Saturday, April 30, 2005

Cops and criminals.

When states don't allow their law-abiding taxpayers to legally carry guns, the only people packing are cops and criminals. Free of immediate consequences, this has a better chance of happening:
LOS ANGELES (AP) - A string of highway shootings since mid-March has left four people dead in Southern California and raised fears of a return to the bad old days of the 1980s, when the Los Angeles area gained a reputation for freeway gunplay.

Authorities have increased freeway patrols and considered installing recorders on roadside traffic cameras.

Five people have been shot in their cars in apparently unrelated - and definitely unsolved - attacks. In at least three cases, the shooters were in other cars.

Manny Padilla, a California Highway Patrol chief in Southern California, said the bloodshed may reflect frustration with gridlock.

"Driving behavior has changed tremendously with all the congestion here. That causes people to be extremely short-tempered and inconsiderate," he said. "The courtesy we used to extend often isn't there anymore."

Authorities said the overall number of shootings so far this year appears to about the same as in other recent years. But so many deaths in so short span have some motorists on edge.

In March, a 26-year-old engineer was fatally shot in the head along an Orange County freeway. Over the weeks that followed, two motorists, including a 47-year-old car salesman on his way to Bible study, were killed in separate shootings on the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles. A fourth motorist was gunned down on a Riverside County freeway east of Los Angeles on April 22. A fifth was wounded in Orange County on Sunday.

Friday, April 29, 2005

A serious problem needs a serious solution.

I like to write the most far-fetched fantasies on Fridays. Here's one:

Two innocent people died earlier this week when Minneapolis police gave chase to a vehicle that ran a stop sign, crushing two people against a tree and incinerating them on the spot. Last night something similar happened, but the innocents haven't died yet:
A driver fleeing police ran a stop sign and crashed his minivan into a fullsize van Thursday night in Columbia Heights. The larger van's two occupants were seriously injured; the minivan's driver was taken into custody.

Fridley police had attempted to make a traffic stop of the minivan around 9:30 p.m., authorities said. When the driver failed to pull over, police pursued him a short distance, then called off the chase.

A Columbia Heights officer spotted the vehicle and picked up the pursuit at Fourth Street and 41st Avenue, Anoka County officials said.

The driver fled north, running a stop sign at Fourth Street and 44th Avenue, where he collided with a van traveling west.

The occupants of that van, a male and a female, were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center with life-threatening injuries, authorities said.

Marc Demarais, the driver of the minivan was treated for minor injuries at Unity Hospital, then taken to the Anoka County jail. He was identified as Marc Demarais, 28, of Coon Rapids.
This makes me especially angry because it happened within 5 miles of my house. Most of these fleeing thugs are wanted for much more serious crimes than the traffic violation they're being pulled over for. At the very least, they're killing innocent people over a $50 ticket.

87% of me would like to see police given permission to use lethal force to end a car chase. The other 13% of me has obvious problems with the idea of police unholstering their sidearm and blasting a fleeing vehicle. But, just like in politics, majority rules in my mind, too.

It would only take a few news stories for even the dumbest criminals to recognize the consequences of fleeing when a few of them get riddled by a handful of .45 slugs. If the consequences of running were death, would you?

Connecticut knows the cost.

From FOX news:
Conn. Town Struggles With Illegal Immigrants
Thursday, April 28, 2005

DANBURY, Conn. — This middle-class New England suburb is nowhere near an international border but it still has the illegal immigration problems familiar to cities like San Diego and Tucson, Ariz.

Mayor Mark Boughton (search) blames the government for his town's inability to cope with 15,000 illegal immigrants, approximately 19 percent of the overall population.

"This is one community that has been incredibly stressed by failed federal policy and we need help," said Boughton.

Because the illegal residents aren't counted in the U.S. census, Danbury (search) doesn't receive any federal aid for them.

"In terms of our social services, this presents a tremendous strain, particularly on quality of life of our neighborhoods, our schools our health care system," Boughton said.

Residents complain the influx is killing property values. Homeowner Peter Gadiel said neighbors are fed up. "They're blue collar workers and their whole life savings is tied up in their house and they're seeing their neighborhood being destroyed."

The mayor says he wants state police officers to be deputized as federal immigration officers — giving them access to a federal database and helping them track illegal immigrants. But Connecticut's attorney general said Boughton needs the approval of the governor and others before that can happen.

Boughton has set up a task force to inspect neighborhoods that have received a lot of complaints about buildings housing illegal immigrants. In one home, the task force found 30 cots in the basement, each one being rented for $5 a night.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

That doesn't sound so peaceful!

In what must have been lost in the translation, a Saudi Sheik says it's Okey-dokey to kill Yankees:
“If someone knows that he is capable of entering Iraq in order to join the fight, and if his intention is to raise up the word of God, then he is free to do so,” says Sheik Saleh Al Luhaidan in Arabic on the October audiotape from a government mosque, obtained by NBC News.

While Luhaidan warns Iraq is risky because “evil satellites and drone aircraft” watch the borders, he stresses making the trip to fight Americans is religiously permissible.

“The lawfulness of his action is in fighting an enemy who is fighting Muslims and came for war,” says Luhaidan.

“This statement shows the real face of the Saudi government,” Saudi dissident Ali Al-Ahmed of the Washington-based Saudi Institute told NBC, noting Saudi officials, including Luhaidan, publicly oppose holy war in Iraq, but send a different message in private.

“He is telling Saudis it’s OK to go to Iraq and kill Americans and Iraqis and they won’t be punished for doing that,” says Al-Ahmed.

When a Saudi spokesman denied the authenticity of the tape, the network contacted Luhaidan himself in Saudi Arabia to play the tape.

“Yes, this is my voice,” the sheik confirmed in Arabic.
The sheik then broke into a melodic, "This is my finger, this is my thumb, this is my Koran, you better run."

While the Left continues to see a problem with the US fighting terrorists on Iraqi battlefield, the Saudis are doing us a favor by sending their best terrorists to Mosul instead of Minneapolis.

Coalition of Saddam's willing.

LGF reports new evidence why France and Germany disappointed so many Democrats by not giving 'legitimacy' to the Coalition of the Willing.

They were too busy making money from their illegal involvement with the Oil For Food program.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Except for the pipe bombs, human-sacrifice photos and stolen merchandise, it was pretty normal supermarket.

LGF points out a story that may set new minimal evidenciary standards before jumping to "terrorist cell" conclusions:
April 27, 2005 — Firefighters found more than 200 vehicle airbags believed to be stolen in the back room of a Brooklyn supermarket, where newspaper clippings about Osama bin Laden and beheadings in Iraq covered the walls, authorities said.

The firefighters from Ladder Co. 123 conducting a routine inspection, discovered the air bags — which sell for about $750 to $1,000 each — at the Superior Food Market at 1503 St. John’s Place in Crown Heights. Firefighters notified cops, and the FBI-NYPD joint terrorist task force was called in to search the building.

Authorities, however, did not believe they had stumbled onto a terrorist cell, even though the room contained some materials that could be used to fashion pipe bombs, sources said.

A few people were taken into custody, but police were waiting for the results of another search before deciding if they’d be charged.

Audeh Hamdan of Brooklyn owns the three-story building, which has 11 outstanding code violations on file with the city, records show. Hamdan, 53, of Brooklyn, served jail time in the late 1970s and early 1980s for arson, reckless endangerment, weapons possession and conspiracy, according to the records. He could not be reached for comment.
$200,000 in stolen merchandise, pictures of the world's most wanted/loved terrorist and a modest collection of pipe bombs. I'm sure the "authorities" are quick to rule out "terror cell" becuase those arrested are Rotary members.

Shooting the President?

Thanks Morgan, for the e-mail.

Drudge has the exclusive on an investigation of Air America, the Liberal 'talk radio' station who's audience isn't quite as big as the Carribbean music format they replaced.

An on-air 'personality' who's casual relationship with mental stability has been videotaped for an HBO special, may be expecting a visit from the Secret Service:


The red-hot rhetoric over Social Security on liberal talkradio network AIR AMERICA has caught the attention of the Secret Service, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Government officials are reviewing a skit which aired on the network Monday evening -- a skit featuring an apparent gunshot warning to the president!

The announcer: "A spoiled child is telling us our Social Security isn't safe anymore, so he is going to fix it for us. Well, here's your answer, you ungrateful whelp: [audio sound of 4 gunshots being fired.] Just try it, you little bastard. [audio of gun being cocked]."

The audio production at the center of the controversy aired during opening minutes of The Randi Rhodes Show.

"What is with all the killing?" Rhodes said, laughing, after the clip aired.

"Even joking about shooting the president is a crime, let alone doing it on national radio... we are taking this very seriously," a government source explained.
In Air America land, Saddam would be President of Iraq and George Bush would be dead. Zoloft must be better than I've heard.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Excuse me, is that a stick in your eye?

We had a saying in racing that "There are losers and there are cheaters." In a perfect world, you could be competitive by following the rules. On earth, leveling the playing field requires a creative interpretation of the rules, some unwritten, that establish an understanding that if you file a complaint on my racing fuel, you can be sure the race officials will find out about your extra-special tires. Mutually assured destruction.

