Monday, May 16, 2005

Sash bash.

If you went to church wearing something that made it clear you were supporting a lifestyle that church teaches is sin, would you expect your defiance to be rewarded when the priest had declared it inappropriate? They do:
More than 150 members of the Rainbow Sash Alliance were sent away from communion empty-handed at the Cathedral of St. Paul on Pentecost Sunday.

Wearing rainbow-colored sashes, members of the group sought to take part in the eucharist to celebrate what they called the God-given sexuality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Catholics.

But instead of a communion wafer, each sash-wearing worshiper received a blessing from the priests conducting the mass. The worshipers returned to their seats and stood, cupped hands outstretched, for the remainder of the service.

Earlier this month, Archbishop Harry Flynn advised all parishes in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis to deny communion to anyone wearing a rainbow-colored sash.

"Pentecost is traditionally a celebration of the gifts of the spirit," McNeill said. "On this day when we celebrate the gifts of the spirit, it is appropriate to celebrate our sexuality. God made us this way."

Archdiocese spokesman Dennis McGrath said the church's denial of communion had nothing to do with sexuality. Had they removed their sashes, he said, the Rainbow Alliance worshipers would have been given communion along with the rest of the congregation.

"It's about using the most sacred and profound part of our faith as a protest," McGrath said. "The eucharist is not the Washington Monument, where you can stage a demonstration.

"We have no litmus test for communion," McGrath said. "It's very painful for the archbishop and very painful for the church to deny the sacraments, but they [the protesters] are setting the ground rules."
Imagine a PETA convention where they hand out little fuzzy buttons for being a good little PETAfile. If you strolled up to get your button while eating a corn dog, do you seriously think you'd get that week's fuzzy button?

If you're going to visually mock the clearly stated guidelines of any organization, church or not, don't expect to have your protest rewarded.

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