Thursday, July 14, 2005

We're breeding something alright.

From the Washington Post:
Osama bin Laden's standing has dropped significantly in some key Muslim countries, while support for suicide bombings and other acts of violence has "declined dramatically," according to a new survey released today.

In a striking finding, predominantly Muslim populations in a sampling of six North African, Middle East and Asian countries also shared to "a considerable degree" Western nations' concerns about Islamic extremism, the survey found. Many in those Muslim nations see it as threat to their own country, the poll found.

"Most Muslim publics are expressing less support for terrorism than in the past. Confidence in Osama bin Laden has declined markedly in some countries, and fewer believe suicide bombings that target civilians are justified in the defense of Islam," concluded the Pew Global Attitudes Project.

Compared with previous surveys, the new poll also found growing majorities or pluralities of Muslims surveyed now say democracy can work in their countries and is not just a political system for the West. Support for democracy was in the 80 percent range in Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco; in Pakistan and Turkey, where significant numbers of respondents were unsure, it rated 43 percent and 48 percent respectively.
The world likes winners. bin Laden v. America under presidents prior to Bush II had Muslims of the world taking odds on America and submitting to then's reality that their prospects for democracy were dim.

With freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan learning the left, left, left right left, and seeing their neighbors enjoying a democracy evolve from decades of despair, former reluctant bin Laden followers are betting on the will of the US over the will and ability of bin Laden to weather a hundred thousand US soldiers.

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