It's not a good idea to challenge the creativity of a competitor unless you wear a durable halo and propel yourself with wings. Tattling on another competitor out of spite for your loss leaves your popularity somewhere between a hangnail and a hemorrhoid and people avoided you like both. Ask Jose Canseco.

The Democrats have gotten themselves in just that type of pickle, that no ointment or bandaid can remedy. Maybe surgery. Having challenged Tom DeLay's travel habits and who paid for them, ethics panel discussions are having an amazing effect on the memory of other Senators, some who are DeLay's biggest critics:
Members of Congress are rushing to amend their travel and campaign records, fearing that the controversy over House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will trigger an ethics war that will bring greater scrutiny to their own travel and official activities.

Some offices have sharply limited staff travel, and some members are not traveling at all because of the intense review they believe they will face in coming months.

Lawmakers are paying old restaurant bills, filing missing forms and correcting erroneous ones as journalists and political opponents comb through records and DeLay (R-Tex.) attempts to answer questions about travel financing and his past relationships with lobbyists.

Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) wrote to the Federal Election Commission on April 15 to report that he had discovered that the Washington restaurant Signatures had not charged his credit card -- as he said he had directed -- for a 2003 fundraiser for 16 people that cost $1,846. The event was hosted by Jack Abramoff, a lobbyist and part-owner of the restaurant who is now under congressional and criminal investigation for his handling of millions of dollars in fees from Indian tribes. Abramoff was not at the event.

"I never thought about this event again until it was brought to my attention very recently that no payment or reimbursement for the event has ever appeared on our FEC report," Vitter wrote. He wrote to Signatures at the same time, directing the management to "charge my credit card today."

‘I apologize’

In another case, an aide to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had not reported a 2004 trip to South Korea until a Washington Post reporter asked her office about it. Eddie Charmaine Manansala, Pelosi's special assistant on East Asian affairs, filed a disclosure form for the $9,087 trip a few hours after the newspaper's inquiry and sent a note to the ethics committee saying, "I did not know I was supposed to file these forms and I apologize for its lateness."

Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii) even asked the ethics committee to investigate him after a reporter for the newspaper Roll Call pointed out that a travel disclosure form from 2001 listed the lobbying firm Rooney Group International as paying for a $1,782 trip to Boston, which would be a violation of House rules.

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) warned on Sean Hannity's radio show last week that there are "four or five cases out there dealing with top-level Democrats," whom he did not name.

The threats and maneuvering mark the end of an ethics truce that has existed between the parties since the battles that led to the downfall of House speakers Jim Wright (D-Tex.) in 1989 and Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) in 1998. Since then, the parties have largely refrained from filing charges against each other out of a calculation that they both lose in such contests.
Democrats must have seen some kind of advantage in singling out Tom DeLay. Call me dense for not seeing the brilliance of getting into battle of trains, planes and automobiles by dragging through the mud a man most of the country would ask, "Tom who?"

Monday, April 25, 2005

Promoting peace by punching a handicapped woman.

LGF posts a story about a "peace activist" who attacked a handicapped woman.
Rita Preckshot went to a peace rally, and a fight broke out.

It started out as a typical Wednesday for Preckshot, a 49-year-old who stands about 5-foot-2 and has hearing aids in both ears. She was standing on her normal spot on Providence Road, holding her signs in support of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. For nearly four years now, this has been Preckshot’s life from about 4:15 to about 5:45 in the afternoon once a week. She started her solo troop-support effort to counteract the peace protesters who stand a couple of blocks away at the intersection of Providence and Broadway. The peaceniks hold signs that say things such as “honk for peace” and “end the occupation.”

They outnumber Preckshot every Wednesday, but she stands out there just the same, sometimes drawing another supporter or two to help her effort.

On this particular Wednesday - it was March 16 - her effort seemed to annoy a couple of the protesters. Not satisfied with their own peace protest, a pair of peaceniks grabbed their signs and made their way to Preckshot, who normally stands outside the Bloomers flower shop near Locust Street.

“Two of the guys from the corner walked down with a big sign that read ‘End the occupation,’ ” she remembers. One of them started taking pictures of a Preckshot supporter across the street, she says. “At some point, the other guy starts coming toward me.”

For a diminutive woman, Preckshot can handle herself. She’s a former police officer, and she isn’t easily intimidated. Still, a young man coming at her waving a sign in her face seemed a little aggressive, particularly from somebody supposedly advocating peace.

The man stepped closer. She backed off a step. He shoved a sign in her face, and she backed off once again.

“Don’t touch me!” she told him.

Then, she says, he pushed her.

“He started taunting me and reached out and pushed on my shoulder,” Preckshot says. “Each time he pushed, it got a little harder. When I saw his hand come at me again, I grabbed it. I felt fearful.”

As Preckshot pushed the man’s hand away, “he slugged me right in the face,” she says.
Rita's glasses were broken and her hearing aid fell on the ground. When the police arrived, she couldn't find the assailant and his fellow protesters couldn't find their conscience - they wouldn't give him up. A few days later while at a military recruiting office, Rita and her husband first saw the middle finger of her assailant and they called the cops to arrest the rest of him. In the same peaceful mood that motivated him to assault a woman, add "resisting arrest" to the tough-guy's charges.

Fact checking MSNBC

MSNBC gave journalism another try today and succeeded in misleading readers with how the filibuster has been applied in the past. Right now, a minority of 40 Democrats are blocking appeals court judges from getting a floor vote even though the judges have majority support. This has never happened before. Years ago, Senator Byrd changed Senate rules the same kind of legal way the Republicans are getting skewered for proposing and likely putting in place in the next two weeks. Senator Byrd changed the filibuster rule to require a supermajority of 60 votes to end "debate" on judicial nominees, which would move the nominees to the floor for a yes/no vote.

The Republicans are taking incoming fire for proposing to use the "constitutional option" to legally change the filibuster conditions so that a minority can no longer rule the senate. While arguing Republicans have filibustered in the past, MSNBC intentionally leaves out the most important part:
WASHINGTON - With the battle over Democratic filibusters of President Bush's judicial nominees about to escalate, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Sunday "If what Democrats are doing is wrong today, it won’t be right for Republicans to do the same thing tomorrow."

But history shows that Republicans did something similar to the Democrats' filibusters five years ago.

In 1999 and 2000, before he became majority leader, Frist was one of the Republican senators blocking President Clinton’s nominee to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Richard Paez.

Frist and others repeatedly prevented a vote on the Paez nomination. In 1999, Frist and 52 other Republicans voted against a motion to proceed to a vote on Paez.

Six months later, Frist voted against cutting off extended debate — a filibuster — on the nomination.

Then he voted for a motion to postpone a vote on the nomination.

And finally on March 9, 2000, four years after Clinton nominated Paez to the appeals court, Frist was on the losing end of a 59-39 vote on the nomination itself.
What MSNBC omits is that in 1999, Republicans had a majority. While some call this splitting hairs with today's minority Democratic filibuster, the difference makes the argument. You'd expect a majority to act as a majority when their position differs from a President of another party. A majority of Republicans holding up Clinton nominations was reasonable and expected.

But now, a minority of Democrats filibuster is unprecedented in that a minority has NEVER held up judicial nominations with a filibuster. This is the kind of difference that makes it important for Republicans to exercise a legal rule change to end the filibuster conditions the Democrats have used to their advantage and get the Senate to fulfill their duties of securing nominees a vote on the floor. Remember, the Democrats are posturing because Bush's nominees are exactly the kind of judges the Democrats fear - two of them are conservative women. While the Democrats accuse Bush's nominees as "out of the mainstream," the fact is that they are very much in the mainstream, as they have majority support from a majority of the Senators who were elected by a majority of Americans.

Out-source the math to a local 5th grader.

Poynter Online has daily evidence of MSM failing the exacting standards they accuse bloggers of not meeting. In one episode today, the science of addition proved too much for the New Jersey Press Association:

We made a dreadful mistake regarding this year's General Excellence Award for daily papers over 60,000 in the editorial division of our annual NJPA Better Newspaper Contest.

Because of a mathematical error in calculating the points that determine
the General Excellence winner, we announced that The Star-Ledger was
this year's winner. Upon closer examination and re-checking, however, we determined a mistake had occurred and The Record (Bergen County, N.J.) garnered more points than The Star-Ledger and should have been awarded the General Excellence prize.

All of us at NJPA are saddened and embarrassed by this error. All NJPA
members should be assured that we have implemented procedures to ensure a similar mistake will never happen again.

We extend our sincerest apologies to all concerned.

John O'Brien
NJPA Executive Director
I'd suggest that to "ensure a similar mistake will never happen again," the NJPA employ a board of 5th graders to supplement the General Excellence Award committee's arithmetic. Busying themselves with fact-checking, the committee can't also be responsible for mind-twisting exercise of confirming the accuracy of mathematic problems involving a 2-digit sum.

