Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Worried about water bottles.

Something new to worry about:
The biggest growth in bottled beverages isn't beer or soft drinks or juices. It's tasteless, colorless and sugarless water. And while that can mean fewer cavities and slimmer waistlines, it irritates Patricia Franklin to no end.

The director of a nonprofit group that promotes recycling, she spends her workday thinking about the bottles, cans and other container waste that most Americans take for granted.

Franklin, who runs the Container Recycling Institute, doesn't blame individuals as much as what she feels is a recycling system that hasn't kept up with consumption patterns — especially when it comes to water.
Is it wrong to get a higher feeling of normalcy of yourself when at least one person on the planet spends her days "thinking about water bottles, cans and other containers" and "feels irritated" that the rest of America is a little less disturbed?

I hereby announce March 8th 'Respect for Water Bottle day.' We'll ignore that this implies a disenfranchisement of pop, milk and other equal members of the plastic family with its bigoted favoritism. Each March 8th, we'll do our best to return our beloved water bottles to their interim resting place in a recycling receptacle. Fret not, little water bottle, for we shall meet again in your next incarnation as a toothbrush.

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