Monday, April 04, 2005

San Fransico to charge for free speech.

Thanks LGF. Re-defining "progressive" on a daily basis, San Fransico is going to vote on how much to charge for free speech:
Just when you thought the Federal Election Commission had it out for the blogosphere, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors took it up a notch and announced yesterday that it will soon vote on a city ordinance that would require local bloggers to register with the city Ethics Commission and report all blog-related costs that exceed $1,000 in the aggregate.

Blogs that mention candidates for local office that receive more than 500 hits will be forced to pay a registration fee and will be subject to website traffic audits, according to Chad Jacobs, a San Francisco City Attorney.

The entire Board is set to vote on the measure on April 5th, 2005. I wonder if they’ll be forced to register their own blogs!
As blogs run the accountability department for much of the MSM, an Ethics Commission has evidently been designed to charge the bloggers who have them. As California goes...?

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