Friday, April 22, 2005


I came across a picture today that reminded me of my darkest day as a professional motorcylce racer. Here are a couple of the photos I have hanging in my office. I took pictures of the photos with my camera phone, sorry for the quality.

lean Posted by Hello

wheelie Posted by Hello

Then, while sniffing around the internet for news, I came across the following photo...

crash Posted by Hello

With the exception of the guy above having the luxury of wet pavement and grass to slide to a pleasant stop, my final day on the track looked much like this. Only my incident ended in a dry, hot slide to a stop in exactly the wrong place at the right time. Spooked by my theatrics up ahead, a pack of bikes ran off the track and I got rail-roaded at 80 MPH by another bike, cracking my helmet and leaving tire tracks across my leather suit.

I was fairly sure my arm had been detached from my body. When my uncooperative limbs wouldn't roll me over and get my face out of the dirt, my future perception of fear was forever changed. Corner workers began rushing to me in slow motion as the impacting bike disintegrated on take-off after each brief touch-down. It came to rest in a smoldering ball just at the fringe of my sight.

Corner safety workers are trained to ask a series of questions to assess any immediate head trauma. I knew I was in turn 4 on a Sunday. Having had the chance to meet track workers on various similar occasions, I readied myself for the questions. One asked, "Chachi, what day is it?" Race day. "What turn are you in?" The same one I'm lying in. "He's OK! He's OK!" Humor? Check. Health? Health?

My family, friends and girlfriend were in the stands in the next corner and I told the corner workers to let them know I was OK even though I wasn't sure I was. Officially dashing my illusions of this being just another crash, the normally robust voice of my dad shakingly said, "I'm right here." His determination to get to me was no match for the safety fence and the armada of corner workers trying to keep him safely away from the "hot track." He jumped one and found his way around the other, though I'm not sure in which order. With the ambulance parked as a blocker between the circulating bikes and my resting spot, a half-dozen frenzied faces worked feverishly in this spontaneous triage. As they carefully removed my helmet and applied the neck brace, I noticed another half dozen people providing intent shade and what I believe were prayers.

After a horizontal loading into the meat wagon, the attending paramedic began calling in my height and weight information to safely introduce me to morphine. The track exit was 5 corners away and bikes buzzed past us the whole trip. An on-course ambulance isn't uncommon. I'd always use the occasional cameo as a 'pick' to keep challengers staring at my rear tire.

I wondered who hit me. I wondered who would win the race I was just leading. I wondered when I'd be able to move my feet. Would I ever mow the lawn again? Brush my teeth? Give someone a hug? Was the kind of life I would have be different from the life I had this morning? Emotion gushed out the corner of my eyes. My mind only had room for the worst.

Sure I was filling my leathers with blood, I asked the paramedic to reach into my suit to investigate the dripping sensation. She unzipped them from my throat to my waist, reached in a pulled out crimson latex fingers. She wanted a better look, so my leathers had to come off. You need to know that racing leathers don't just "come off." To prohibit flapping at 185 MPH speeds, they have a very snug fit. Exiting a body glove of leather is more like a choreographed crappie flop. One person holds a sleeve and you jerk, jiggle then slither out, something like cutting the top off a week-old banana and squeezing it from the bottom. They weren't cooperating. She told me she was going to have to cut them off. $1,500 - $1,500 - $1,500 kept flashing in my mind, over and over. I made a deal with her. She wouldn't cut them off and I wouldn't beat her with the IV stand.

While I tried to be tough until the morphine started doing what morphine does, she managed to slip the suit off my shoulder. She told me the blood was just from the abrasion, no compound fracture. The dripping must have been the sweat. If I weren't strapped to a gurney, I'd have done cartwheels. Morphine and hope raced each other to the checkered flag. Photo finish. By the time I was X-rayed, my arms and legs began to move more freely. I think I remember the doctor using the term "miracle" after hearing the play-by-play from those gathered at the hospital. If he didn't, I'm glad my imagination added it. A sling carried my arm out of the hospital and my legs carried the rest. Thank you, Lord.

Physical therapy returned me to 100% a few weeks later and the only lasting evidence of the crash is that I use it as an excuse for any manner of things. I forgot to call you? Head trauma. Bad writing? Head trauma. Toilet seat? Head trauma. Burned the toast? Head trauma.

I suppose this whole post has been just been a way to remind myself that it shouldn't take a chrome ambulance ceiling to make me thankful for everything, anything. Maybe it was or wasn't my second chance, but I'm sure gonna treat it like it was.

Dust off the chair.

The American traitor who honored the Religion of Peace more than his duty to country has been found guilty of mustering enough Muslim jihad mettle to kill sleeping men:
An Army sergeant was convicted Thursday by a military jury of premeditated murder and attempted murder in a grenade and rifle attack that killed two of his comrades and wounded 14 others in Kuwait during the opening days of the Iraq war.

Prosecutors say Akbar told investigators he launched the attack because he was concerned U.S. troops would kill fellow Muslims in Iraq. They said he coolly carried out the attack to achieve "maximum carnage" on his comrades in the 101st Airborne Division.

Hasan Akbar, 34, now faces a possible death penalty, which the 15-member jury will consider at a hearing that begins Monday.

The prosecutor said Akbar planned carefully and stole grenades that would achieve maximum destruction in the brigade command section of Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait.

"Sgt. Akbar executed that attack with a cool mind," prosecutor Capt. Robert McGovern said during closing arguments, cocking Akbar's unloaded M-4 rifle and pulling the trigger twice for emphasis. "He sought maximum carnage."
It should be noted the jury gave consideration to Akbar's mental health and recognized he was aware of the consequences of his actions. Fortunately for justice, pleading Islam is not a defense.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Viet Nam Veteran spits on Jane Fonda

30 years after posing on top of machinery used to kill US pilots, Jane Fonda sat down with her cheerleaders at CBS to express regret that her actions may impede sales of her new book. On a recent tour stop, a Viet Nam vet introduced her to long-leaf tobacco:
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police said they arrested a man for spitting on two-time Academy Award-winning actress Jane Fonda during a book-signing stop in Kansas City Tuesday night.
Personally, I'm outraged with this story, as even I have some minimum standards of decency. What in the world is a two-time Academy Award-winning actress doing in Kansas City?

Dumb and Dumber split.

Too busy relacing my shoes to watch Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie share a brain on the Simple Life, I'm less than hurt by the announcement that Paris and a different daughter of a famous rock star will continue reminding men why they shouldn't marry for looks.
Paris Hilton Cuts Ties With Nicole Richie

"It's no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends," Hilton said in a statement Wednesday. "Nicole knows what she did, and that's all I'm ever going to say about it."

Last week, Hilton, 24, told USA Today that Richie will be replaced on "The Simple Life" by her friend Kimberly Stewart, the daughter of singer Rod Stewart. Hilton and Richie have starred on the Fox reality show for its first three seasons.
Word around the campfire is that even Nicole was tired of Paris' reflexive "That's Hot" for all things cool. Nicole reportedly said, "Paris, you're so dumb. We both know I talk gooder than you."

Independent of the Senate in '06

Having submitted the following verbal entry in 2005's Conspiracy Theory Scan in a recent radio interview, Republican defector turned Independent, Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords, has secured the last coveted spot in the Prozac wing of Bellevue Hospital. In order to serve his duties as CT Scan winner, Mr. Jeffords will not be running for re-election in '06.

In an interview AFTER the historical Iraqi elections, when asked about what he thought the war means.
"I think it was all done to get oil," Jeffords said of invading Iraq. "And the loss of life that we had, and the cost of it, was to me just a re-election move, and they're going to try to live off it. Probably start another war, wouldn't be surprised, next year. Probably in Iran."

"Do you think that's likely?" VPR host Bob Kinzel asked.

"I probably shouldn't even talk on it, I just feel so bitter about the thinking that's gone on behind them, and the reasons they go to war and went to war," Jeffords replied. "But I feel very strongly that they are looking ahead, and that there will be an opportunity to go into Iran and try to get their son elected president. I don't know, but you do it each time they (are) going to have a new president. I'm very, very (Jeffords chuckles). Oh, well, I better be quiet."
Mr. Jeffords booty will include an embroidered tinfoil hat, invitation to be the guest of honor at the Democratic National Convention and a life-time appointment as strategic advisor to fellow Vermonter Howard Dean.

Jeffords may even make an appearance in the follow-up book of Michael Savage, titled Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Left tries to smear new pope as a Nazi.

Taking the predicted swings at the new pope because he won't conform the church to the Left's idea of "modern Christianity" - female priests, pursuit of Muslim understanding and endorsing same-sex marriage - the Left want's you to believe he was a Nazi. Leave it to the word of a Jew to set the record, uh, straight:
London's Sunday Times would have us believe that one of the leading contenders for the papacy is a closet Nazi. In if-only-they-knew tones, the newspaper informs readers that German-born Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was a member of the Hitler Youth during World War II and suggests that, because of this, the "panzer cardinal" would be quite a contrast to his predecessor, John Paul II.

The article also classifies Ratzinger as a "theological anti-Semite" for believing in Jesus so strongly that – gasp! – he thinks that everyone, even Jews, should accept him as the messiah.

To all this we should say, "This is news?!" As the Sunday Times article admits, Ratzinger's membership in the Hitler Youth was not voluntary but compulsory; also admitted are the facts that the cardinal – only a teenager during the period in question – was the son of an anti-Nazi policeman, that he was given a dispensation from Hitler Youth activities because of his religious studies, and that he deserted the German army.

