Monday, April 25, 2005

Out-source the math to a local 5th grader.

Poynter Online has daily evidence of MSM failing the exacting standards they accuse bloggers of not meeting. In one episode today, the science of addition proved too much for the New Jersey Press Association:

We made a dreadful mistake regarding this year's General Excellence Award for daily papers over 60,000 in the editorial division of our annual NJPA Better Newspaper Contest.

Because of a mathematical error in calculating the points that determine
the General Excellence winner, we announced that The Star-Ledger was
this year's winner. Upon closer examination and re-checking, however, we determined a mistake had occurred and The Record (Bergen County, N.J.) garnered more points than The Star-Ledger and should have been awarded the General Excellence prize.

All of us at NJPA are saddened and embarrassed by this error. All NJPA
members should be assured that we have implemented procedures to ensure a similar mistake will never happen again.

We extend our sincerest apologies to all concerned.

John O'Brien
NJPA Executive Director
I'd suggest that to "ensure a similar mistake will never happen again," the NJPA employ a board of 5th graders to supplement the General Excellence Award committee's arithmetic. Busying themselves with fact-checking, the committee can't also be responsible for mind-twisting exercise of confirming the accuracy of mathematic problems involving a 2-digit sum.

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