Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Just how much of it do we need?

The state of Minnesota is about to prove just how little government we can do without. A "government shut-down" is half an earth's rotation away as legislators failed to agree on an '06-07 budget. State Democrats are demanding the passage of fines on productive individuals and businesses, code-named "taxes", instead of limiting their use of the state checkbook that I help pack with cash. DFLers want to confiscate $1.4 billion more than the state's already 4th highest-taxed citizenry.

Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty is correctly opposing these fines on the most productive 40,000 Minnesotans and he's willing to prove to the country just how irrelevant most of government is by not accepting a bad budget.

What kinds of non-essential services can we expect to lose? Rest areas. Well, that's what gas stations are for. Driver's License Bureaus. Driving is a privilege, not a right. State parks will close. Try South Dakota or camp in your backyard.

State-funded nursing homes will remain open. The State Patrol will still be out in full force. Wellfare recipients will still get paid. Colleges, courts and the legislature will still be spending my money because they're "essential", too.

Although I don't quite define this is a catastrophe, local newspaper editors and TV personalities are probably stocking water and unperishable food items, sure that Spielberg was prescient with the release of War of the Worlds this weekend. Add some aliens (we've got plenty of illegal ones) and this weekend may just be our last.

Those of us who don't count on government for guidance will likely survive this shut-down without cannibalizing each other. Will all the liberals survive?

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