncomfortable. If all Minnesota churches have to abide by the special treatment requested by a couple churches who's real religion is something other than God, then just going to church will become a dangerous prospect here in Minnesota.

Friday, August 26, 2005

They're just here to work!

I'm quite sure that Mexicans wooed by the divine chance to work at a McDonald's or a car wash would do something like this:
Illegal immigrants threw rocks at a Border Patrol helicopter, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing when one of the rocks damaged the rotor, the agency said.

Neither the pilot nor the Border Patrol observer was injured.

The A-Star helicopter was two miles west of the U.S. Port of Entry in Andrade, Calif., on Tuesday when a group of immigrants began throwing rocks at the aircraft.

One baseball-sized rock gashed the rotor, forcing the pilot to land nearby, said Michael Gramley, spokesman for the Border Patrol sector based in Yuma, Ariz.

Gramley said he did not know how high the helicopter was hovering when it was struck, but he said it was being repaired and is expected back in service soon.

After the incident, 17 people were apprehended for illegally crossing the border, and two of them were being investigated for smuggling. Ten immigrants evaded capture.

The investigation into the rock-throwing was continuing.
And the fun thing? This is only one spot in one state in one afternoon in one day. Had the chopper not been there, we'd have had the chance to pay for their kid's college.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Name that interviewee.

A CBS reporter posed the following question:
"You know that the president says Iraq is the central front in the war on terrorism, don't you believe that?" asked Mark Knoller of CBS, surrounded by a host of other reporters.
Now, guess who's response this was:
"No, because it's not true," ______ replied. "You know Iraq was no threat to the United States of America until we invaded. I mean they're not even a threat to the United States of America. Iraq was not involved in 9-11, Iraq was not a terrorist state. But now that we have decimated the country, the borders are open, freedom fighters from other countries are going in, and they [American troops] have created more terrorism by going to an Islamic country, devastating the country and killing innocent people in that country. The terrorism is growing and people who never thought of being car bombers or suicide bombers are now doing it because they want the United States of America out of their country."
Michael Moore? Not this time. Howard Dean? Not this time either.

If you guessed "a woman who sees her son's killer as a freedom fighter," you'd be right. It was her.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's not from sex?

Public educators in Canton, Ohio are baffled:
CANTON, Ohio -- There are 490 female students at Timken High School, and 65 are pregnant, according to a recent report in the Canton Repository.

The article reported that some would say that movies, TV, videogames, lazy parents and lax discipline may all be to blame.
Makes perfect sense. I once had a friend who got pregnant from playing Pac Man for 18 straight hours and another one who fell on her TV and ended up prego. Oh, and the one who went to see Batman Returns and wound up with twins because her dad didn't have a job.

Makes me think twice about taking a girl to a movie.

Not excessive enough.

6 motorists have been killed this year in Minnesota by felons running from police. My thoughts on a Draconian solution are here. While nothing about criminals killing innocent motorists has been deemed "excessive," police use of a stun gun apparently is:
St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington has called for an internal investigation to determine whether officers used excessive force while arresting a juvenile early Monday after chasing a stolen car.

About 12:30 a.m. Monday, an officer on patrol saw two cars driving in tandem on the East Side. A license-plate check revealed both vehicles had been stolen. One car pulled over, but the second car headed east on Interstate Hwy. 94 at high speed. After exiting at McKnight Road, the car crashed on the shoulder.

Police spokesman Chris Nelson said an officer used a Taser stun gun to help apprehend the suspect, who had dropped to his knees but then stood up as if to run. A traffic-management camera recorded the arrest and appears to show an officer kicking the suspect after the Taser was used.

Harrington reviewed the videotapes and ordered an investigation into possible procedural and policy issues and use of excessive force after the Taser was deployed.

The names of the suspect and the officers involved were not released, and no disciplinary action has been taken so far.
Everyone responds to physical pain. Statistics show that most people don't respond to suspended jail sentences or probation. I'd submit that a chance of getting kicked in the teeth is much more likely to deter a car thief than 3 hot taxpayer-funded meals and cable TV could ever be.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The story that wasn't.

