Friday, April 01, 2005

A pot, a kettle and the color black.

The MSM complains every third day that blogs have no editor, no fact checking and no accountability. The LA Times has ordered more editorial hits on blogs than the first two seasons of the Sopranos. Evidently, the editors at the LA Times don't live in glass houses or spend much time at the office.
FOR THE RECORD - Correction

Cal State Chico — An article in Tuesday's California section about hazing at Cal State Chico mistakenly said that a pledge to a fraternity at nearby Butte Community College died of alcohol poisoning. He did not die but was hospitalized. The article also said Chico has a population of 35,000; according to the city, the population is 71,317. In addition, University President Paul Zingg was quoted saying the school would shut down its Greek system if problems with hazing did not abate. Zingg made his comments to a group of 850 students and others, and his remarks were quoted in the local media. He did not speak with The Times. Also, although the article characterized the school as being well-known for its basketball program, its winning baseball program may be best known outside campus.
The only thing they got wrong was the beginning, middle and end.

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