Ratzinger has several times gone on record on his supposedly "problematic" past. In the 1997 book Salt of the Earth, Ratzinger is asked whether he was ever in the Hitler Youth.

"At first we weren't," he says, speaking of himself and his older brother, "but when the compulsory Hitler Youth was introduced in 1941, my brother was obliged to join. I was still too young, but later as a seminarian, I was registered in the Hitler Youth. As soon as I was out of the seminary, I never went back. And that was difficult because the tuition reduction, which I really needed, was tied to proof of attendance at the Hitler Youth.

"Thank goodness there was a very understanding mathematics professor. He himself was a Nazi, but an honest man, and said to me, 'Just go once to get the document so we have it...' When he saw that I simply didn't want to, he said, 'I understand, I'll take care of it' and so I was able to stay free of it."

Ratzinger says this again in his own memoirs, printed in 1998. In his 2002 biography of the cardinal, John Allen, Jr. of the National Catholic Reporter wrote in detail about those events.

The only significant complaint that the Times makes against Ratzinger's wartime conduct is that he resisted quietly and passively, rather than having done something drastic enough to earn him a trip to a concentration camp. Of course, whenever it is said that a German failed the exceptional-resistance-to-the-Nazis test, it would behoove us all to recognize that too many Jews failed it, as well.

If he were truly a Nazi sympathizer, then it would undoubtedly have become evident during the past 60 years. Yet throughout his service in the church, Ratzinger has distinguished himself in the field of Jewish-Catholic relations.

As prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith, Ratzinger played an instrumental role in the Vatican's revolutionary reconciliation with the Jews under John Paul II. He personally prepared Memory and Reconciliation, the 2000 document outlining the church's historical "errors" in its treatment of Jews. And as president of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, Ratzinger oversaw the preparation of The Jewish People and Their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible, a milestone theological explanation for the Jews' rejection of Jesus.

If that's theological anti-Semitism, then we should only be so lucky to "suffer" more of the same.

As for the Hitler Youth issue, not even Yad Vashem has considered it worthy of further investigation. Why should we?
Satisfied? Good.

My letter to the ACLU.

To Whom it May or May Not Concern:

After reading this story and seeing a these pictures, I'm encouraged to tender my request for employment based on my prize skills with a Zig-Zag.

I hope the following will serve as an acceptable alternative to a resume, because my work experience has been limited to only one job that didn't involve selling weed. I've also been banned from Kinko's for sending faxes of my butt to Bush/Cheney HQ.

I went to college at North Dakota State University. I earned a degree in Drunken Debauchery for the entire semester I was there. Realizing after my 3rd probation violation that there must be a more comfortable atmosphere to exercise brain-cell destruction, I transferred to the University of Minnesota and my 3 credits in "Antidisestablishmentarianism in a Post-Modern World" reluctantly came along.

6 years later I was half way through my degree in Liberal Arts. With it and a few hours of training, I could have worked at McDonald's, but they required a 10-hour per week committment. Based on those unreasonable time requirements, I decided that I didn't want a college degree, I wanted a college career. There are many individuals at the U of M who think the same way, most are called "professors." Some say they're insulating themselves from the real world, I call it "tenure."

Although I slept through most of the classes I didn't miss, I copied other people's notes between setting Nintendo Gameboy records in the library. From what isn't covered in pizza sauce, I've had a Freshman explain enough of Biology class to believe that America is imperialistic and whatever other "tics" mean "really, really bad." I think it's a good thing the US doesn't have an official language. There's a beauty to cultural diversity that can only be realized by having to ask, "Huh?"

Feeling that bringing freedom to a civilization shouldn't require any force stronger than a feather duster, I became a war protester. That didn't last long, because I got a job. I was on job for almost long enough to get a paycheck, as my crashing the delivery car required that I take a whizz quiz. Having a number of unique hobbies, I was well qualified to pee in a cup. Unfortunately, my aim was no substitute for the results - I lost my pizza-delivery credentials.

I've proven competent at walking while I chant, especially if the lyrics start with "Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho..." and end in "Got-ta Go!" I'm pretty versatile with the middle two or three syllables. I'm also a splendid artist. I specialize in imposing swastikas over the face of Bush and matching the appropriately sized mustache and horns. With money I earned recycling pop can tops, I made a "No Blood For Oil!" printing-press in my parent's garage.

As they aren't home very much, I have plenty of time to practice being alone. I'm really good at it, better than anyone else I know. I usually talk to me but can't do it very long without starting an argument that I never seem to win. I guess you could say I'm naturally equipped to argue any of your talking points.

I shower only on the first Thursday of Leap Year and only my language is dirtier than my underpants. I have no problem showing off my tolerant superiority by using the terms "bigot, liar, war-monger, idiot, ignorant, neo-con" when faced with opposition who bases their argument in fact. I can also reliably hit a conservative from a distance of 3 feet with a pie 1/3 of the time, as long as I can do it under-handed. As for my sexual preference, yes, I prefer it. While I like her to have enough hair on her legs to cast a shadow, I have a more reasonable requirement for her armpits - the hair must be braided.

Like you, I fight convulsions when I see a cross, smell a Bible or hear "God" when it isn't followed by "Dammit." I support your lawyers by not making jokes about them when they push the imaginary "Separation of Church and State." Like the maverick judges, I'm so persuaded that I feel that even the Freedom From Religion Foundation should be disbanded for using the term "religion" in their name. I'll write them next. I suggest you hit the speed dial on your phone and warn them.

I admire your harassment of the Boy Scouts on the basis they don't allow Scout leaders to cross-dress. Suggesting the cross-dressers start an adult version of the Brownies is like a penguin humping a rock - it may feel good, but it won't be productive. I feel it's essential to bar an organization from public facilities that uses non-negotiable absolute standards based on the Bible to produce moral men, while you defend the constitutional right of lowlifes to teach other lowlifes how to hurt young boys.

Thank you for your consideration in finding me a redundant position in your ogranization. Although getting paid isn't a requirement, munchies can get expensive and my PHD - Papa's Hard-earned Dough - is running out. He seems to think I should be more responsible at 35 years old. I don't know what that loser is talking about, he's almost 70 and still living at home.

As you can clearly see, my abilities should put me in the top 1 or 3 percent of your organization, because the smartest ACLU employee is the one that just quit. If you determine that you won't hire me based strictly on my merits, I'll sue you for discrimination.

In closing, I'd like to thank you for giving inspiration to ganja jockeys all over the world. Just when we thought we could only become college professors, some of us are finding homes at the ACLU.

Best Regards,


PS. I'll be posting our ongoing correspondence at

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dope for dopes.

To work for the ACLU, you have to meet some rigid criteria. Not only must one have an aversion to reason, an allergy to common sense, a surplus of sensitivity and gobs of naivete, but an addiction to Mary Jane is also an apparent qualification.

Seen here taking a break from assisting illegals across the border and trying to provoke the Minutemen into violence, a trio of ACLU workers finds a comfy spot in the gutter to blaze a couple joints.

ALF and ELF, not just acronyms anymore...

...they're officially terror organizations. A list compiled by the Homeland Security Department includes the Animal Liberation Front, who among other things, habitually vandalizes mink farms and releases their furry contents - allowing them to meet their gruesome demise at the teeth of hungry predators.

And the Earth Liberation Front lost a tolerant member today, convicted of fire-bombing "evil" SUV dealers:
LOS ANGELES -— A Caltech graduate student convicted of helping to firebomb scores of sport utility vehicles was sentenced to more than eight years in federal prison and ordered to pay $3.5 million in restitution.

Cottrell, 24, was convicted in November of conspiracy to commit arson and seven counts of arson for an August 2003 vandalism spree that damaged and destroyed about 125 SUVs at dealerships and homes in the San Gabriel Valley east of Los Angeles.

At his trial, the prosecution had accused Cottrell of "arrogance" and a "towering superiority" toward people who did not share his environmental views. Cottrell had testified that SUV dealers were evil.

Vandals used spray-paint to deface the vehicles with slogans such as "Fat, Lazy Americans," "polluter" and "ELF," for Earth Liberation Front, a radical environmental group.
What a sad day for California's higher learning, that a graduate student doesn't have enough sense to not slap an "ELF" calling card on his crimes. While his prospects as a career criminal are as dim as he is, Cottrell is exceedingly qualified to become a Democratic strategist.

Maybe next time.

Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, is the first German pope since the 11th century. You can tell a lot about a man by his critics, so the upcoming seething of the Left over the papal decision should be seen as a monumental compliment for his moral stature.
Prior to the conclave, Ratzinger warned the cardinals, bishops and others gathered in St. Peter's Basilica for a Mass that the church must stay true to itself, the Associated Press reported.

Ratzinger, who was the powerful dean of the College of Cardinals, used his homily at the Mass dedicated to electing the next pope to warn the faithful about tendencies that he considered dangers to the faith: sects, ideologies like Marxism, liberalism, atheism, agnosticism and relativism — the ideology that there are no absolute truths.

"We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as for certain and which has as its highest goal one's own ego and one's own desires," he said.

