Thursday, June 30, 2005

We're raising patriots.

While the media and Senate Democrats were having some marked effectiveness on decreasing military enlistment with their crap-talk on the war and US military, we find out that the call of duty is louder than talk of defeat:
PENTAGON After months of declining enlistment, the Army has more than met its recruitment goals for the month of June.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Richard Myers announced the turnaround during a "town hall" meeting this afternoon at the Pentagon.

Myers did not provide numbers, nor did he indicate how far above the recruitment target the enlistment number is.

Going into the month of June, the Army had failed to meet its recruitment goals for four consecutive months. Officials blame a strong economy and the continuing carnage in Iraq.

Just last night, during his speech on the situation in Iraq, President Bush urged Americans to consider joining one of the service branches during this time of war.

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