Radioblogger does some who/what/where/when/why reporting on the Associated Press' story that wasn't, where the author determines John Roberts unfit for the Supreme Court because he grew up in a white neighborhood. Generalissimo's dissection is remarkable, considering the diseased carcass of a story he was dealing with.

I'm calling the writer, Ashley Heher, unqualified to make an assessment on white males because she had no white men in her 2001 internship class. See here.

While growing up in a white neighborhood disqualifies you from being a Supreme Court Justice, not working around white straight males uniquely qualifies you for "J school." I'd even go so far as to say that Ashley has a face for radio.

Getting fit for a buckled jacket, tinfoil hat and padded room.

Cindy Sheehan is a danger to herself:
"We are not waging a war on terror in this country. We’re waging a war of terror. The biggest terrorist in the world is George W. Bush!"

So declared Cindy Sheehan earlier this year during a rally at San Francisco State University.

Sheehan, who is demanding a second meeting with Bush, stated: "We are waging a nuclear war in Iraq right now. That country is contaminated. It will be contaminated for practically eternity now."
Sheehan unleashed a foul-mouth tirade on April 27, 2005:
"They’re a bunch of fucking hypocrites! And we need to, we just need to rise up..." Sheehan said of the Bush administration.

"If George Bush believes his rhetoric and his bullshit, that this is a war for freedom and democracy, that he is spreading freedom and democracy, does he think every person he kills makes Iraq more free?"

"The whole world is damaged. Our humanity is damaged. If he thinks that it’s so important for Iraq to have a U.S.-imposed sense of freedom and democracy, then he needs to sign up his two little party-animal girls. They need to go to this war."

"We want our country back and, if we have to impeach everybody from George Bush down to the person who picks up dog shit in Washington, we will impeach all those people."
I wasn't aware that we were using nuclear weapons in Iraq. This should come as quite a surprise to the 35 million Iraqi's and 138,000 US troops who aren't dying of radiation sickness and a few thousand journalists who'd eat their photographer if it meant scooping a story about the US going nuclear.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

RIMJOB's in Bangladesh.

Froggy Ruminations officially put my irreverent acronym, Radical Islamists Making Jihad On Britain, on the map.

Today, a new species has been discovered, the Radical Islamists Making Jihad On Bangladesh:
DHAKA, Bangladesh -- More than 100 homemade bombs planted by suspected Islamic militants exploded nearly simultaneously across Bangladesh on Wednesday, killing two people, including a young boy, and wounding at least 125.

About 50 people were arrested, a state-run news agency reported. There was no claim of responsibility, but leaflets from a banned group seeking the imposition of Islamic law were found at many scenes.

"There should not be any other laws except Allah's in a Muslim country. But it's a pity that in Bangladesh, where about 90 percent are Muslims, Allah's rules are not implemented," said the leaflets, which were written in Bengali and Arabic.
The leaflets, allegedly copied at a Kinko's in Abiline, Texas, warned of continued terrorism if the US and Britain didn't get out of Iraq, if the Cubs didn't win a world championship this year, if Coca-Cola didn't bring back New Coke, if Air America doesn't admit to evidence they stole from old people and sick kids and if Bill Clinton didn't come clean with what he knew and when he knew it.

US soldier gives photographer a proper salute.

Blackfive posted the below photo of an American soldier giving the Associated Press photographer/reporter the perfect amount of respect:

It's worse than I thought.

UPDATE: BOLO - fleeing driver with a neck bigger than his head.

The Strib has more on yesterday's chase:
The call from the OnStar tracking system about the stolen sport utility vehicle reached Roseville police at 3:02 p.m. Monday. Five minutes later, officers spotted the red SUV and gave chase.

Within 90 seconds, Sandra Kay Baxter was dead.

The woman's death, at least the sixth fatality this year in the Twin Cities area caused by someone fleeing police, has renewed the debate about when authorities should pursue suspects.
A couple of our nation's finest, one who has a great blog here, were generous enough to leave their first-hand knowledge in response to this story, to comment on car chases and some of the limitations the police have in apprehending fleeing fleas. Thank you, gentlemen, for your service and your thoughts.