"Having a clear faith, based on the creed of the church, is often labeled today as a fundamentalism," he said, making clear that he disagrees with that view [of moral relativism].
Cliff notes for the Left: Dashing your dreams of a pope who would modify the church to conform with your progressive beliefs of today, the church still believes in unshakable absolute truths. The stuff that was wrong yesterday, still is.

A day in the life of a US mosque.

If you've ever wondered what an Arabic-speaking American would learn by spending an evening in a US mosque, you'll be fascinated by the following article. Readers of this site know I'm unpersuaded by the "Religion of Peace" diversion of radical Muslim apologists and unconcerned that additional airport screening is hurting people's feelings. After reading this, I will happily continue being permanently immovable in giving Islam the slightest benefit of any doubt.
I checked the mosque schedule on the Web, and discovered there was going to be an Arabic language session an hour before. So I showed up an hour early. The imam met me at the door, and told me that the presentation didn't start for an hour, and suggested I come back in an hour. Fortunately, I had anticipated this. I explained that since I had quite a bit of reading to do for a class I was taking. "Can I just sit here and read?"

He hesitated a moment, then agreed. I sat in the back of the room, with my book open, and made a mental note to remember to turn the pages every so often, as I listened to the speakers in Arabic.

The first speaker was the head of the Muslim Students' Association at the nearby university. Although I missed the beginning of the discussion, I caught up quickly. He was talking about the problems he had encountered on a recent trip, when TSA flagged him for extra screening. He joked about the fact that they had stopped him for extensive screening. He had anticipated that he would be screened and he had filled his carryon luggage with printouts of the Quran from the Internet, and had 15 or 16 CDs labeled in Arabic, and he had a notebook computer with him.

As he expected, he was delayed – he thought it was very amusing that while several TSA personnel were scrutinizing his personal belongings that his classmate from Jordan was able to walk through security, along with his American girlfriend, without any problems whatsoever.

One of the men said, in Arabic: "Blonde Americans are good for something!" Another man advised him to be cautious, since there was an American woman in the room. The imam spoke up and told everyone I didn't speak Arabic.

At that point, another student took the podium. His name was Khaled, and he began to recount his recent trip to New York City. Khaled and three of his companions had gone to New York for several days in January. He told of how uncomfortable his trip up to NYC had been. He felt like he was being watched, and thought he was the victim of racial profiling.

Khaled and his friends were pretty unhappy about it, and while in New York, they came up with a plan to "teach a lesson" to the passengers and crew. You can imagine the story Khaled told. He described how he and his friends whispered to each other on the flight, made simultaneous visits to the restroom, and generally tried to "spook" the other passengers. He laughed when he described how several women were in tears, and one man sitting near him was praying.

The others in the room thought the story was quite amusing, judging from the laughter. The imam stood up and told the group that this was a kind of peaceful civil disobedience that should be encouraged, and commended Khaled and his friends for their efforts.

He pointed out that it was through this kind of civil disobedience that ethnic profiling would fail.

One of the other men, Ahmed from Kuwait, gave a brief account of his friend Eyad, who had finally gone to Iraq. Ahmed was in e-mail contact with Eyad, and hoped by the following week to be able to bring them more information about the state of the "mujahideen" in Iraq.

As the meeting drew to a close, the imam gave a brief speech calling for the protection of Allah on the mujahideen fighting for Islam throughout the world, and reminded everyone that it was their duty as Muslims to continue in the path of jihad, whether it was simple efforts like those of Khaled and his friends, or the actual physical fighting of men like Eyad.

As the meeting broke up, several women in hijabs came in the room, and two of them sat with me. They were very warm and friendly and welcoming, and appeared to be clearly thrilled that I was there. They asked me questions about who I was, and why I was interested in the session.

By the time the session began, there were half a dozen American women, four of them African-American. Where the previous session had definite anti-American tones, this session was all American and Apple Pie. The earlier session had been in Arabic – this one was in English.

The woman leading the session, Nafisa, told of the concerns she had regarding her daughters in the public-school system. She complained about the influence of the MTV culture, and seemed concerned about the rampant sexuality that pervaded all facets of American life, from television to movies and on into the school system.

She explained her personal solution – the local Islamic school, beginning with kindergarten. Instead of worrying about her daughters dressing provocatively and behaving inappropriately with boys, she talked about the modest school uniforms they wore, and the single-gender classes her daughters attended.

She then began to discuss Islam, focusing on the commonalities it has with Christianity. The sales pitch had clearly begun. While in the previous section, the men had quoted over and over again sura from the Quran calling for violent jihad, the women's session focused on the "gentler" side of Islam.

The same imam who demanded that the men continue in the path of jihad did a complete 180-degree turn in this session, stressing instead the suras that promoted the "brotherhood" between Muslims, Christians and Jews. "After all, we worship the same God, and follow the teachings in the books he gave each of us. We are all the same, we are all People of the Book," he stressed.

The differences between the sessions were striking. Clearly the second session was a recruiting session.

Were the women aware of what was being taught in the first session? Certainly those women who spoke Arabic should have been.

The reason for concern is obvious: Two different doctrines are being promoted. One peaceful, friendly, warm and fuzzy doctrine is being used to draw people in, with a focus on the well-being of their children.

But the Arabic-speaking sessions clearly have an anti-American tone.
While perhaps not being explicitly involved in operations, sympathetic Muslims are clearly running interference and conducting intelligence gathering to be distributed in US mosques.

Monday, April 18, 2005

WorldNetDaily: CAIR and terrorism

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is a group that sees it a violation of "Muslim civil rights" to criticize the organization each time one of it's members is convicted on terror charges. Joseph Farah has more on the media's continued use of CAIR as the voice for Islam in the US, despite the third conviction of one of their members:
How many people do you know personally who have been convicted of supporting terrorism?

How many people associated with your company have been convicted of supporting terrorism?

How many people associated with organizations in which you are a member or a leader have been convicted of supporting terrorism?

If you're like most Americans, the answer to all three questions is probably none. If you're like me and most other Arab-Americans, the answer is still probably none.

What would you say about an organization linked to at least three people convicted of supporting terrorism?

Would it begin to raise more than suspicions in your mind?

Would it send a very serious message to you that such an organization should be viewed with caution and relied upon as a source of information and analysis only with the gravest warnings?

I think so.

There is such an organization in America – and it continues to be used as a source by major media in this country. Its spokesmen continue to get face time on television without any caveats. In fact, it continues to be billed as an American-Muslim "civil rights" group.

I'm talking about the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a powerful, wealthy and influential pro-Islam lobby actively working in the media and political spotlight.

Last week, a third person associated with CAIR was found guilty of supporting terrorism.

His name is Gassan Elashi. He was convicted along with two brothers in Dallas of channeling funds to a high-ranking official of the terrorist group Hamas. Elashi was a founder and board member of the Texas chapter of CAIR – and, astonishingly, the third CAIR figure to be convicted on federal terrorism charges since Sept. 11, 2001.

At some point, the law of averages and the statistical improbability that this is just some incredible coincidence needs to be addressed by CAIR and the media and political elite who turn to this organization regularly as if it truly represents the diverse voices of Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans.

Elashi, by the way, as chairman of the Holy Land Foundation, was convicted last year of making illegal technology transfers to two terror-sponsoring states, Libya and Syria. Just before the Holy Land Foundation was indicted by the U.S. Justice Department, it was threatening to sue me and my news organization for defamation for exposing its connections to terrorism.

Founded in 1994, CAIR is a spin-off of the Islamic Association of Palestine, identified as a "front group" for the Hamas terrorists, according to Steve Pomerantz, former chief of the FBI's counterterrorism section.

Another ex-FBI counterterrorism chief, Oliver "Buck" Revell, has called the Islamic Association For Palestine "a front organization for Hamas that engages in propaganda for Islamic militants."

CAIR advisery board member Siraj Wahhaj was named by U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White on Feb. 2, 1995, as one of the "unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators in the attempt to blow up New York City monuments," including the World Trade Center in 1993.

Other CAIR figures convicted of terror-related crimes include Randall Todd "Ismail" Royer, a former communications specialist and civil-rights coordinator, and Bassem Khafagi, former director of community relations.

Royer was sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges he trained in Virginia for holy war against the United States and sent several members to Pakistan to join Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Kashmiri terrorist group with reported ties to al-Qaida.

Khafagi was arrested in January 2003 while serving with CAIR and convicted on fraud and terrorism charges.

I wonder how many CAIR employees and organizers need to be convicted on terrorism charges before it is no longer taken seriously as a Muslim "civil-rights" group by the press and political establishment and before the federal government opens an investigation of the organization itself.

ACLU actively assisting entrance of illegal immigrants.

The ACLU is assisting criminal enterprise:
American Civil Liberties Union activists shadowing the Minuteman Project at the U.S.-Mexican border in Arizona are actively aiding and abetting aliens attempting to enter the country illegally, said a spokesman for the volunteer civilian force.

Grey Deacon told Joseph Farah's nationally syndicated "WorldNetDaily RadioActive" audience yesterday that ACLU monitors sent to the border to watch Minuteman activity and report civil-liberties abuses to authorities have begun flashing lights, sounding horns and warning off illegals and their "coyote" human smugglers from entering territory patrolled by the volunteers.

