Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Will someone start offing convicted sex offenders, please?

Shasta and Dylan Groene were kidnapped 6 weeks ago from their mother's home, where her body and that of her boyfriend were found brutally bludgeoned to death.

On Saturday morning, I caught the live reports that Shasta Groene had been found. FOX News talked live to her grandmother who reported that Dylan had also been found when, sadly, he hadn't. The man Shasta was with is registered a level 3 sex offender in Minnesota.

Daily, people are disappearing, getting assaulted or being killed by animals who have already been convicted of violent sexual crimes. I'm even more incensed when the excrement caught for a violent crime is not only a registered sex offender, but an illegal alien registered sex offender.

Level 3 sex offenders, the most likely of the 3-tier slime family to re-offend, haven't been properly punished for their crimes, evidenced in their ability to breathe.

When will someone start disappearing them? Who will notice or care? Afterall, we know where many of them live and we know what they look like. Courtroom justice isn't cutting it. Street justice would be a much more compelling deterrent when repeat sex offenders start turning up lifeless. I wonder how long it will take for Americans to start taking the law into their own hands. I hope it happens soon.

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