Thursday, May 05, 2005

New wine makes men's lives more difficult

Even women are sick of hangovers:
NAPA, Calif. - A winery took up the age-old question, What do women want, and came up with this answer: A lower-alcohol wine.

The new product, White Lie Early Season chardonnay, bucks the trend of “fruit bomb” wines that carry a hefty alcoholic punch. It clocks in at 9.8 percent alcohol compared to the 13 and 14 percent found in some vintages.

An all-woman research and development team worked on the wine, which is scheduled to start selling in major national markets in May for less than $10 a bottle.

The reason behind White Lie’s lower alcohol is that it’s made from grapes picked earlier, when sugar levels are lower.

“There were a bunch of us sitting around saying, You know what? We don’t need all that alcohol,” said Tracey Mason, director of global innovation for Beringer Blass.
Men across the country are mobilizing to boycott the lower-alcohol wine. They base their protests on years of informal studies which prove that higher female blood-alcohol levels make men taller, richer and more attractive. As a consolation, "I have a headache" will have less foundation in truth.

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