"They are actively engaging in criminal activity," said Deacon.

Deacon said the ACLU activists are resorting to new tactics because of the success the Minuteman Project is having in assisting the Border Patrol in spotting illegal aliens and in generating publicity about the insecure U.S.-Mexico border.

The ACLU dispatched its representatives to the 23-mile section of the Arizona border patrolled by the Minutemen after predicting the group would abuse the rights of illegal aliens. No such abuses have materialized to date.

"The ACLU's position is that illegal aliens have a right to enter our border and stay in this country as long as they want," said Deacon. "That's what one of the leaders of the group told me personally."

Deacon said the ACLU representatives make noises and flash lights as a signal to the illegals and their human smugglers that the area is being patrolled. Thus, he said, those intent on entering understand they should move on to other areas of the border that are wide open for illegal entry.

The Minuteman Project has attracted hundreds of volunteers, many legally carrying guns and waving flags, from across the country. They plan to keep watch around the clock until the end of the month, intimidating illegal aliens with their presence and alerting the Border Patrol via cell phones or radios when they see people crossing.

Just as important, they want to send a message to the White House and the rest of the country that something must be done about the country's border policies.

President Bush has referred to the Minutemen as "vigilantes." And some Border Patrol officials have suggested members of the group are interfering with the government's work.

The ACLU has claimed the group is creating a "powder-keg situation" on the border that could lead to violence.

Since the volunteers began arriving March 30, the number of illegal immigrant apprehensions along the stretch of border has dropped significantly.

"It's worked," said Chris Simcox, one of two primary organizers. "The news is going across the border, and we've virtually shut down this whole area."

In addition to assistance from the ACLU, illegals – including drug-runners – are getting assistance from the Mexican army, say Border Patrol sources and other officials including a U.S. congressman.

Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, has denounced the Mexican military for escorting illegals, their "coyote" human smugglers and drug-runners to other parts of the border unpatrolled by the Minutemen.

"President Bush should publicly denounce Mexico's latest act to curb U.S. law," said Tancredo. "The president of Mexico is threatening to sue any member of the Minutemen who have contact with a Mexican national, threatening to take the U.S. into the International Court of Justice at The Hague over the passage of Prop 200 in Arizona, and is providing transportation to Mexican nationals trying to sneak into the U.S. One could say he is acting in the best interest of his nation. Isn't it unfortunate we cannot say the same thing about President Bush?"

Border Patrol sources say the Mexican army recently moved about 1,000 troops to the Agua Prieta region, just south of where the Minutemen are. These troops, the sources say, are diverting all of the illegal alien and drug-smuggling traffic away from the Minutemen.

The volunteers focused on the border area near Naco, Ariz., because it had become one of the highest traffic corridors for border-crossing illegal aliens. Last year, more than 40 percent of the 1.15 million illegal aliens caught by the Border Patrol were taken into custody in the southern Arizona region.
There are also reports that the ACLU volunteers are intentionally provoking the Minutemen to get the headlines that would inevitably come from an ACLU member getting a self-induced beating.

How not to start a bonfire.

A buddy of mine in D.C. sent this to me. It's an illustration of how not to start a bonfire.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dean to politicize a dead woman.

Howard Dean told the LA Times the Democrats are going to politicize a woman a couple years after her death.
Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said Friday that his party would wield the Terri Schiavo case against Republicans in the 2006 and 2008 elections, but for now needed to stay focused battling President Bush on Social Security.

"We're going to use Terri Schiavo later on," Dean said of the brain-damaged Floridian who died last month after her feeding tube was removed amid a swarm of political controversy.
Those Democrats, what a funny bunch, "using" dead handicapped women. While their soul search rendered "no results" after the '04 beating, Democrats are in no danger of finding something that could be loosley defined as a values.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

'Support our troops' license plate plan hits opposition

While having no problem with Minnesota license plates that help the state buy wet ground, a Republican Senator from Sauk Rapids sees a problem with license plates that raise money to support troops and their families.

Send Senator Severson, a retired military serviceman, your polite thoughts.
Gov. Tim Pawlenty's proposal for a "Support Our Troops" Minnesota license plate that would direct motorists' donations to military members, veterans and their families facing hardship has run into surprising opposition in the Republican-controlled House.

"It's a great concept, but the idea of a separate state fund for individuals is a catch," House sponsor Dan Severson, R-Sauk Rapids, said Wednesday, a day after the measure failed to get out of the Transportation Finance Committee. "Some people are concerned that it would set a precedent for others to ask for the same thing."

Legislative analysts estimate that the plates could raise as much as $2.6 million a year in donations of at least $30 per vehicle. A maximum of $2,000 per individual would be dispensed by a state agency or through a charity such as Friends of Military Families, which has helped relatives travel to the bedsides of wounded soldiers or to military funerals.

The fee would include a one-time handling charge of $10.

The plan mirrors Minnesota's popular "Critical Habitat" license plates, which have raised $12.6 million since 1996 to buy nearly 3,400 acres of public wildlife lands, and "Proud to Be a Veteran" plates, which have yielded $68,000 in two years for a planned Minnesota World War II memorial at the State Capitol.

Various plates for veterans of specific conflicts are also available, as well as plates that support scholarship funds at designated public and private state colleges and universities.

Backers of the "Support Our Troops" proposal predict that it would be popular, especially with drivers now sporting magnetic ribbons bearing the same message. Proceeds from some of those commercial ribbons provide financial support to military families.

Sen. Jim Vickerman, DFL-Tracy, who is carrying the governor's proposal in the Senate, expressed bewilderment over the hangup in the House. It sailed through the Senate State Government Budget Division on Wednesday to the Finance Committee.

"It'll pass our side, no trouble whatsoever," Vickerman said. "It doesn't set a bad precedent. It just shows those people over there that we care. I would like to do more." Once the plates are available, he added, "I'm gonna get one. It'll stay there forever."

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Illegal immigrants blocking Marine training.

Another problem with porous borders:
Marines getting ready for combat in Iraq or Afghanistan are having their training time shortened because hordes of illegal aliens from Mexico are wandering onto their firing ranges in Arizona while crossing the border illegally.

According to the Boston Globe, the commanding officers of the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona explained that virtually every Marine squadron headed to Iraq or Afghanistan receives combat training at the station, which for nearly 40 miles touches the U.S.-Mexico border in the southwestern corner of Arizona.

Colonel James J. Cooney, the base's commanding officer, told the Globe that since July 2004, the training range has been shut down more than 500 times because of [illegal] immigrants spotted on the range, causing a loss of more than 1,100 training hours.

"We're getting overrun here. Any moment we take away from a Marine's experience base could cost him his life in combat," Cooney said.

He added that his Marines intercepted more than 1,500 undocumented immigrants on the training range last year and, in the first three months of this year, more than 1,100. He said that base personnel detain the immigrants and call in Border Patrol agents to pick them up.

"I have to use Marines that aren't trained in that to do that, which puts me at a liability," Cooney said. "It's completely counterproductive to our whole training operation.

"We just don't want them to come here, because we're firing lasers, we're shooting machine guns, we're shooting 209-millimeter cannons, and we're dropping practice bombs."

The Globe reported that last summer a Marine pilot dropped a practice bomb on a target and seconds later, a few feet away, a small group of illegal immigrants scrambled from underneath a bush and ran down the range. The near miss was caught on a training tape that Cooney has reviewed.

So far the Marines said there have been no deaths of immigrants in the training exercises.

"My overall concern is that we'd have an unfortunate incident out there where we'd inadvertently harm an illegal entrant that we did not spot or see, and that in turn would cause a moratorium on training until we sorted out what exactly happened," said Cooney.

And it's not just the Marines having the problem. According to the Globe one Army base and another the Air Force base, have experienced similar problems.

At the Army Yuma Proving Ground, near the Marine Corps Air Station but about 30 miles north of the border, an increasing number of undocumented immigrants have invaded military space and disrupted training.

"The smugglers just drive them up the highway and dump them off, and these illegal immigrants stumble right onto our testing range," said Chuck Wullenjohn, spokesman for the Yuma Proving Ground, one of the largest military installations in the Western world which constantly conducts tests for ground forces on artillery and ammunition, including tank rounds, mines, mortars, and helicopter guns.

"Having anyone on this range that doesn't belong here is extremely dangerous," Wullenjohn told the Globe. "The illegal immigrant issue is becoming a bigger problem all the time."

The Air Force told the Globe it has had to interrupt exercises with F-16 pilots after undocumented immigrants were spotted on a bombing range east of Gila Bend, north of the border.

"In 2004 we suspended range operations 55 times for a net loss of 122 hours," said Jim Uken, director of the 56th Fighter Wing range management office.

There is the additional concern that foreign terrorists could cross the Mexican border and infiltrate the Arizona bases to conduct intelligence gathering or commit acts of sabotage.

"The potential exists, and that is a key reason we are vigilant about securing our training ranges," Col. Cooney told the Globe.

Add a little alcohol and what do you get?

