Monday, May 02, 2005

The next level.

Massive amounts of traffic is a good thing, if you're a retail store or a blog. In an effort to lure evermore eyeballs to my site, I've added a couple new features that will be sure to resemble a train wreck as I learn how to use them.

I've installed Haloscan's 'comments' and trackback option. If I understand it correctly, you'll be able to click on "trackback" at the end of my posts and travel to another blog's original post on a subject along with other blogger's 2 cents.

I'm using more experienced blogger's knowledge as curriculum for my distant-learning in advanced blogging. There isn't an official degree to acquire, so it'll look perfect next to the other degrees I don't have.

Thanks Mudville Gazette for the help. I know exactly enough at this point to be dangerous.

Should you decide you'd like to start your own blog or get suggestions to make your even more successful, I'd suggest you visit Mudville Gazette take his suggestions.

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