Thursday, July 07, 2005

Dear al-Qaeda:

You will not win. Allow me to repeat. You will not win.

You will not make me feel guilty for standing against you on a day that you kill friends I've never met in Britain. You've proven Britain's incomparable value in the war against you and you've cemented their resolve in your attack today. Your statement has confirmed that Iraq and Afghanistan are equally important theatres in defeating militant Islam and that our efforts have been met with tremendous success. Your desperation is evident and it brings me great pride.

Your comrades on the Left will surely use your artificial Iraq/Afghanistan excuse in an attempt to discredit our winning campaign against you, but they will not be succeed. They will not shame me for standing up to you. They will not make me feel guilty that your tentacles flail while we have our sqeezing hands firmly planted around your throat. They will not make me feel guilty that some of your bombs explode while we bury you in droves and scare you into the shadows. The remaining life you have is fleeting.

Anyone not on the Left understands there isn't a violation the US or Britain has ever perpetrated that justifies flying civilian planes into civilian buildings and your claims to the contrary prove your futility. We see through your false justification because there is no justification for the barbarism of exploding bombs on busses and trains. There is no justification for decapitation of humanitarian workers. There is no justification for destroying life in Britain, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Australia or America.

We understand you and the real reasons you want us dead. Among them:

We allow women to drive cars. We listen to music. We don't flog people for committing adultery. We don't amputate hands of thieves. We don't kill in the name of a god. We don't stone our sisters or wives to death if they've been raped and we don't pour acid on them while they sleep if they've been seen talking with a man. We don't grow our beards just to try to feel masculine. We don't wipe our ass with our hand. We haven't been fooled by a little book that tells us Muhammad was more than a pedofile who advocated violence.

You will never conquer this world and we will never submit to you. We didn't ask for this fight, but Britain and America are lead by men very willing and extremely capable of fighting it.

Victory will never be yours to claim. Ever.

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