Yesterday the Strib called her a "trailblaizing civic leader" and "victim" in a car accident.

Today, with a blood-alcohol level about twice the legal limit, she's a "St. Paul banker"
St. Paul banker killed in crash was drunk

St. Paul banker and civic leader Anne Ford Nelson had about twice the legal level of alcohol in her system when she lost control of her car Sunday, killing herself and a 13-year-old family friend along Mississippi River Boulevard in St. Paul.

Nelson's blood-alcohol level was .187 percent, according to preliminary autopsy results released Tuesday by the Ramsey County Medical Examiner's office and the St. Paul police. Minnesota's legal limit is currently .10 percent, but will drop to .08 percent on Aug. 1.

Nelson, 53, was remembered Monday as an enthusiastic community activist and trailblazer for women, but alcohol's role in the crash sparked a different wave of reaction Tuesday.

"That's a considerable amount of alcohol in her system," said Lynne Goughler, public policy liaison for the Minnesota chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
Nelson's irresponsibility also killed her friend's 13 year-old son.

Hate crime?

While the Minnesota Supreme Court is busy calling the "shall-issue" Conceal Carry bill unconstitutional for saving paper, the Star Tribune reminds us why law-conscious Minnesotans need the ability to protect ourselves:
Nine people have been arrested in an attack on a 15-year-old boy who was dragged from a Metro Transit bus, beaten and robbed before he was able to flee and get help.

The ninth suspect was arrested Tuesday in the attack on the teenager, who was riding the bus from downtown Minneapolis through the North Side on April 2 when he was dragged off near 34th and Fremont Avs. N.

The victim was punched, stomped on and kicked in the face, according to charges filed Monday against one of the suspects. Authorities said they expect that more charges will be filed this week against seven juvenile suspects and an adult suspect.

Three charges were filed Monday against Markee L. Colquitte, 18, of Minneapolis.

Colquitte was charged with first-degree aggravated robbery, kidnapping and third-degree riot.

Some of the suspects have been identified as members of the Tre-Six Vice Lords street gang, said Mike Martin, regional commander of the Minnesota Gang Strike Force.

That relatively small gang, made up of mostly juveniles and young adults, is suspected of committing robberies and assaults and trafficking in crack cocaine and marijuana in north Minneapolis, Martin said.

According to the criminal complaint filed Monday in Hennepin County District Court, the victim boarded the bus at 7th St. and Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. Six to 10 young males in the back of the bus surrounded him and taunted him, making repeated references to his race (the victim is white, the suspects black). When the bus stopped at 34th and Fremont, they grabbed him and pulled him off, the complaint said. They punched and kicked the victim, breaking his wallet chain and fleeing with the wallet, which contained $17.

He ran to a nearby convenience store and called 911. He suffered scrapes and bruises to his face, forehead, hands and back, the complaint said.

Video surveillance from the bus shows the group dragging the victim onto the sidewalk, according to Metro Transit police.

"It was outrageous," said Metro Transit police Capt. Dave Indrehus. "The victim in this case was totally innocent, had nothing to do with these parties."

The video shows that other bus passengers did not try to intervene, Indrehus said. "Quite frankly, I don't know if I would blame them," he said. "You may end up becoming a victim yourself."

The surveillance tape did not capture the bus driver's actions, he said.
The bus driver called dispatch and then drove off while the beating was still taking place. Passengers on the bus made no attempt to step in. Police can only "serve and protect" when they're present. While the Strib will never call this a "hate crime" because the victim was white, Minnesota law increased the chances this kid would be robbed and beaten. If one person on that bus had the legal right to carry a concealed gun, this story would likely have the "good guy" winning.

Imagine a man or woman who had a clean criminal record, no history of mental illness and had taken and passed the required gun safety course - all prerequisites to qualifying for a permit under the now-unconstitutional "shall-issue" concealed-carry law.

Imagine this legally armed citizen happened to pack heat that day and took the responsibility of coming to the defense of this kid? While the good samaritan wouldn't have been autorized to use lethal force unless he or the victim were threatened with immenent death, namely a knife or gun, he/she could have pulled the gun to scare off the attacking mob. It's pretty reasonable that word would have gotten back to Thug Central that what they thought were sitting ducks are actually armed citizens.

And what if the citizen was authorized, based on threat level, to use lethal force? Word would travel double-time to Thug Central that instead of getting another line on your very own rap sheet, you get your very own funeral.

The Legally Islam Defense?

What I didn't hear until today about yesterday's hi-jacking and kidnapping of school girls in Germany is the hi-jacker wasn't a German:
ENNEPETAL, Germany - German police commandos slipped into a house where a knife-wielding man was holding four schoolgirls hostage Tuesday, surprising the suspect and taking him into custody while rescuing his captives after a five-hour standoff.

The man inflicted a superficial knife wound on the stomach of a 16-year-old hostage, whom he held with three 11-year-olds, before he was captured by a police SWAT team that entered the red brick house at the end of a cul-de-sac shortly after 6 p.m., lead investigator Ulrich Kuhne said.

Police earlier said the suspect, identified as a 50-year-old Iranian asylum-seeker who has been in Germany since the 1990s, was injured as he was overpowered, but Kuhne gave no further details.

The man apparently wanted to be allowed to bring his children from Iran to Germany.

The SWAT team acted with particular caution, because the man was known to have psychological problems...
Will "Legally Islam" be his defense?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Democrat's policy of gay-baiting.

Bill Clinton gets a catty over a gay man who's left the Democratic plantation:
Former President Bill Clinton wasn't about to let just anybody attack his wife - especially a gay Republican operative.

Clinton fired back yesterday, suggesting that political consultant Arthur Finkelstein, who has launched a "Stop Her Now" campaign, is suffering from "self-loathing."

Finkelstein married his male partner in a civil ceremony in Massachusetts in December, with a few of his conservative clients at the nuptial.

"... He went to Massachusetts and married his longtime male partner and then he comes back here and announces this," Clinton said at a Harlem news conference.

"I thought, one of two things. Either this guy believes his party is not serious, and is totally Machiavellian in his position, or there's some sort of self-loathing there. I was more sad for him."

His decision to bring up Finkelstein's sexuality hearkened back to a similar remark made by John Kerry in an Oct. 13, 2004, presidential debate.

In responding to a question whether homosexuality was a matter of choice, Kerry said, "I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was, she's being who she was born as."
Rather not have government-endorsed same-sex marriage, you're a right-wing bigot. Get away with publicly calling a gay man "self-loathing," you're a Democrat.

Did John Kerry blow a CIA agent's cover?

While attempting to smear President Bush's nomination for ambassador to the UN, it's apparently OK for Democratic senators to blow an agent's cover:
Mr. Smith came to Washington again Monday, as an alias for a Central Intelligence Agency officer who works covertly. Senators, however, may have blown his cover.

During questioning on John R. Bolton's nomination to be President Bush's ambassador to the United Nations, Bolton and members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee referred to "Mr. Smith" as one official among several who were involved in a dispute over what Democrats asserted was Bolton's inappropriate treatment of an intelligence analyst who disagreed with him.

"We referred to this other analyst at the CIA, whom I'll try and call Mr. Smith here, I hope I can keep that straight," Bolton said at one point.

Committee Chairman Richard Lugar, R-Ind., and Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., both mentioned a name, Fulton Armstrong, that had not previously come up in public accounts of the intelligence flap.

It is not clear whether Armstrong is the undercover officer, but an exchange between Kerry and Bolton suggests that he may be.

In questioning Bolton, Kerry read from a transcript of closed-door interviews that committee staffers conducted with State Department officials prior to Monday's hearing.

"Did Otto Reich share his belief that Fulton Armstrong should be removed from his position? The answer is yes," Kerry said, characterizing one interview. "Did John Bolton share that view?" Kerry said, and then said the answer again was yes.

"As I said, I had lost confidence in Mr. Smith, and I conveyed that," Bolton replied evenly. "I thought that was the honest thing to do."
"Progressive" means having the self-appointed authority to out an undercover agent if doing so makes your face time in a confirmation hearing appear important. There is no "there, there" in attacks on John Bolton, and for Kerry to spill the name of an undercover agent means he's dangerous, dense or the sum of the two. Dunce.

Monday, April 11, 2005

CNN, BBC to sell ad space to Iran.

From LGF. The Mullahs must have gotten their hands on CNN and BBC viewer demograhics:
Iran, which long castigated the United States as the “Great Satan”, is to promote its tourist potential on America’s CNN television station and Britain’s BBC, the country’s vice-president for tourism Hossein Marachi has revealed to AFP.

Tense relations between Tehran and Washington will not stop Iran from exploiting its attractions on the US cable network, said Marachi, who insists US sanctions preventing American companies from trading with Iran “will not apply in this instance”.

Both BBC and CNN campaigns should start within two months under a one-year contract, the value of which Marachi did not disclose.

Kevin Young, acting head of public relations for BBC World, said: “There have been long discussions about this and we’re optimistic the campaign will be launched but it’s not been finalised yet.”

He added that no actual starting date had been decided and the ads would only be shown on the state-funded broadcaster’s semi-commercial BBC World.

