Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What does the capture of 5 Americans in Iraq mean?

Michelle Malkin mentions the 5 Americans detained in Iraq for "being engaged in suspicious activities", having knowledge of terror activities and possible involvement in kidnapping.

What does this mean?

Thankfully, it means that Iraq has become a magnet for terrorists. It means that Iraq is indeed the center of the Global War On (Islamic) Terror. It means that a Texas cowboy is smarter than college professors, Senate Democrats, newspaper editors and professional war protesters combined.

It means that service to Allah trumps service in the United States Navy. It means that terrorists see more to be gained by making bombs in Mosul than blowing up shopping malls in Malibu. It means that the war in Iraq is as important as the Democrats say it isn't. It means that if naturalized Americans with jihadi tendencies will go through the trouble of constructing a cover, fly a few thousand miles to dodge bullets and bombs, then we did exactly the right thing by going to Iraq.

The stakes are high in Iraq. These 5 men prove it.

For them to abandon the safety and popularity of LA's "understanding and therapy" crowd for the dangerous endeavor of fighting the US military says all you need to know about whether or not this war was the right thing.

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