I was a little angry yesterday, and I'm about an inch away from finding the nearest lawyer and kicking him in the bag. What does it say about the state of criminal apprehension when the police's justified fear of lawyers has to be a stronger consideration than arresting a criminal who's got nothing to lose? Let's not assess when or when not to pursue, let's address what we should do to those being pursued.

When an already tough day at the office turns into a high-speed chase, they have to make a decision. Pursue, in the unlikely chance the chase ends with the fleeing driver putting the vehicle in park, taking a big risk the fleeing driver will kill someone. Upholding their oath to protect and serve, a pursuing officer who's suspect is individually guilty of killing someone will incur the unsightly consequence of having a plaintiff's attorney wedged up his a$$ for an extended period, all for the capital offense of doing the right thing.

Criminals kill innocent people and who get's blamed and extorted? The police. That's like blaming a fireman when an arsonist's fire burned down a collateral building.

It's not hyperbole to say that we have more to fear from lawyers than we do terrorists. My chances of getting sued are astronomically better than getting killed by a terrorist, and getting blown up would be much more pleasant.

As of yesterday, Hillary has no chance.

Ouch, ouch, ouch. President Clinton was warned about al-Qaeda in 1996 but made a conscious effort not to pursue him, along with other very damaging revelations about the Clinton Administration's approach to Islamists.

Run Hillary run. We dare you.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Can the police start shooting them yet?

Another innocent person has died because another low-life was evading the consequence for stealing a car:
A stolen sport-utility vehicle being pursued by police officers crashed head-on with a car Monday afternoon in Arden Hills, killing the car's driver and seriously injuring the driver of the SUV.
This is at least the 3rd time in as many months that some disadvantaged person car thief has killed an innocent person going about their privileged life of having bought their car.

Someone's mother or wife isn't coming home tonight because she made the mistake of running errands at 3.30pm on a gorgeous Minnesota day. While probably commenting to herself about the glorious beauty, some #*%$i^& a$$hole splatters her brains on the road when discharged the 5000 pound weapon he was driving.

I'll ask again. When will the police begin shooting at fleeing thieves? How many of them will (hopefully) die before it becomes obvious that grand theft auto and felony evasion will land you in a body bag?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Your son would be ashamed.

I've been giving Ms. Sheehan, who lost her son in Iraq and has camped out at Bush's ranch in Crawford, the benefit of the doubt. Grief can do strange things to people. But I think it mainly enhances what was already there. My charity for Ms. Sheehan ended today.

Along with the rest of her family, I apparently think more of her son's sacrifice than Ms. Sheehan.

Ms. Sheehan was originally impressed with President Bush's disposition and treatment of her when they met. But now that she's stirred the anti-war left, she's made Crawford, Texas the official world capitol of the Hate America/Israel front and the media has gleefully elected her president. She either hated America before the war in Iraq, or she's realized that you get more camera time when you dribble terror talking-points:
"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism," Sheehan declares.
Ms. Sheehan, I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry that you're willing to embarrass yourself and your son's memory by incorrectly and inappropriately sourcing terror at Israel's existence. I'm sorry you won't be paying your taxes anymore and your arrogance in assuming that military families across the country don't need the well-deserved, albeit stingy, income and benefits.

Ms. Sheehan, I'm sure your son loved you very much, in spite of yourself.

Froggy gets it. So does Michelle.

Pay day for terror.

Because the "Palestinians" have been such well-behaved models of peaceful coexistence, Ariel Sharon's Israel today begins rewarding Hamas for blowing up schoolkids:
NEVE DEKALIM, Gaza Strip - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said in a televised speech Monday that the Gaza pullout is a painful step, both for the nation and for himself, but that it is essential for Israel's future.
Maybe every nation's leader has his breaking point, where somehow you can convince yourself that maybe, just maybe, THIS TIME Palestinian promises aren't spoken in disappearing ink and you pray that enough humanity resides in your mortal, eternal enemy that MAYBE NOW they'll back down from hundreds of years of breeding the next generation of would-be genocidal murderers.

