Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Giving the Liberals too much credit.

I think many in the blogosphere have been giving liberals too much credit. Many conservatives flagrantly give the benefit of the doubt to organizations and politicians who are so obviously working intentionally against the interests of the United States, many of them conjuring imagined American horrors, peddling it for free to willing accomplices in the media who then re-sell it to the American people as a genuine news story.

Much has been said about Dick Durbin, Double D, the Senate's biggest boob, for calling, not "comparing" or "likening" US soldiers to Nazi's, Soviets and Pol Pot. But, none of what I've read or heard has been willing to call Durbin or what his remarks represent what they or he really is.

Dick Durbin isn't dumb. If he were, he'd be a Libertarian. He isn't misguided, confused or naive. He's making calculated moves and statements with full awareness of who his comments help and hurt. Dick Durbin and the Star Tribune's editorial page, who called Gitmo a "hell-hole", know exactly what they're doing. While generous conservatives are willing to see the Left's aid and comfort to the enemy as accidental, I see it for what it is: An intentional wounding of America's moral authority and position of strength for the purposes of losing the war on terrorism. Over-reacting? No.

Why would they do this the United States? Was it all the drugs liberals did in the 60's? Is it the advanced stages of untreated syphilis from the (protection) free love? I find it strange liberals are so stuck on "withdrawal" when their parents have proven it such an ineffective method of birth control. Liberals should be thanking their lucky stars if they were born after Roe v. Wade, having a birthday at all should be cause for celebration.

Democrats resent Republicans because Republicans haven't ever lost a war they started and Democrats are committed to handing the Republicans the kind of defeat that uniquely stains the Democrats and perpetuates their self-hate: Vietnam. I've never loathed myself enough to wish a destructive self-fulfilling prophecy on someone else, but then I'm not a liberal Democrat. Even the wars Democrats did start after Vietnam weren't winners. Bill Clinton attacked Bosnia with the same determination he attacked monogomy. Last I checked, liberals weren't calling for a Bosnian "exit strategy."

No American citizen with American success in mind can seriously compare over or under-active air conditioners to gas chambers and genocide. Those kind of comparisons aren't "irresponsible" or "unproductive", they're treasonous. I'll spare your the "can you imagine if a Senator would have said this about the military in WWII" talk, because decaying Republican strength despite winning majorities in the Senate and House are too afraid of doing what has to be done to charge a Senator with what is clearly aid, support, PR, excuse, validation and assistance to our Islamist enemies through seditious remarks - known to be untrue. Mine isn't hyperbole or over-reaction.

Liberals know exactly the effect they're having on the Global War on Islamic Terror. They're generous enough to ambush microphones on the Senate floor or invade our televisiond to give a new round of soundbites and propaganda for al-Jazeera to plant next to beheadings on their website. Our elected class of Americans artificially validate Muslim hostility to America by charging guilt where none exists. We vote for them and they actively work against our best interests.

This isn't cause for depression. Liberals have enough of that for all of us. We should celebrate the freedom of speech that liberals use to pop out of their foxhole to fire a couple shots, revealing their position so figurative snipers can grease them with 50 cals of truth. Just as the Iraq war has made clear our foreign allies and enemies, so too has it made clear the United States domestic allies and enemies. Many of our domestic enemies are mercenaries with effervescent sounding names like American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International and, they are more dangerous than terrorists in the Middle East, these organizations operate without impunity within our borders and work to achieve the same ends through different means.

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