“We would be looking at what we call a spot campaign, which is a straightforward commercial campaign for 30- or 60-second adverts that would appear for a period of six months.”

Spokesman Nigel Pritchard for CNN international in Atlanta said only: “We can’t comment on commercial deals unless they are in place. There is no deal in place.”

Marachi said Iran would provide footage for the slots.

“They will show Iranian tourist sites. ”You’ll not see Friday prayers," he added with a smile.
I can hear the voice-over already: "Step back a couple thousand cultural years where radical Islam lives and breeds. Although we still want you dead, we're happy to take money from the suckers who've had enough of visiting western dictatorships and are looking for more exotic examples of opression. And should you and your wife have a disagreement? Smack her, it's legal here. Iran, the place time forgot."

Even mad Mullahs think it virtuous to spend hard-won money wisely, so what does it say about CNN and the BBC's points of view and their audience that Iran, Inc., finds it potentially profitable to tempt viewers to visit their tyrannical sand box?

Friday, April 08, 2005

He's teaching your kids.

Thanks LGF. Free speech helps us spot the idiots who teach at American universities.
Dear Editor:

Contrary to Daniel Hiester (March 29), there most certainly is a New McCarthyism stalking the land, shouting the shibboleth of “fighting terror.” Middle Eastern Studies programs across the country are under federal scrutiny to ensure no unpatriotic — meaning anti-Israel — views are expressed in academia. U.S. colleges have barred thousands of applicants from the Arab world, and Professor Daniel Pipes maintains his “Campus Watch” online dossier, encouraging students to snitch on instructors who refuse to toe the party line: “How much do you love the American empire?” (No, I am not on Daniel’s list, but I have made the Anti-Defamation League’s roll of honor. Thank you, ADL President Abraham Foxman.)

One masterful fencer, with the help of the courageous student body at the University of Colorado-Boulder, managed to out-maneuver the most powerful nation on Earth. Professor Ward Churchill faces losing tenure under the unusual charge of publishing something unpopular. The real reason the UC Board of Regents (a bunch of old, bored white men) is eager to fire him is his righteous obsession with European and American genocide and terrorism against peoples of color all over the world, from 1492 to 2001. Churchill, in appraising what happened on Sept. 11 that year, calling it a case of “some people push back,” merely reiterated what Malcolm X had to say on the John F. Kennedy assassination in 1963: “chickens coming home to roost.” Incidentally, had JFK’s planned genocide against the Cuban people during the missile crisis of 1962 came to fruition, I wouldn’t be writing this letter; instead, my ashes would be buried in Havana. No doubt this would please a few professors on campus, but not my beloved Taliban (students) in History of Civilization and Modern Latin America.

Those who claim to be horrified by Churchill’s remarks should ponder that more than 500,000 Iraqi children were killed by President William Clinton and his Madame Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who boasted about it on national television. In a moral universe and university, it would not be Ward Churchill being demonized, but the cocaine cowboy, George W. Bush, who has added an extra 100,000 corpses to the pile of brown colored corpses, collected like Indian heads in the Old West.

In an America rapidly descending toward Christian fascism, we need more Ward Churchills.

Dr. Assad Pino
Associate Professor of History
I'd have a couple questions for the professor. How does a board of regents qualify as "a bunch of old, bored white men" when many of them look entertained and full of sprite, especially the 1/3 who are women? Professor, do you have Google at Kent State? Professor, exactly what kind of munitions were used so precisely by Clinton that he only killed children? To your knowledge, do those munitions also have a "terrorist" setting? You mentioned your "beloved Taliban students," are you a terrorist or have you ever supported terrorists? Final question, professor. In your mind, do my questions qualify as hate speech?

They love the Pope, but not as much as they dislike President Bush

VATICAN CITY - President Bush joined throngs of the faithful on Friday in paying final respects to Pope John Paul II, the pontiff whose stands on abortion and other social issues meshed with his but who criticized both him and his father for waging war with Iraq.

Not only was Bush the first U.S. president to attend a papal funeral; he also was headed a delegation to the three-hour funeral Mass that included the first President Bush and President Clinton.

Bush was close to the front of the section reserved for world leaders, who are being seated in alphabetical order — in French. The United States in French is Etats-Unis. A parallel section will seat Catholic leaders.

Bush sat on the aisle in the second row, next to his wife, Laura. Beside them were French President Jacques Chirac and his wife, Bernadette. The two presidents shook hands.

When Bush's face appeared on giant screen TVs showing the ceremony, many in the crowds outside St. Peter's Square booed and whistled.
Whistling is of course the way Eurpoean's "cultured" way of booing. It's kind of like saying "the F word" instead of the real thing - if you're not going to be polite, why give me polite-lite?

There's got to be a better way.

It's not a great month to be a Canadian seal:
Canada has given the go-ahead for what is expected to be one of the biggest seal hunts in the country for decades.
The government says the hunt is now more humane and that more than 300,000 seals can be killed this year.

The seal population is reaching record levels as commercial fish stocks are vanishing, the authorities say.

Animal rights campaigners, who say the hunt is cruel, have called for a boycott of Canadian seafood before the hunt which is due to start on 29 March.

When it was her time to speak, Aldworth told the crowd that she is a native of Newfoundland, that she grew up with the hunt, and had seen it first-hand. Aldworth pointed out the irony of the Canadian government's promotion of the hunt:

"For a country that is marketing itself on our wilderness and our wild open spaces, it is a horrible shame that off of our east coast, away from the eyes of the public, we are supporting the largest and most brutal slaughter of marine mammals anywhere in the world."
As a humane alternative, Aldworth suggested the seals instead have their feeding tube removed by court order, only after being fed long enough for their spouse to win a $1.3 million medical malpractice suit.

Wizbang's Weekly Caption Contest

I've entered Wizbang's Weekly Caption Contest. Click on the link to enter yourself.

stolen Posted by Hello

My caption: While Kofi Annan looks approvingly on at what could be his portion of the take, Jacques Chirac's slick effort to lift Condi's watch is cut short as President Bush sends a text message of "Help, Thief" to the Secret Service.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Equal-opportunity jihad?

Although Muslim 'honor killings' are common practice for male members of a Muslim family who believe their female family members have embarassed the family, namely if they've been seen outside without male escort or shown an ankle, Muslims are decidedly fair in passing out suicide assignments:
Two 16-year-old girls from New York City were arrested last month and charged with immigration violations after the F.B.I. asserted that they intended to become suicide bombers, according to a government document. A spokesman for one of their families, however, said the accusation was false and said the government had probably misinterpreted a school essay written by one of the girls.

The girls are both in the country illegally, one born in Guinea and the other from Bangladesh, and are being held in a family detention center in Leesport, in southeastern Pennsylvania, according to the document, provided by a federal agent. They were arrested on March 24, and one appeared at an immigration hearing on April 1 in York, Pa.

The document, which describes the background of the case, said the F.B.I. believed the girls presented "an imminent threat to the security of the United States based upon evidence that they plan to be suicide bombers." It does not describe the nature of that evidence.

Adem Carroll, a community activist with the Islamic Circle of North America who first approached this reporter about the case on behalf of one of the girls' parents, said the case appeared to be "an investigation that's gotten out of hand, like a lot of other so-called terror investigations." He added, "I'm confident that things will be cleared up."
Of course they'll be cleared up, but maybe not in the way Adem Carroll hopes. Although it may be too soon to say for sure the girl's intentions weren't honorable, females have conducted suicide attacks in five other countries.

Liberals use Betty Crocker to prove a conservative speaker's point.

As a conservative, I don't know what it's like to take a supreme beating in the last 3 elections. I've enjoyed seeing Republicans win two presidential and a mass of Senate seats, while my polar opposite is waisting more food:
A conservative activist who criticizes what he calls the leftist domination of college campuses was struck with a pie Wednesday night at Butler University.

David Horowitz, president of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, had just started a lecture at Butler when he was hit.

Horowitz's supporters followed the assailants out of the hall, and confronted them with what a witness called "pushing and shoving." However, the attackers got away.

"There's a wave of violence on college campuses, committed by what I'd call fascists opposing conservatives," Horowitz said. "It's one step from that to injury."
How perfect that a conservative speaker giving a lecture on the Liberal intolerance that permeates college campus is struck with a pie from a person who obviously disagreed with his position, proving his point. Liberals are so intellectually advanced, that they see some kind of public relations advantage that slow conservatives just aren't picking up. How else to explain why liberals commonly throw things at speakers?

If instead of throwing them at conservative commentators, Liberals would feed the hungry with their baked projectiles, the world would be a better place.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Saving Grace.

Shortly after falling victim to the powers of the Evil Over-sized Purple Slinky...

Posted by Hello

Grace Jones was overcome by the Slinky's venom:
Actress and singer Grace Jones had to be escorted off a Eurostar train by police in Kent after allegedly attacking a train manager, it was revealed today.

The 56-year-old star was reported by passengers to have grabbed the female manager's arm and sworn at her in French and English in a row over a ticket upgrade.

The train was held up for 15 minutes as Jamaican-born Jones, who starred in the James Bond film A View To A Kill, refused to move.
BEWARE: Time and obscurity seem to strengthen the Slinky's effects.

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