Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Exploiting 9/11

In last night's prime-time reminder why the liberal response to 9/11 would have been suicidal for the United States, President Bush mentioned "9/11" or a variation thereof more than six times.

It wasn't until the Democratic critiques that 9/11 got exploited for perceived political gain. Nancy Pelosi, recently having beat out Michael Jackson as America's most surgically enhanced white woman, expressed contempt for President Bush for refreshing Americans why liberals can never be trusted with national security.

Angry that reminders of liberal limp-wristedness to terror attacks on America before 9/11 and the refusal of two Clinton administrations to accept the invitation of bin Laden's head are brought to memory when September 11th is mentioned, Nancy Pelosi exploited the memory of 9/11 victims by not allowing us to be reminded of them.

Nancy proposed a 9/11 Tax in order to curb use of the term. Because 9/11 is a reminder of everything that is wrong with liberals, Nancy and Ted Kennedy are co-sponsoring a bill that will tax anyone who says, thinks or writes 9/11, as doing so is disgracing the Democratic party.

They're even considering a provision that would change the nationally-known emergency phone number, so that emergency callers don't risk accidental taxing.

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