Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Translating the Star Tribune

Star Tribune editorials are generally written in a sophisticated youthful tone, unbound to prudential protocol. Translation: Written by 5 year-olds with a thesaurus and no relationship to common sense.

The entire editorial is here. A few paragraphs before wash their words off my eyeballs. For a graph by graph rebut, check out Captain's Quarters or Michelle Malkin for the virus in the media.

Some thoughts before I wash the Strib's editorial off my eyeballs.

The Strib contends that the White House went "ballistic" over Newsweek's retracted statement. The Strib doesn't mention any adjective to describe mass rioting and murder of Islamists, for Islamists and by Islamists. They cite major newspapers "reporting" on testimony from Gitmo detainees captured on the battlefield as evidence for the Muslim world's justification to believe the flushing allegations. The Strib remains voluntarily oblivious to the terrorist training manual that instructs students to claim torture in order to score PR victories with the limp-wristed lollipops in the media. Pencils and laptops are no match for a non-story from an "anonymous source."

Newsweek's "anonymous source", I believe, clearly doesn't exist. The liberal media would crown a military whistle-blower their new queen, so if a "senior official" was willing to damage the military and risk exposure, why wouldn't they go on record and enjoy the media protection that would inevitably result from giving the scoop? Because the source doesn't exist or who's memory is more reliable for sabotage and not for remembering "where they actually saw" the internal report.

Editorial boards across the country are coming to the aid of their wounded comrades at Newsweek, as next year's Peabody Awards being the internally precious component to showing each other the unconditional love they aren't getting somewhere else, the focus has been on the Pentagon officials who knew nothing about such charges and therefore couldn't comment on their accuracy. In the world of agenda j, this is confirmation of the flimsy charges.

The Pentagon is thus getting the blame for not censuring the Newsweek's Periscope column, which may need to be re-named for not seeing what was above the water line from their wet, dark existence below the surface. The story didn't mention the Pentagon's very public policy on respecting the Koran.

Blaming the Pentagon for Newsweek's big mistake is like a 5 year-old getting caught stealing from the cookie jar and blaming the parents for not putting it up high enough. The only difference is that a 5 year-old will learn from the spanking.

The Strib and others make the obligatory reference to Abu Ghraib and prisoner-alleged abuse at Gitmo as the real cause of Muslim distrust of Americans and the resulting violence. I seem to remember the twin tower bombing, USS Cole bombing, embassy bombing, and 9/11 all happened before Abu Ghraib and Gitmo.

With no fear of bringing up their past mistakes, editorial boards across the nation use Newsweek to revive questions of President Bush's ANG service and apply the same "we believe it, it must be true" standard, implicitly admitting that both come from the same inbred, irresponsible, military-hating blood that thinly flows through their liberal veins.

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