Thursday, May 05, 2005

The magnetism of the US armed forces.

Let's say you had an ant problem. Because your brain is bigger than your heart, you ignore the Compassionate Action Institute's request to relocate the colony of pests instead of killing it. With the world's health in the balance, you forgo an eviction notice because ants can't read and instead strategically place a insecticide-laced pan of honey across the street from your house, confident that you can count on the little ant's noses to lure them to their sweet demise.

The next day, passersby notice the honey pan's infestation and quip, "My goodness, what a mess of ants! They weren't here yesterday, not only must they be reproducing at an alarming rate, this pan is like a magnet. How irresponsible for someone to put this pan here!"

Upon your inspection of the pan, you proudly declare, "Wow. This really works. While all these ants are busy with this big diversion, my house hasn't had a single ant. With ants marching to their death from all over the neighborhood, I'm quite sure I'm killing ants I never knew existed. I knew I'd kill a bunch, but didn't know there were this many so willing to acquaint themselves with death."

Even the ants would agree that your strategy is effective, some may even send a letter to the Queen, highlighting how poor leadership has left their morale low and frustration high.

What works with ants works on a lower member on the food chain, terrorists. While the Left sees a problem with world terrorists looking for work in Iraq, the US Army has found capturing 84 terrorists in 2 days is much easier when you have honey:
BAGHDAD (Army News Service, May 3, 2005) – The Iraqi Army, police and U.S. Soldiers apprehended 84 suspected terrorists in 19 different combat operations conducted in and around Baghdad May 1 and 2.

The largest operation netted 40 terror suspects during raids carried out early in the morning May 2. Thirteen more suspected terrorists were captured in four other missions conducted Monday morning.

On May 1, Iraqi Security Forces and U.S. Soldiers conducted seven different missions and took 31 terror suspects into custody. The largest operation occurred after a terrorist fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a Task Force Baghdad patrol.

The Soldiers saw the gunner run down an alley and into a nearby mosque. U.S. Forces secured the area and Iraqi citizens on the scene identified the attacker. Iraqi police arrived at the site, entered the mosque and detained 18 suspects, including the attacker.

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