This won't be that day.

You're better off trusting a crack-head with your wallet than you are trusting that today's pullout will get you anything more than more body bags. After all, they breed the little demons by the thousands:

Today, settlements. Tomorrow, Jerusalem. The day after, Earth.

Why not? Today is terrorism's biggest payday.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Now we know what Sandy Berger had up his pants.

Remember when Clinton's former National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, was caught with hyper-classified documents stuffed in his pants after he made a curious trip to the national archives? This was about the time the Kangaroo Court, otherwise known as the 9/11 Commission, was trying to figure out just how we were attacked on 9/11. They conducted hearings with straight faces, ignoring that one of the commission members (another Clinton appointee) was the reason intelligence agencies were prohibited from sharing information.

Wouldn't it be an awfully big story if prior to 9/11 the US military had identified two of the 9/11 hi-jackers, but was unable to pass the info along because someone in the Clinton administration had a problem allowing inter-agency cooperation? Wouldn't it be a big story if the 9/11 Commission intentionally left this juicy bit out of their useless final report and then lied about having knowledge of it? Wouldn't it be a big story if a person who formerly held Coni Rice's current position as National Security Advisor was caught stealing classified national security documents around the time the 9/11 Commission was told about the dangers of two would-be hi-jackers, giving the appearance he was trying to help cover up what the Clinton administration knew and when they knew it?

It would all be a very big story, if implicated any Republicans.

Catch up on the happenings at Captain's Quarters and Michelle Malkin.

You don't have to be bright to be a Moss fan.

Some boner spray-painted "Moss is boss" and the number 81 (Randy's number was actually 84) on the Viking's newly re-finished boat in front of their training facility at Winter Park in Eden Prairie.

My office is about a 4-iron (225 yards) away from Winter Park and I happened past the boat yesterday and meant to snap a photo with my picture phone on the way back from a closing, but it had already been covered with a fresh coat of paint.

I don't necessarily like the Vikings and I think even less of Randy Moss. I would, however like to help authorities locate the vandal.

I'd suggest police begin looking for a doctor with gold paint on his clothing or hands, because the penmanship was atrocious.

Liberal Utopia.

The Washington Times reports that Detroit is the most liberal US city.

As the most liberal city in the US, we can use Detroit as a realistic, long-term case-study on the success of liberal values. One could imagine that liberalism having dominion over Detroit for decades, it can serve as an example of what a national liberal "utopia" would look like, white liberals governing with condescension over a mainly minority population.

Let's examine some of Detroit's finer amenities, versus that national average:
- You're seven times more likely to find yourself murdered in Detroit.

- A your mother or sister has more than twice the chance of getting raped.

- Your home or business is more than twice as likely to get burglarized.

- If you've ever wanted to get assaulted, visit Detroit. You've got a better chance in a city with four times the national average.

- Should you ever decide to donate your car to a thief, park it in Detroit. You're five times as likely to return to an empty parking spot.

- General thievery is about twice as common in Detroit.

- Detroit really likes to burn things.
Sound like a place you'd want to retire to? Vacation there?

I think Detroit needs regime change. You're more likely to get killed there than you are in Iraq. A certain TV personality would look at the astonishing failure of liberalism's best shot at utopia and ask, "How's that working for ya?"

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"Equal Opportunity" gets another good person killed.

If you were a hard-up woman looking for some lovin', where's the best place to get a job? Sounds like it's at a maximum security prison. On the heels of the death of a half-dozen when an Atlanta rape defendant over-powered a 50 year-old grandma in the courtroom, we get the following argument against equal-opportunity employment.

Thanks to the efforts of people who don't think we have enough women employed in areas that require them to work in the midst of violent felons, another corrections officer has been killed because a max security prison just HAD to be infused with some estrogen.
KINGSTON, Tenn. — Authorities continued their search Wednesday for a convicted robber George Hyatte (search) and his wife, who officials say shot and killed a corrections officer outside a Tennessee courthouse the day before.

