Friday, May 06, 2005

This nuclear test brought to you by Clinton & Co.

Taking a break from gassing their gulag prisoners, North Korea will be spending the weekend preparing a nuclear test.
TOKYO -- Japan has information that North Korea may be preparing for a nuclear test, a Defense Agency official said Friday, less than a week after Pyongyang is believed to have tested a short-range missile off its eastern coast.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, refused to specify the information or its source.

The New York Times on Friday reported that the White House and Pentagon officials were examining satellite photographs that suggest North Korea is making rapid preparations for a nuclear test.
Clinton & Co.'s disgraceful legacy of appeasement conveniently dropped 9/11 in George Bush's lap and now North Korea may soon highlight another consequence of Carter and Clinton's forceless liberal foreign policy:
It was not George W. Bush's foreign policy -- which has liberated one nation from the tyranny of a madman craving WMDs -- that allowed North Korea to build nuclear weapons. The DPRK may have already possessed more than one such missile by the time he got into office in 2001. It was Bill Clinton's nonfeasance that bought Pyongyang almost ten years to pursue nuclear weapons development. Shortly after North Korea first announced its nuclear program, former president Jimmy Carter rushed to the workers paradise to conduct personal, unauthorized peace talks. As Bill Clinton attempted to play it tough in public, Carter promised North Korea's leaders that no military response would be forthcoming, a promise Clinton later felt duty-bound to keep. Thus did Clinton allow the weak-kneed former president to conduct a private foreign policy in his stead. Carter and Clinton drew up a massive transfer of wealth -- a bribe -- in return for North Korea's unverifiable promise to end its nuclear program. As part of the deal, the United States provided North Korea with light-water nuclear reactors, food, and fuel oil (some 10,000 metric tons of which was diverted to the Red Chinese Army).

Viewed from the present, Clinton's actions and rhetoric seem tragi-comic. Upon completing the "Agreed Framework" in 1994, Clinton stated, "This agreement will help achieve a vital and long-standing American objective: an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean peninsula." Bill Gertz described the terms of the Agreed Framework well: "The agreement gave the North Koreans ten years to dismantle their weapons program and five years to turn over the existing stockpile of plutonium." Instead, ten years later North Korea affirms what most world observers have long suspected: they have produced nuclear weapons. The only mystery is how many they have produced and how long they have had them in reserve.

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