Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Islam sham.

Head of al-Qaeda's Iraq franchise, Abu Blabbity Blah Zarqawi may be having trouble breathing:
BAGHDAD, May 25 -- Insurgents said Wednesday in interviews and statements on the Internet that the leader of the group al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab Zarqawi, was struggling with a gunshot wound to the lung. One of Zarqawi's commanders said the Jordanian guerrilla was receiving oxygen, heightening suspicion that the groundwork was being laid for an announcement of his replacement or death.
This brings up a stunningly obvious question about how committed he really is to radical Islam. Frankly, I'm a little disappointed with his casual approach to terrorism.

Let's say you're an Allah freak. You go to mosque to pick up on the latest Great Satan gossip and you're a member of the al-Qaeda Toastmasters. You've memorized every word of the Quran by the time your voice started to crack and you prone yourself at the handful of required daily prayer times. You deny the Holocaust and believe the Jews were spawned by monkeys and pigs and don't deserve the privilege of breathing, to say nothing about their own independent state. You think women's ankles are considered "racy" and if you ever saw one behind the wheel of a car, you and your 'threatened' pals would crush her skull with the nearest boulders - very similar to treating her with an 'honor killing' if she desecrated your family's name by having the tenacity to get herself raped by another Muslim.

You define the Quaran's jihad not as the "inner struggle" apologists would have us believe, but as the "holy war" it really means. Your have "Death to America" tattooed on your ass, next to your mother's name. You believe Allah instructs you to kill infidels and dying while trying to convert the world will a martyr make you. Allah's reward for being a good little jihadi are couches adorned with jewels, the purest wine, your choice of fruit baskets and any of your desired fowl. Oh, and 72 dark-eyed virgins, too. Sounds pretty good, huh?

So why in the world would a committed jihadist run from death? Is there something alluring about dust and grime and a dirty left hand? Is there something I don't understand about darting from cave to cave, house to house trying not to die that is somehow more rewarding than the apparent "perfection" that awaits if you'd just walk yourself into a Marine's cross-hairs? Especially if we're to believe what the left tells us, that radical Muslims are a product of poverty, wouldn't rolling the eternal dice by strapping on a bomb vest and walking into a McDonald's be better than watching Jerry Springer all day while you wait for the unemployment check that will never come?

It's a sham. If you really believed that walking yourself off the edge of a cliff would immediately bring your individual idea of "heaven," would you waste away in a dusty village and rely on the American flag burning al-Jazeera protest for the day's excitement? No, you'd run not walk to the nearest cliff and fling yourself off that sucker. Granted, you'd be really really surprised where you found yourself when you woke up, but that's not the point. The point is, none of these fanatics are unselfish enough not to skip right to the reward. Why not paint a big red bulls-eye on yourself and yell "Allu Akbar" while you run towards a US military checkpoint?

You'll tell me that this generation of fanatics has to teach the next generation of
. I don't buy it. If the dying a martyr is the greatest thing a Muslim can do and the rewards are clear undeniable, wouldn't we have volumes more terrorist attacks from fanatic wing of the 1 billion world Muslims than the relatively small amount we have now?

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