Thursday, July 28, 2005

I assure you she's not serious.

The left has gotten a little fussy as of late, having recognized Hillary's "move" to the center:
Hillary Clinton has drawn a sharp rebuke from the left after giving a speech urging Democratic Party solidarity - a move seen by many as a sell-out of the party's liberal wing.

The senator from New York unexpectedly found herself under attack for her speech at the centrist Democratic Leadership Council's annual convention in Columbus, Ohio, in which she called for a truce among the party's quarreling factions, and for accepting the leadership of a DLC-sponsored effort to develop a new policy agenda for the party.

Democratic agent Harold Ickes has had to rush out to assure the left that she really doesn't mean it:
But supporters dismiss such criticism, saying her relationship with the DLC should not concern Democratic activists on the left. They say those on the far left should pay more attention to her voting record, which has earned her a near-perfect 95 percent approval score from the liberal Americans for Democratic Action.

"It's much more important to look at what she does and how she votes, and not that she has associated herself with the DLC," said Harold Ickes, who was deputy chief of staff in the Clinton White House and is now one of Mrs. Clinton's top campaign advisers.
Leave it to the left to miss the point of their Ice Queen's move to the middle: secure 'moderate' votes with centrist-soothing speeches she'll she'll be AWOL from when it comes time to follow through.

Read the following sign a couple different ways. When you land on the interpretation that describes the child, you've got yourself a description of the left's ability to interpret politics:

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