Friday, May 06, 2005

Google applying for patent to rank news by 'quality' of source

Google has applied for a patent for a program that will rank news searches by the quality of the source.

This is a little more than concerning for a couple reasons. First is Google's political $463,000 in political contributions to Democratic candidates versus $5,000 for Republicans.

While this isn't that big a deal, LGF has examples here, here and here of Google's efforts to block conservative ads and searches for popular conservative blogs who were crucial depots of collective information that ultimately brought down CBS and Dan Rather's fake Bush ANG story/docs.

Another matter of consequence is Google's relationship with inventor the of the internet, Al Gore, and their cooperative effort to launch a new liberal TV channel.

Blogs have been instrumental in creating accountability for the journalistic sins of the MSM they would have otherwise gotten away with. In retaliation, the Left is making a run at labeling blogs unaccountable, fact-challenged and not 'quasi journalism' for not having the LA Times' 4 or 5 layers of editors who prove so effective in mucking up an original story and two correction columns, resulting in termination of the original journalist.

It isn't unreasonable to be concerned with how Google define 'quality of source' when Google is comprised of and has verifiable relationships with many people and organizations who see blogs as a form of free speech that needs to be muzzled. Liberal Senators are already considering legislation that to limit blog speech.

Powerline and LGF broke the CBS fake document story. While Google continualy refuses to consider them 'news sources', they had timely, accurate and crucial information that proved highly damaging to the Left. It isn't a stretch that a curious reader wouldn't have been able to find ongoing information on the ANG story had Google's new software been in use at the time. The communal information efforts that uncovered layer after layer may not have been able to search the internet. And that's Google's point. If the world's biggest search engine begins to run software that can effectively block specific search results, they'd have their hands on a very powerful device to stifle liberal-dissenting news.

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