Hyatte, a maximum security prisoner, was headed back to prison from a court appearance Tuesday in handcuffs and shackles when his wife, Jennifer Hyatte (search), drove up and fired at the two corrections officers escorting her husband, Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam told FOX News.

His wife is a 31-year-old nurse who had been fired from her job at a prison in Tiptonville after it was suspected she was having a relationship with Hyatte, Corrections Department spokeswoman Amanda Sluss said.
Exactly how many skanks are employed in US maximum security prisons? What, exactly, is draw to become a female corrections officer unless you're a flaming lesbian who's life obsession is to finally reign over a man, unless you're on the receiving end of the occasional cavity search?

Thank you feminist lobby for making life more dangerous for all of us.

Get your hands off my gas tank!

I set a new record last night. I figured out a way to stuff $65 in my gas tank, which really sucks because I had to earn $120 to drive the 325 miles the 27 gallons will take me.

Aren't we fighting a war over oil right now? Why aren't we getting any? I'm close to e-mailing a couple buddies in Iraq to see if they can Fed Ex me a barrel or two.

Didn't we just pass an energy bill? Is there a great reason, other than the sliver of the population with questionable personal hygiene who oppose drilling a few holes in BFE because it may displace some caribou to one of the other millions of acres in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge?

Exactly why is my gas tank being held hostage by a few dozen people who bike to their job at the coffee shop or tattoo parlor, who happen to have some willing accomplices in the law and lobbying profession?

Hey liberals, get your hands off my gas tank!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Back in 36 hours.

I'm out of town celebrating Tony Blair's outrageous stroke of common sense. See you Monday.

Monday, August 01, 2005

RIMJOB: Radical Islamists Making Jihad On Britain

Since 7/7, when the BBC began wielding their new policy of substituting "bomber" for "terrorist", "suicide attack", "muslim extremist" or "another young, middle-eastern male, citizen or not, taking advantage of multiculturalism's failure by worshiping the liberal 'moral value' of tolerance at the cost of our safety", I decided something had to be done.

Acronyms are fun, especially when that acronym is actually a word or phrase that in itself, happens to express the appropriate level of reverence the extended definition the acronym deserves. From here forward, the Spanktuary and I'm sure the Spanktuary only, will refer to each UK terrorist as a RIMJOB.

Radical Islamists Making Jihad On Britain. For example, these guys are RIMJOB's.

The RIMJOB who campaigned to get his local imam fired for being too moderate? He was arrested in connection with the 7/21 attempt. He's as good a campaigner as he is RIMJOB.

There will be no shortage of opportunities to document their stories, as Britain has about 100,000 RIMJOB's in waiting.

My spell-checker is now trained and you are thoroughly disgusted. I absolve myself of all responsibility. They're the Radical Islamists Making Jihad On Britain. I just pointed out the obvious.

One Percenters.

I keep getting awfully close to feeling like I have to apologize for not writing anything for a few days, when I just saunter past at midnight and fling something tacky at the wall just to see what will stick.

1% of me thinks that those of you who swing by for a visit and are greeted with a week-old post, are wishing with fingers crossed that something special is brewing, and if only you check back a couple times during the day, surely you can get a fresh steamy helping of something that you don't usually associate with "fresh" and "steamy." You slam your left-click on the Spanktuary link in your favorites, hoping that if there isn't something new of value to spend your valuable currency called time, at least I've taken note of the telepathic tantrum and may try a little harder tomorrow to satisfy your fix with something that you just can't buy in one of those mega blog-marts. You swear for three tomorrow's that if something doesn't change tomorrow, you'll get my manager and demand an apology. I manage me, with varying degrees of success. And my apologies? I'm all out. That's why God made girlfriends.

The other 99% of me knows that you swing by out of sympathy, kind of like that tip jar at Starbucks. You know I don't really deserve it, but somewhere inside you feel like you may get the good stuff when the karma cart comes by next time.

Whatever your reason, thanks. Especially you One Percenters.

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